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    1. Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator

      Average customer review 3 out of 5 stars13 reviews


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    1. Product Description

      Surrender to the tease and take yourself all the way through to orgasm with the Supersex Male Vibrator. An ingenious one-size-fits-all device, the toy fits over the head of the penis to deliver powerful vibration to this super-sensitive area.

      "Finally, a vibrator for him not her! This innovative power-packed penis vibe is a must-have boy toy like no other." - Tracey Cox

      Insert the egg vibrator inside the powder-coated sleeve, stretch the other end of the sleeve over the head of your penis, then choose from 4 speeds of varying intensity to stimulate the many nerve-endings concentrated there. The sleeve is flexible so you can hold it wherever it feels most pleasurable.

      The egg vibrator can be removed from the sleeve and used to stimulate other hot spots on you - or your partner.

      Use with plenty of water-based lube for maximum comfort and stimulation.

      Key Features:

      • Male sleeve with multispeed vibrating egg
      • 4 vibration speeds for rapid-fire pleasure
      • Removable egg can be used independently
      • From international sex expert Tracey Cox
      • One size fits all
    1. How it measures up

      • Canal diameter: 0.6
      • Internal Length: 3 inches
      • Opening: Stealth
    2. How it feels

      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Material: TPE
      • Texture: Textured
      • Waterproof: No
    3. Power and speed

      • Battery Info: 2 x AAA batteries
      • Controller Type: Wired - push button
      • Power Type: Batteries (not included)
      • Vibration speed: Multiple speeds

    Product Videos

    1. Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator

      Give into the tease and take yourself all the way through to climax with the Supersex Male Vibrator. An ingenious one-size-fits-all device, the toy fits over the head of the penis to deliver powerful vibration to this super-sensitive area.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator 13 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1 star
      1. Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator
      2. Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator


    1. Solo experience

      Reviewed: 25 May 2017 by Bubblebutt235 , a Gay Going Steady Male

      When purchasing this toy I was a bit sceptical about the actual toy itself.

      When it arrived in it very discreet packaging I was delighted to see the very stylish and contemporary box which the actual male vibrator came in

      All it take is to just insert two AAA batteries and you're all set! Let me just say going into this I was extremely sceptical on the sensations and power of the vibrations.

      But even on the very lowest setting, the vibrations do quiet pack a punch! And when you're feeling adventurous try the fourth setting you won't regret it! All in all, I am extremely satisfied with the overall performance and look to this male vibrator.

      It's definitely a must in any couple's sex toy collection or if you're just into solo play it works well too!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The power of vibrations.
      Bottom line
      Amazing solo or couple sex toy.
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    1. Great addition to our toys

      Reviewed: 04 October 2016 by ASH 1, a Straight Married Male

      This is a great aid. I ordered it thinking it may not be quite as good as a vibrating cock ring.

      However, it is just as good if not better than any vibrating cock ring.

      Also good to share. Insert the egg in her, wow what a reaction. Then follow it yourself!

      The sensation will have you both cumming in no time at all.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It's a nice tight fit and leads to experimentation.
      I think the egg could be in one unit not left to dangle.
      Bottom line
      A great toy full of fun.
    3. 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. No wonder women buy so many batteries

      Reviewed: 20 April 2016 by TB149, a Straight Married Male

      We’ve got quite a few other Tracy Cox products and have always been impressed. The packaging is classy and the products themselves are not intimidating.

      Male sex toys seem to be going from strength to strength but do generally seem to be just different types of strokers/sleeves. That makes this all the more interesting. However, my first impressions were that it looked a bit weird, and it didn’t really appeal. However, I shouldn’t have worried.

      The toy is basically two parts, the sleeve and the vibrating egg. The material the sleeve section is made from is a nice quality. It's very jelly like but also soft. It’s also extremely stretchy, have no fear that this will fit you regardless of your size. The section of the sleeve where you fit into has small bristles on the inside to add to the stimulation. There aren’t too many of them, and to be honest they are so soft you barely notice them.

      Then there is the vibrating egg which slips into the top section. It’s basically an egg-shaped vibrator with a wired remote. The quality of the plastic on the vibrator section isn’t as good as the sleeve section, but once it’s tucked inside the top part of the sleeve it's out of sight.

      What matters is how powerful it is, and it's safe to say that it's got a good strong and fairly deep output. The 4 settings, adjusted from the wired remote, are enough adjustment too.

      It hasn’t got any fancy vibration patterns like some of the wife’s toys, just a no nonsense adjustment in the power. I’ll also add that it’s not excessively noisy, either, even on the highest setting.

      It is worth noting that it doesn’t come supplied with batteries, but the 2 x AAA type it takes are easy to source.

      Initially I tried it without lubing it up. It is plenty easy enough to get in place as it’s so stretchy, and once on it will stay on, gripping you well. You are then free to move the top of the sleeve containing the egg around to stimulate the head and shaft and vary the power for different sensations. The material is stretchy enough that even your balls can get some stimulation. This is excellent both on your own or if a partner uses it to tease.

