1. Coco de Mer Roseravished Massage Candle 200g

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars6 reviews

      Nourishing, moisturising, and exquisitely scented, Coco de Mer's Roseravished massage candle is a sumptuous addition to any boudoir. Light the wick and drizzle the warm essential oils onto your lover's skin for an exquisite sensual treat.


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      1. Coco de Mer Roseravished Massage Candle 200g

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    1. Product Description

      Nourishing, moisturising, and exquisitely scented, Coco de Mer's Roseravished massage candle is a sumptuous addition to any boudoir. Light the wick and drizzle the warm essential oils onto your lover's skin for an exquisite sensual treat.

      Infused with shea butter and almond oil that soothe and hydrate the skin, this massage candle leaves your body feeling beautifully soft. Present it as a gift to a friend or loved one, or just treat yourself to its gorgeous rose, sandalwood, and patchouli aromas.

      Key Features:

      • Aromatic rose and sandalwood massage candle from Coco de Mer
      • Light the wick to melt the candle and release the essential oils
      • Scented with rose, sandalwood, armoise, cardamon, cedarwood, patchouli, pepper, rosemary, geranium and vetiver
      • Nourishing shea butter and almond oil hydrate the skin
      • Presented in a gift box
    1. Essential info

      • Veggie suitable: Yes
    2. What it does

      • Pharmacy drug type: Oil
      • What's it for?: Massage

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Coco de Mer Roseravished Massage Candle 200g 6 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Coco de Mer Roseravished Massage Candle 200g
      2. Coco de Mer Roseravished Massage Candle 200g


    1. Surprised by roses (and sandalwood)

      Reviewed: 20 June 2016 by Fun Louise, a Straight Engaged Female

      My OH surprised me with this candle, apparently purchased from a well-known auction site. He has been very stressed and I guess he was trying to make it up to me. Either way a really luxurious gift.

      There is quite a bit of packaging before you get into the candle itself, but it's very classy and tasteful, although not quite so environmentally friendly.

      When I finally opened the lid the smell was amazing, rich and delicate at the same time. Once lit the smell filled the room, but it's a delightful smell, soft and warming. The sandalwood makes the most of the fragrance and the rose a delicate hint. The candle melted quickly into a very rich sensual oil.

      The oil is smooth and spreads perfectly allowing enough time to massage your partner before soaking into the skin. There is a small light moisturising residue. It's almost a sheen on the skin. The feel of the oil is very sensual, and it worked well as foreplay.

      Compared to other massage candles I have used this is by far the best. I can't find the words to explain how much better the Coco de Mer massage candle is. It makes all the other massage candles I have used seem poor in comparison. It's very expensive for a massage candle, but if you're looking for a classy, tasteful, luxurious massage candle this is the one to buy. It would make a wonderful gift for a partner. I will be saving up for the other fragrance.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The quality of the massage oil, and the delicate balanced fragrance.
      Perhaps even a little too much packaging.
      Bottom line
      Wonderful, stunning, a perfect gift, a real pot of luxury.
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    1. Loving the smell

      Reviewed: 24 May 2016 by MamaK33

      The packaging is gorgeous. The candle arrived in a sturdy box and was packed snug. It traveled all the way across the big pond and arrived perfectly intact. The box is a lovely burgundy color with a delicate pattern. Definitely discreet and very pretty.

      Upon opening the box I found a lovely solid glass container with a black screw on top. Inside I found the super cute little glass spoon for scooping up the melted oil. It’s fancier than any other massage candle I've tried thus far and I’ve tried a lot - including Lovehoney, Lelo and JimmyJane brands.

      My first impressions of the product was pure luxury. The packaging is obviously quality. The scent is decadent but not overpowering - sexy, rich and masculine. It helps to set the mood and lightly perfumed the air and my skin.

      In use this candle creates a lovely glow to go along with the sexy scent. I suggest lighting the candle and letting it burn for about an hour to get the wax warm and melted. Using the delicate glass spoon just dip into the melted wax and spread directly on the the skin and rub in with love and intention. The oil is smooth and melts right into the skin. There is no waxy film or residue, and only a light scent remains.

      The melted oil is warm but not too hot and it has a light feel. A small spoonful can work over a decent size area. One spoonful for a foot, two more per leg and soon your skin feels extra soft and sexy.

      Massage candles are great for seduction and foreplay. I definitely look forward to having my partner use this candle on me!

      With the luxe Coco de Mer branding, quality packaging and the pleasing smell I think this massage candle would make a great sexy gift.

