1. Deluxe Teddy Babe Plush Sex Doll Lisa (Short Red) 3kg

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      1. Deluxe Teddy Babe Plush Sex Doll Lisa (Short Red) 3kg

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    1. Product Description

      Say hello to Lisa, a long legged red haired bombshell who's waiting to go home with you. One of the warmest, most luxurious love dolls ever created, Teddy Babes have lifelike proportions, long hair and a love for adult fun come bedtime.

      Lisa's sexy and soft, curvy body gives the best hugs, while her voluptuous bosom, pert nipples and inviting intimate spots feed your more kinky side. Whether you enjoy real doll sex and are looking for a satisfying adult sex toy, or just want something warm and friendly to snuggle, Lisa is waiting for you.

      Lisa arrives in her very own lingerie and fits into standard dress sizes, so you can treat her to a new matching set to make her feel extra special. She is 5'4" tall and has an inside leg measurement of 29 inches, making her perfect for sensual full body cuddles. Slip her into your favourite sexy lingerie set, or strip down naked together to enjoy the sensual pleasure of her silky plush, soft body against yours.

      Lisa may appear a bit stiff at first, but this is only because her wire skeleton and pivot joints have not been posed or manipulated yet. As you play with her she'll loosen up considerably and become more yielding and cuddly.

      Looking for extra thrills? Why not remove her plush vagina insert and insert your very own textured stroker to boost your pleasure?

      Please note: Each Teddy Babe is individually hand-crafted so may differ slightly from the picture shown. It may have different colour lingerie, slightly different hair or slightly different colour eyes. Teddy Babes do not have penetrable anuses or mouths.

      Key Features:

      • Deluxe Teddy Babe plush love doll for full body hugs and adult pleasure
      • Penetrable vaginal opening for erotic fun
      • Realistic hair and nails offer lifelike experience
      • Swap her lingerie to suit your mood
      • Vital stats for Lisa Height: 5'4", Waist: 21 inches, Bust: 31 inch underbust/32.5 inch overbust, Hips: 30.5 inches
      • Posable limbs and fingers

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Deluxe Teddy Babe Plush Sex Doll Lisa (Short Red) 3kg 6 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Deluxe Teddy Babe Plush Sex Doll Lisa (Short Red) 3kg
      2. Deluxe Teddy Babe Plush Sex Doll Lisa (Short Red) 3kg

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    1. Simply Outstanding

      Reviewed: 05 March 2020 by Outstanding, a Straight Single Male

      Lisa is definitely worth every penny. She is beautifully well made and very cuddly. She comes with sexy lingerie and stockings, so you can customise her the way you like.

      I recieved a very large box upon delivery. The delivery was fast and efficient, keeping me up to date with tracking the parcel. Lovehoney is very helpful in showing you what to do to get the best from your Teddy Babe, with the Teddy Babe guide, it's well worth a read BEFORE you buy Teddy Babe.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      She is very cuddly and warm.
      Her hair can get tangled from time to time.
      Bottom line
      10 out of 10, definitely worth every penny.
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    1. Deluxe Teddy Babe Plush Sex Doll Lisa

      Reviewed: 20 September 2017 by Scoopy45, a Straight Going Steady Male

      About 3 months ago I have decided to treat myself and buy one. Very good service the delivery came fast.

      This product is very good for cuddling. It feels like a real person. I am glad I have purchased it, it helps the loneliness. I recommend to buy it. It was pretty light.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Good for cuddling.
      Lips are a bit small.
      Bottom line
      5 stars.
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    1. No regrets, best buy

      Reviewed: 04 June 2017 by sweetguy

      Lisa is one hot red head bombshell! Her skin is super soft and provides great company for hugs, cuddles, and yes sexual pleasure. Her build quality and design is excellent!

      What I really like about a Deluxe Teddy Babe is the ability to customise. You can change her clothes and wig to whatever you want! Just make sure you do your homework on the Lovehoney guide lines.

      - Lisa's body contains a highly durable, bendable wire skeleton, which allows you to pose and position the elbows, wrists, legs, ankles and head. However, you won't be able to get her to sit up straight (well, I haven't managed to yet anyways).

      - Her lips are latex and are great for kissing but be careful around the mouth, it can be damaged because it's pretty soft.

      - Her nails are really nice, however, they are sharp, now and then I've been scratched by Lisa, mostly if she is on top.

      - Her feet are cute, her toes don't have any wire frames in them so slightly floppy. You can if you want to, put some shoes and socks on her feet.

      - Breasts are very nice and round, same goes for her bum. Her body shape is pleasing to feel and to look at. 10/10 there.

