1. Tracey Cox Supersex Deluxe Anal Starter Kit

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      1. Tracey Cox Supersex Deluxe Anal Starter Kit

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    1. Product Description

      Chock-full of bum-loving goodies for newbies embarking on their first anal play adventures, this kit includes a beginner's butt plug, silicone anal beads, beaded anal probe, remote controlled vibrating butt plug and anal lube.

      Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner's Butt Plug

      Tapered, slender and flexible, this silicone butt plug is a pipsqueak in the sizing stakes for a gentle introduction to anal play. Featuring a flared base for safety, it can be used independently, or to enhance masturbation, foreplay and sex. "It's something lots of couples are keen to try but aren't really sure what to do. Here's all you need." - Tracey Cox

      Tracey Cox Supersex Multispeed Vibrating Butt Plug

      Remote controlled for easy use in any position, explore 4 thrilling speeds and a deliciously filling shape contoured and angled for backdoor bliss. "To add an erotic edge to any sex session - and explosive orgasms for both of you - you can't beat vibrating plugs. She'll enjoy the sensation of being 'filled up', and he'll enjoy the prostate stimulation." - Tracey Cox

      Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Beaded Anal Prober

      Firm enough to insert easily, yet flexible enough to move with your body when in place, this beaded prober offers fluctuated stimulation for waves of sensation. "A safe, sexy, fun way for both sexes to explore anal play or prepare for anal intercourse. Also brilliant for role play, teasing and power games!" - Tracey Cox

      Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Anal Beads with Finger Loop

      An extra-flexible slant on the beaded prober, these anal beads allow for deeper penetration and instantly enhance the intensity of your orgasms.

      "Beads are an easy way to explore and enjoy electrifying anal stimulation in a fun, non-threatening way. Simply insert, then pull out at the peak of orgasm!" - Tracey Cox

      Tracey Cox Supersex Anal Lubricant 100ml

      A long-lasting, extra-thick water-based lubricant which is compatible with all toys, condoms and genders is just the job to complete this brilliant bundle. Infused with soothing aloe vera for its moisturising properties, this slippery lube comes in a user-friendly pump bottle for mess-free application.

      Key Features:

      • Gift set of anal toys and essentials from Tracey Cox's Supersex collection
      • Beginner's butt plug is tapered and smooth with a flared base
      • Remote controlled vibrating butt plug with 4 vibration modes
      • Silicone beaded anal prober for orgasmic fluctuated stimulation
      • Flexible anal beads for deep penetration and enhanced orgasms
      • Water-based anal lube for extra slippery and safe anal fun

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      Tracey Cox Supersex Deluxe Anal Starter Kit 6 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Tracey Cox Supersex Deluxe Anal Starter Kit
      2. Tracey Cox Supersex Deluxe Anal Starter Kit

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    1. Just brilliant

      Reviewed: 26 February 2015 by simplybottom, a Gay Single Male

      First of all, thank you, Lovehoney, for sending me this as a part of sex toy testers!

      I will start with the packaging, which was very nice indeed! Very sleek and modern, and also perfect to put your toys back in after use!

      The beginners butt plug is exactly that! A very simple, slim, easy to insert and use butt plug! Though being more of an intermediate user of anal toys, this didn't quite cut it for me personally. But (pun intended) this will be excellent for beginners! Being no bigger than an average finger, you should have no issues with this little butt plug at all!

      The anal beads are a lot of fun, I will tell you that! Having never really used anal beads before, I wasn't sure what to expect. They were not too big, and felt very comfortable when in use and gave some very nice sensations! They are great for beginners to anal play or just beginners to anal beads! I would highly recommend that you try them! They have a very smooth texture and are very flexible! You should have no trouble with positioning with this toy!

      The anal prober is absolutely fantastic! Though I would recommend working up to it a little if you are a complete beginner! The design is simply amazing, with the toy going from small to big and back to small. Combined with its curve, it really does hit all the right spots! It has a very silky smooth texture and is quite stiff, giving you very easy usage of this toy!