      Note: this candle isn't necessarily made to travel. I brought it with me on an adventure and when I was done I had to pack it up to take home. Although the wax was still a bit melted, I screwed on the top and put it in my bag for the road. When I got it home and allowed the wax to harden it was not so easy to reopen the candle. If this happens to you, hold the closed candle under hot water from the tap to loosen the wax a bit and soon the candle should open easily. Won't do that again!

      I would recommend this candle and now I really want to try out all of the other scents as well.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The scent, the feel of the oil, the little spoon.
      Bottom line
      A decadent gift for youself or a friend.
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    1. You can roseravish me every day

      Reviewed: 06 April 2016 by mummymermaid, a Straight Engaged Female

      Words cannot describe how happy I was to receive this beautiful candle for testing in exchange for an honest review.

      I am an aromatherapist and I use essential oils for everything, from first aid to sensuality benefits, and I love candles and have been making my own for four years. My own massage candles for two years. Mine are very pure with just shea butter, jojoba oil and soya wax and whatever essential oils I decide to use. Despite the fact I make them, I am always buying candles, especially luxury ones, much to my partner's dismay! You make them, he always complains. But yes, as you can see, this is a tester that is very much up my street and one I was very excited about. Thanks so much, Lovehoney!

      When this arrived it was packed really lovely, the packing paper rolled up and really packed in to keep the candle in place. It was finished off with a lovely brown tissue paper with a Ccco der Mer sticker closing it. Still in the normal discreet plain brown box and arriving very quickly.

      The actual candle packaging I adore so so much! It has a brown sleeve over the box. It feels really soft, really high quality.

      On the sleeve it has all the information you need to use the candle safely and about the scent, how to use and the ingredients, which I was happy to see did correspond with natural essential oils.

      Although there is some perfume in there as well, it did seem to be mostly natural oils. At least the chemical names are what come from essential oils. Especially rose.

      The real delight with the packaging was the 'flowers' on the red box under the brown sleeve. At first I didn't spot it, being too eager to get to the candle. The 'flowers' are actually rude parts of the body! It is so very classy and done very well. It's not in your face,and despite what they are this is the classiest packaging I 've ever seen for a candle!

      The candle itself comes in a brown glass pot. A very sizeable one, being 200g. It's a good size candle. With gold writing and a black lid, it's a good-looking candle which will look good wherever you put it!

      It comes with the cutest little glass spoon to drizzle onto your lover. I normally pour my candles, but this I thought was very cute and a lot better than just pouring.

      As I wanted my candle to burn down evenly, I decided to light it while having a bath with some oils too. I used rose for my bath and geranium, as when I smelled the candle before I lilt it all I could smell was the rose, geranium, with a hint of the patchouli and rosemary. When burning it;s very subtle. Essential oils are and I prefer subtle to very fake overpowering fragranced candles.

      If you're looking for overpowering smells, this candle is not for you. But if you’re looking for a subtle sensual experience then this candle is perfect! I was really happy with the subtle smell - another indication of how natural this candle is.

      Anyway, I was in the bath for an hour and the candle was nicely melted all the way around. It's important to burn your candle evenly so the wick doesn't get flooded and not burn properly. Always make sure a candle has burnt all the way to the edges before blowing out. I can re-wick candles if need be. But it's a pain to do so!

      Anyway, as my partner was drizzling it over my back using the glass spoon, oh wow, that's when the wood and the musk smells came into being! I couldn't smell the rose anymore. All I could smell was sandalwood, patchouli, cedar-wood and the vetiver, and oooh it was so sexy. Our whole mood changed from sensual relaxation to oh my gosh I need you right now!

      Very, very sexy smell. The mix of the woods and musk really got us going. It took huge control to finish the massage. The candle wax sinking into my skin like a hot oil. It felt like heaven. The scent driving us both wild with desire. Afterwards the room smelt again of roses and geranium and we basked in a sensual afterglow.

      We have used this candle at least five times since, one being a full body massage, and we have loads left. This candle makes my skin so soft and smell so good. I like it better than my own, and I never thought that would happen. I would buy this again. I know what goes into candle making and this is more than worth the price. I will pay it as I will always have this massage candle on my bedside table. If you want to experience the power of aromatherapy but not be overpowered by strong oils, this is the candle for you. It's subtle but it's powerful and so sexy!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything, it's perfect.
      Bottom line
      Powerful, sexy, it's worth the money, the power of aromatherapy in one perfect candle. x
    3. 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes