1. Tanya Tate Lotus Fleshlight Girls

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      1. Tanya Tate Lotus Fleshlight Girls

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    1. Product Description

      10 time MILF of the Year winner and popular British porn star Tanya Tate lends her most intimate asset to this gorgeous Fleshlight. The toy is cast directly from Tanya's perfect pussy, with sensational textures to coax you to a powerful climax.

      Plunge inside Tanya's tight vagina and blow your mind (and your wad) as you experience her undulating, ultra-realistic Lotus texture canal encasing your full erect length.

      Increase or decrease the suction intensity with the adjustable cap for tailored play with mind-blowing results.

      Always enjoy Tanya with water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • Fleshlight male masturbator cast from UK porn star Tanya Tate's pussy
      • Made from Superskin, an ultra-realistic material with the texture of real skin
      • Thrilling Lotus texture lines the sleeve
      • Adjustable cap at the end allows you to tailor suction intensity
      • Soft, stretchy sleeve adjusts to fit most men
      • Easy to use and clean

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    1. Customer Reviews

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      1. Tanya Tate Lotus Fleshlight Girls
      2. Tanya Tate Lotus Fleshlight Girls

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    1. My first toy

      Reviewed: 02 March 2017 by Markm6164, a Straight Married Male

      Wow this thing feels so real. It arrived fast and well packaged. After opening it we couldn't stop touching it.

      If you remove the inner part and soak in warm water you'll find it hard to tell the difference between the real thing, although it's a little tight, but this made me cum even quicker.

      It's great to use alone or together while she plays with her rabbit.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The real feel.
      Bottom line
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    1. Realistic Sensation

      Reviewed: 10 October 2016 by Yorkshiresteve, a Straight Married Male

      Having read all the review's on the Tanya Tate Fleshlight, I had to have one. If I was being honest, what sold me on this product was the discount of 20% off, plus the look of the realistic vagina on the Fleshlight. I am a big fan of protruding outer labia, so Tanya was the girl for me.

      I ordered online, which was so simple to do, I also ordered the cleaning spray, water-based lube and powder renewer to keep her in tip top condition.

      My Fleshlight arrived in discreetly plain packaging by the next day's post. Super impressed. I could not wait to try her out.

      I had read in the reviews you can heat up the tunnel of the Flwshlight with hot water to add to the sensation, but to be honest I just had to get to grips with the Fleshlight straight away, so clicked on some porn to get me in the mood, applied plenty of the water-based lube to myself and inside the opening of the Fleshlight, and entered heaven.

      The sensation I felt was about as close to the real thing as you are going to feel (note to myself to heat the tunnel next time). I am about eight inches in length, but to be honest I could not feel too much apart from the suction of the inside of the toy. I pride myself on been able to last quite a while, but pumping the Fleshlight up and down, once I had got the correct suction - I found a little bit tricky by yourself - I was in heaven.

      I forgot about the porn on my tablet and just concentrated on the pleasure of the Fleshlight. I lasted about three minutes.

      This product is simply fantastic for solo fun, or using with your partner holding and controlling your pleasure.

      I will never have to use my hands again to masturbate. Tanya will never replace my wife but she will help when the wife can't take care of business lol.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The Look and feel.
      Tricky to get the correct suction when using the toy alone.
      Bottom line
      Every man should have one.
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    1. Tanya on tap

      Reviewed: 24 June 2016 by Mr N Mrs XY, a Straight Married Male

      So most of us are familiar with the name Fleshlight, and their claim of ultra realistic skin-like feel. I can honestly say, they are not joking! They have seriously hit the nail on the head and produced something that will bring you as close to real as possible without being real.

      Myself and the wife have been talking about someone joining us during our sexy sessions, but we both agree it is just something we talk about to spice the moment up, rather than doing it for real.

      We both decided to take the plunge and order Tanya Tate (decision slightly swayed by the fact there was an offer on her that came with a Fleshlight care pack worth £20). When the package arrived, we were both excited to get it open and see what the fuss was all about.

      The box seemed quite heavy, and the packaging is very modern, fresh, and inviting. There are pictures of Tanya to really get you in the mood, and it's very nicely designed. You really feel that you have bought a premium product. We pulled it out, and the best thing I can describe it as is a very large torch. It's a really nice light pearl type colour. We unscrewed the top, and both licked our lips seeing the lifelike vagina in all its glory. A real turn on knowing it had been moulded from Tanya herself! She has also signed on the side of the vagina (very subtle so it's not off-putting, but personally I would have preferred it not be there - really not an issue though).

      We had a little prod with our fingers and were super impressed by how life like it all felt. There is also a suction screw cap on the other end that can be twisted to increase or decrease the level of suction.