      The vibrating butt plug, all I can say is wow! This little guy is very powerful! Without a doubt it is the most powerful vibrator I own and it is magnificent! Though, all that power comes at a small cost, as it is not exactly a quiet toy. However, with the sensations you get from this toy, who cares! The way it is angled is perfectly done, as it hits just the right spot, giving the most amazing and intense sensations! It is a solid plastic but also very smooth for easy insertion, and the little nodule helps keep the vibrator in whilst in use. Again, a little warm up will benefit if you are a complete beginner to anal play.

      The anal lube was brilliant! It has a nice thick consistency and a little really does go a long way! It didn't get sticky, and made the whole experience a whole lot better. It also contains Aloe Vera, which I personally find makes anal lubes a heck of a lot better! I will most definitely be buying this lube again!

      The overall quality of all the product in this bundle is exceedingly high! I will be looking at the Tracey Cox line of sex toys again! They are a good price, and you will not regret your choice one bit!

      I highly recommend to anyone who wants to explore anal play but doesn't know where to start, as this bundle give you everything you could possibly need to get going!

      I would also recommend this to just about anyone who enjoys anal play as there is a great selection of toys for a very reasonable price!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything about this bundle is amazing!
      The vibrator was a little loud.
      Bottom line
      Perfect for beginners and non-beginners!
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    1. Easy and non-frightening intro to anal play

      Reviewed: 11 February 2015 by atropos, a Bisexual Single Female

      I received the Tracey Cox Supersex Deluxe Anal Starter Kit for testing and review, and my opinions of the toys ended up rather mixed.

      This kit includes toys geared towards both men and women, so others will no doubt find their reactions different. For the money, this kit contains a wide variety of toys which will liven up all play and give a fantastic, easy introduction to everyone to the joys of anal play.

      This kit was sent to me in a single order via Lovehoney’s 48-hour tracked Royal Mail posting service. This is available to anyone spending the small sum of £10 or more. Finding out that my package was on its way, I eagerly watched its progress via the online tracker using the code sent to me by Lovehoney with the dispatch email.

      Finally, it arrived; within the 48 hours. The box was made of plain cardboard and there were of course no huge ‘Lovehoney: Sex Toys Within’ signs on the box, which would have caused quite a few blushes.

      It was well taped shut, and upon opening contained all the toys in the kit, along with some recycle-able paper to hold it all in place without anything moving around too much.

      The kit contains 4 Tracey Cox anal toys, along with the specially designed Tracey Cox Supersex anal lubricant.

      This was my introduction to the Tracey Cox line, and what a great intro it was. All of the boxes and containers were easily opened packages, each designed for the toy they held. All the text was in white, light pink and a darker pink, going along with the Tracey Cox logo.

      On the back of each box or package was a ‘How to use’ paragraph, along with a message from Tracey Cox herself on the toy, its aim/benefits and how it should be used; very personal to the you/lube’s designer, which I really liked.

      First up for testing was the lubricant. It is, compared to other lubes, a lovely thick formula which is suitable for use with sex toys and condoms (according to the packaging). The lube also contains aloe vera, which is a great addition, soothing areas which may become sore from use during play. The lube does have a scent, but it is not over-powering or horrible; mild, really.

      I found that a small amount went a long way during play, though it is essential to use a lubricant regularly as the anal passage does not make its own lubricant. Specifically designed for anal play, this lube was thick, non-greasy and easily wiped away after play with a wet cloth. I would definitely use this with any future anal play.

      I started my toy play with the Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner’s Butt Plug. This tiny pink silicone toy has a lovely wide base so the plug doesn’t travel when inserted. The plug is also shaped for easy insertion which I found really helped.

      I did find though that after wearing for 10 minutes, my anal muscles relaxed and without a more pronounced bulge as larger plugs have above the neck, the toy did want to slip out; not great if you’re wearing it in public or even just around the house or during play.

      Personally, I wouldn’t have minded a bigger bulge though it would have made the toy itself bigger and not the introductory plug it is. Overall, a great into to plugs and a toy with a surprisingly large impact.

      Next up was the Supersex Beaded Prober. This black silicone toy is rather rigid and is curved specifically for the male market to stimulate the prostate although it can be used by women too.

      With a series of 7 beads, the middle one being the largest at 3.75 inches (Lovehoney measurement), I found that less was actually more when it came to this toy. Personally I found it rather painful when its full 6.75 inches were fully inserted, possibly due to the angle of the curve, so tended to only insert up to the largest bead.

      This toy with its gradated beads and rigid form was easily inserted for anal play and the loop on the end made it easy to take out too. Lubricant stayed on the toy perfectly and it was simple to play around with pushing it in or pulling it out during play.

      I would probably aim this more towards couples and males; it would be easier for someone to properly aim the curve of the toy than the person it is going in to. Overall though, a fantastic addition to any collection and one I will be exploring further in the future.

      Having had a brief rest from play, I decided to try out my first proper anal beads; the very pink Supersex Silicone Anal Beads with finger loop. This was a toy I was very much looking forward to testing out; I had heard a lot of fantastic reviews and couldn’t wait to try them for myself.

      One note before use though for those who have not tried anal toys before – it is a good idea to clean yourself out before use as excrement will cling on to the toy and, if the beads are pulled out at speed during orgasm, the excrement will be coming too. Best not to spoil the moment and do a little cleaning beforehand with an enema or douche.

      To continue, though. I was stunned at first by the size of these beads; 9.5 inches of insertable length (Lovehoney measurement). The nine beads go in size from a very tiny start to a much larger end, gradually increasing in size to ensure that insertion is easy and pain-free. With lube, the first few beads went in with no trouble and I was startled when I reached the looped handle and found they were all inside.

      No pain, no fuss and a wonderful full feeling. Being made of silicone and wonderfully flexible between each bead, movement whilst wearing was easily done and there was only the fantastic feeling of them moving around from time to time; these beads were easily worn for an hour.

      The loop at the end enables easy extraction but if you aren’t 100% comfortable without a proper base, you can tie a length of string on to the loop just in case the toy travels. Overall my absolute favourite toy of the bunch and one I will be bringing out for very regular usage.

      Last but by no means least, was the Supersex Multispeed Vibrating Butt Plug. This was the toy I was most looking forward to trying out and unfortunately I was left rather disappointed from anal use.

      This though was because I am a woman and this toy seems to be specifically designed for male use via prostate stimulation. I did get pleasure from it however, as it can be used by both men and women. The toy takes 2xAA batteries which are easily put into the control of the toy when the base is unscrewed.

      The plug is connect by a wire to the control and the entire set-up is waterproof (when the base of the control is tightly screwed in place). This I tested fully by wearing it in the shower! Unfortunately it was difficult to shower while trying to hold the control so it mainly ended up dangling; not a problem if you have a partner with you.

      The vibrations are pretty powerful, not too loud and feel fantastic – more so I would imagine if you have a prostate. For women, this is a great toy if you also use some kind of vaginal stimulation while the toy is inserted as the vibrations really travel.

      With 4 increasingly more powerful choices of vibration, I enjoyed flicking through and getting myself worked up. One thing I did find though was that once relaxed, the toy did try to inch its way out of my anus and fall out; there wasn’t a great deal to keep it in, let alone a bulge like many of the larger toys.

      This is one toy I probably would enjoy using during play but wouldn’t wear for long periods of time. Being able to use it for play in the shower though was a massive plus and very enjoyable. Definitely recommended.

      Overall, this is a great toy set for a couple who want to explore anal sex together in an easy, appealing and non-frightening way. I hope you enjoy yourselves as much as I did.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Fantastic set with something for everyone.
      Plugs were a little too small for long-term wear.
      Bottom line
      Perfect introduction to anal play with all you need.
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    1. Excellent products, great value for money!

      Reviewed: 02 March 2015 by butterflybee, a Straight Single Female

      As a relative newcomer to the world of anal play I was so excited to give this kit a try as, after having used only a couple of plugs, I wasn't really sure where to turn next in terms of further exploration.

      Supersex anal lube:

      The consistency of this is definitely much thicker than your average water based lube, but it doesn't feel at all gloopy or sticky. It also has a fairly pleasant smell, given that it contains aloe vera extracts. I personally found that the lube had a slight relaxing effect (possibly the aloe vera extracts?), which certainly made my experience of trying out new toys much easier and more enjoyable.