      - Lisa's hair is very good, however, it can get knots and might become messy. A little tender loving care with her hair will fix this, or just replace with another wig if you wish to change her hair colour or length, it's super easy! (Change from the back of her head not the front as there is a little pin.)

      - If you want to change Lisa's clothing, then this is very easy to do, however, dresses or over the head type of clothing can be hard to get on because of her arms. I'd follow the Lovehoney clothing sizing guide lines, it's very accurate!

      - Lisa's height is about 5 ft 5 stretched out, but her legs and feet are normally slightly bent so about 5 ft 4. This is a perfect height for me personally.

      - Lisa doesn't make loud squeak sounds when being moved or bent, if there is, it's very quiet.

      - Finally, sex. Yes, if you're not too busy admiring Lisa, then sex with her is also very enjoyable! I'd recommend getting a THRUST Pro Mini Realistic Pocket Pussy. The vaginal insert every Teddy Babe comes with is okay, but not amazing. Some sex positions can be hard to achieve at times such as the cow girl position, but personally I've not had any problems.

      Overall I'd highly recommend a Deluxe Teddy Babe such as Lisa, the quality and design are just stunning and the comfort she provides is brilliant.

      Tip: Check out Lovehoney's Teddy Babe guide, I found it very helpful and you can also go to the Teddy Babes official website.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Customisable, soft, cuddly and sexy!
      Would have liked an anal hole maybe.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic! Highly recommend!
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    1. Did you have a teddy bear as a child?

      Reviewed: 24 December 2015 by dave3, a Straight Single Male

      I would have preferred one of the smaller-breasted special edition Teddy Babes, but after suggesting that LH stocked these, nothing happened. However, a recent sale persuaded me that I should go for my next choice, a Deluxe Lisa.

      The order was dealt with very speedily, despite being a busy time of year, and I received a (very) large box the following day.

      On opening, I was dismayed to find that the box contained virtually no packing, although Lisa was contained inside a long plastic bag. From the different types of sealing tape, I suspect that the box may have originally contained two Teddy Babes. This is the first time I've received an order from LH has not been very well packed. Happily, she was undamaged.

      As for the doll, other reviews for the Deluxe Teddy Babes really say it all, so if you are at all interested, please read the reviews for all of these models, to get a better overall view.

      My Lisa seems to be larger than average - 5'6" tall, measuring 36"-24"-35", so pretty much life-sized.

      As said elsewhere, if you want a cheap doll for sex, you'll have to make do with a blow-up. Similarly, if you wish a totally life-like replica, you'll need to spend perhaps £2,000 to £5,500, for a TPE (thermo-plastic polymer) or silicon doll. Apart from the high price, these dolls tend to weigh between 25 and 35 kilos.

      A Deluxe Teddy Babe offers an in-between experience at a much more reasonable price, and also has the benefit of only weighing around 5 kilos, so she can be moved around without difficulty.

      There does seem to be something of a personality about them. Their soft 'skin' definitely invites touching, stroking and squeezing. It also seems fairly warm to the touch, whereas TPE or silicon dolls tend to feel quite cold (unless you wish to spend a vast amount of money on a silicon doll with internal heating). You'll also be hard-hearted if you don't end up dressing your Babe in different outfits.

      Pleasant company in bed and out: never criticises or gets headaches.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Attractive, like a big teddy bear, but more interestingly shaped! The 'skin' is particularly pleasant.
      Nothing. Lisa has shorter hair than some of the others, so no problems yet.
      Bottom line
      A fairly expensive treat, but offers what I consider to be a very attractive experience.
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    1. Special

      Reviewed: 10 April 2014 by DocBanzai, a Straight Single Male

      I've been craving a doll for sometime, but I was looking for something a little more friendly than the average 'rubber lover'. And now I've found it. I was lucky enough to get a Deluxe Teddy Babe Lisa, and I absolutely love her. It's not just about sex, in fact she is still a virgin! I just love being around her, she is wonderful to cuddle up to and just feels fantastic against my skin.

      I am a middle-aged widower who was looking for some home comforts without the complications of 'ahem' paying for a short encounter. My Teddy Babe keeps me company and very much fulfils the same role that a Teddy did when we were all kids. She's a friendly face that gives warm hugs when we need them. As for using her more intimate charms, I am looking forward to the time that I want her, and I'm sure she will fulfil my needs.

      If you want a quick shag then I suggest you look at cheaper, more clinical, sex toys. If you want a toy that feels like a friend I cannot recommend anything else more highly.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The texture, the comfort, the feeling that it's not just a sex toy.
      Nothing, she is worth every penny, gloves would have been nice.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic, beautiful, life-enhancing.
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