      Lube the sleeve up and the sensations go to another level. I’ve tried a few different sleeves before but throwing the vibrations into the mix really intensifies the stimulation. It really is like nothing else, and the results spoke for themselves.

      Unlike more conventional sleeves, this needed much less lube and nowhere near as much thrusting, as the vibrations increased the pleasure so much. Let's just say I now understand how the Mrs can climax so quickly with vibrating toys. Feeling is believing! Looks like it won’t just be her needing a constant supply of batteries anymore.

      Once the funs over, I also found this toy very easy to clean up. Taking the vibrating egg out is easy, and it cleans up quickly with soap and water. Most if not all the mess is contained, making for much less clean-up.

      So, after initial scepticism I was (very) quickly converted. Turns out our half of the population have been missing out on the battery-powered stimulation all these years! Time to buy some shares in Duracell I think...

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Battery powered fun for men.
      Looks a bit weird but you’ll soon get over that.
      Bottom line
      Finally a battery powered toy for men. Guys, we’ve been missing out!
    3. 7 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Great if you want to be teased

      Reviewed: 17 August 2016 by coffee, a Straight Married Male

      This vibrator comprises a very soft and flexible sheath which has small bumps on the inside, an egg-style vibrator and wired controller.

      Make sure you have batteries spare as this does not come with any.

      For me the vibrations actually felt stronger on the slower settings (1) than the faster settings.

      It was fun to be 'hands-free' but does look a little entertaining while wearing it. I have not managed to cum while wearing normally it, so great for teasing sessions!

      The sheath is flexible enough to tuck the vibrator egg into the same section as your head then you really get the vibrations and can have some fun, especially if your other half is in control.

      It is a lint magnet! You might want to keep it in something. The internal bumps in the sheath didn't do much for me.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Great fun for teasing hands free.
      Everything sticks to it.
      Bottom line
      Worth the money.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. I'm pickin up (some) good vibrations

      Reviewed: 29 April 2016 by DavidB1986, a Gay Married Male

      If you have never experienced vibrations on/ around your penis - I honestly feel that you are missing out. I never orgasm quite as hard as I do when my frenulum is being teased and buzzed.

      The Tracey Cox Supersex Penis Vibrator is designed to directly stimulate the most sensitive areas of the penis - the glans and frenulum. I received this in exchange for an honest review as part of the Lovehoney Tester Program.

      First Impressions

      The Penis Vibrator is packaged the same way as the rest of the Tracey Cox range, so it's 'on brand'. It's tastefully erotic, without being sleazy. Inside the box is the instruction guide/ tips and the vibrator. It consists of a TPE sleeve, a removable love egg, and the battery/remote compartment.

      It takes 2 x AAA batteries (so make sure you add those to your basket) and offers 4 vibrations speeds. It's lightweight, quiet and stretchy, so should accommodate most sizes comfortably.

      In Use

      To use, simply lube up the inside of the sleeve and place over your penis (the guide said you can do this flaccid or erect) but I've personally found it's so much easier (and it looks better) if you are erect when putting it on. When I tried to use it flaccid, it looked like I had just shoved my penis inside a balloon.

      The inside of the sleeve as little bump details which provide a little additional stimulation. To get the best out of this, you'll need to hold the vibrating egg part close to the penis. When you switch it on, you only get a small amount of vibrations travelling through just the sleeve by itself, and it's certainly not strong enough to do anything for me - but thanks to the stretchy bit of material between the sleeve and the egg, it's easy to move it into position.

      You can roll the egg all around the tip of the penis, and you can then focus on the spots where it feels the best - which for me, is the frenulum). You can then hold it in place and if you want to, you can just about manage to stroke with it, although it does sort of feel like you're masturbating with a thick, oversized condom on.

      Alternatively, you can just hold the egg in place and let the vibrations do their work. With additional stimulation elsewhere (whether that's a partner seductively teasing your nipples, or putting on a show themselves) it builds you up to a fairly pleasant and satisfying orgasm.

      Unlike other vibrating masturbators, it takes me a little while to achieve an orgasm with this, and I actually think that's a good thing. The vibrations aren't as strong, therefore it's not over too quickly, and I can allow myself to focus on other sensations as well - making it perfect to use with a partner - in fact, let them take control of the remote or the egg - and it's certainly a fun experience. You can also remove the egg and use that solo with your partner, making it versatile.

      Clean-up and Maintenance

      The sleeve can be rinsed with water and toy cleaner, and I would recommend a little dusting of renewal powder as the sleeve gets very tacky once washed. The Egg isn't waterproof (I believe) so it's best wiped over with a barely damp cloth. I would store this on its own, in a storage bag or in its original box.


      It's a simple concept that can be effective. It's not the strongest penis vibrator I have, and I certainly have my preference - but this one is definitely a lot of fun to use with a partner, especially if you want a nice long drawn out session with lots of teasing.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Nice vibrations, versatile, pretty quiet and easy to use.
      Wish it had one more setting, can be fiddly when putting it on.
      Bottom line
      I think this is a good intro toy to penis vibrations.
    3. 4 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
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