      As stated before, this was on promotion at the time, so came with the care pack that includes (lube, spray, and renew powder). If you are ordering this without the care pack, then there is a small sachet of water-based lube included either way for your first play.

      My wife ordered me to strip and lay down. I was immediately erect in excitement. She lubed the Fleshlight up generously. She gently teased the tip of my erection, and it felt amazing. So lifelike (you can put the sleeve in warm or cold water beforehand to simulate whichever feeling - warm is obviously more lifelike). She plunged it on my shaft and I let out a huge moan as I filled it. I could not believe how realistic it felt. My wife stroked it up and down on my shaft and I felt like there was another person with us. She crouched over my face so I could lick her clit while she bounced the Fleshlight up and down until I exploded in an almighty orgasm, my wife cumming at the same time as I brought her to orgasm with my tongue.

      The toy felt incredible, so please do not be sceptical about it. They have seriously made a fantastic product here!

      Cleaning is never the fun part, but it's easy enough. Remove the sleeve from the case. I find fully unscrewing the bottom allows any fluids to pour out. Then give it a good wash inside and out. Spray the cleaning spray (if you have purchased it) and allow the sleeve to dry. Once the case and sleeve are fully dry, which doesn't take long, generously spread some of the renew powder over the sleeve (if you have it) and then pop the sleeve back in the case ready for next time.

      There are a few tips I think you may find useful:

      1) Use plenty of water-based lube - it can dry out if you don't use enough.

      2) My wife did mention the toy does seem a bit heavy and bulky when she has been using it on me for a while. You can avoid this by changing positions, or letting her watch while you take over and put on a show.

      3) Depending on your size, you may not feel the full range of bumps within the sleeve. The first 3-4 inches (approx) is the initial entry, and then the rest is the main sensations. We didn't have any issues feeling the full range of sensations, but just something worth bearing in mind if you are on the smaller penis size. There are other smaller travel versions available on Lovehoney.

      4) This can be an excellent training toy if you are trying to build up your stamina. It has the full realism and feel of actual sex, and you can control the pace and range of motions to work on trying to last longer.

      5) Great for couples play and solo play. I love playing with this with my wife, and it really allows us to act out our 3some fantasies. It can be used by anyone, though. Solo, couples, can all have a lot of fun exploring this.

      6) This is a realistic vagina, and all of the Fleshlight vaginas based on actual porn stars have the same internal build. (The pussy moulds are obviously unique to the porn star). The reason I highlight this is unless you have a preference or lust for someone in particular, you will generally enjoy all of the vagina inserts in the same way. There are mouth and butt inserts available too which both have different internal build and sensations. We bought this one as it was on promotion with the care pack at the time.

      7) The design is very discreet (looks like a torch). It is a fairly weighty and a sizeable product compared to other masturbators. If you are looking for something that's smaller and more transportable then have a look at the Fleshlight Go (you won't get the lifelike pussy with that, though).

      8) There are plenty of add-ons that are available if you want to take your Fleshlight hands-free, so worth considering if you want to take your experience further down the line.

      Hope all of that helps you with your decision-making. All I can say, is we love this toy. It's one of our favourites in terms of male masturbators and beats any of the other ones we have tried in terms of realism.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Realistic, lifelike sensations.
      Slightly bulky and heavy for longer play sessions.
      Bottom line
      Great product, ultra realistic, highly recommend it.
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    1. Happy Fleshlight user

      Reviewed: 12 April 2016 by daz&saz, a Straight Married Male

      Our first review of a sex toy, and what a toy it is.

      We looked through your excellent website together and came upon this Fleshlight. My wife ordered it for me and when it was delivered it time for some much-needed adult fun.

      Foreplay with the Fleshlight got me exceptionally hard and my wife got really turned on watching. Definitely going to be one of our most used toys and we have a lot to play with.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Easy to use, and easy to clean, and look after.
      My wife mentioned how heavy and bulky it is.
      Bottom line
      Excellent product. I was unsure whether it would work, but it totally does.
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    1. Excellent

      Reviewed: 23 March 2016 by Single Man, a Straight Single Male

      I have a few different Fleshlight sleeves and this one is one of (if not) the best.

      Although it doesn't say it, this is actually based on a "mini" lotus, what that means is the bumps and modules are moved a bit forward. Sounds like a minor change, but it is substantial. Tanya's Lotus sleeve is just incredible

      It's design change means that you don't have to have a 10 inch monster cock like those viagra'd up male pornstars to get the most out of it, a complaint I would levy against quite a lot of Fleshlights product.

      If you use Fleshlights you need to get Ms Tate's, simple as!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything. A substantial change in design makes this sleeve soar.
      As with all Fleshlights, having to clean and dry them out.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic. In my humble opinion the best sleeve from Fleshlight.
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