      In use I found that it works really very well, I found that a small amount went quite a long way. Despite the thick, gloopy appearance, the lube spreads very well, and with only a moderately thin layer, it did not dry up quickly as some lubes can. Unfortunately it doesn't taste particularly pleasant (not that I would expect anal lube to taste good!).

      When I first used this I found that I only needed to reapply once within maybe an hour or so of play time (and as said, I didn't use a huge amount to start with, although I was only using a small plug). It is safe for use with all toys and also condoms since it is water based. Another huge plus of this lube for me, is that once dry, you are not left with any sticky residue at all.

      Additionally, I encountered no sensitivity or irritation, despite suffering from particularly sensitive skin.

      For me, this lube is perfect! I found that it worked well for each of the toys within the bundle, and since a small amount goes a long way I believe that the bottle will last for a while. I honestly think that this lube would be great for anyone, especially those of you who do suffer with sensitive skin!

      Supersex butt plug:

      As previously mentioned, I have only used butt plugs in the past when it comes to anal play, so this little plug was the first thing I decided to try.

      For me, its small size and peachy/pink colour are not in the slightest bit intimidating, which is perfect for someone like me who hasn't really explored anal play all that much. The plug is made from lovely soft silicone and has a fair bit of flexibility (although not so much that it makes it difficult to insert). It also has a circular, flared base, which means that there are no worries that it will disappear.

      The plug tapers at the tip, then widens very slightly at the middle, then once again tapers towards the flared base. The tapered tip makes insertion nice and easy, and I found it very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

      In my opinion, this plug makes a perfect starting point for those new to anal play due to its small size and non intimidating look.

      Supersex vibrating plug:

      On opening the box I was initially a little nervous about the size of this plug, as it seemed much larger (circumference wise) than any plug I'd previously used, and it does not taper at the tip.

      I was also initially quite surprised to find that this plug is totally rigid and made from ABS plastic. For some reason, I expected it to be silicone (this might be because all of the anal toys I have used so far have been silicone).

      Despite my initial worries, I found insertion was nice and easy after warming up with the small Supersex butt plug. Before turning the vibrations on, I first took some time get used to the feel of the plug. It felt entirely different to the silicone plugs I have used previously and, at first, the rigidity made it quite uncomfortable for me and I found it difficult to fully relax.

      However, a few days later I was able to relax fully and it was no longer uncomfortable, although I did find that the 'T-bar' at the base of the plug is definitely not as comfortable as a circular, flared base. It (in my opinion) has a tendency to dig in your cheeks a little bit, especially if you walk around with the plug inserted.

      The control unit for this plug is wired and the cord is actually quite long, which is helpful. The control unit itself is nice and easy to use, with simple 'up' and 'down' buttons to cycle through the varying speeds.

      I'd never experienced vibrations anally before, so it was quite a shock when I turned the control unit on and it took me a while to get used to the sensation, before I began to fully enjoy it. For me the vibrations are quite strong, and I am still unable to use the two highest settings. I think that if you are more experienced in anal play however, this likely won't be a problem.

      I already very much enjoyed anal play without vibrations, but adding them enhances the experience ten fold! I honestly didn't realise that there was so much pleasure to be had from vibrating anal toys.

      In all, I really enjoy this plug and I think it is a brilliant introduction to vibrating anal toys. I believe that it would be great for both newbies and those more experienced.

      Supersex beaded prober:

      I have to start by saying that the silicone this prober is made from feels amazing. It is completely seam free and feels very expensive and luxurious. The silicone is also fairly flexible and each of the beads has a small amount of 'give', allowing for easy and comfortable insertion.

      The beads on the prober begin small, then graduate in size to the middle, where they then decrease in size toward the hoop at the base. The central, largest bead looked very big to me at first, but I soon realised that each of the previous beads provides enough of a warm up to allow that largest bead to slip in with ease.

      The difference in the sizes of each bead also really enhances the sensations internally, as does the curvature of the prober. This curvature makes insertion much easier and comfortable than with a straight toy. The graduation in bead sizes means that this prober is a great toy for both newbies and those who are more experienced, as you can insert as many/few beads as you feel comfortable with.

      Although this was definitely pleasurable to wear whilst walking around, that feeling paled in comparison to its removal. It feels beyond divine, I have never experienced anything like it!

      Removal is easy, with a gentle pull on the hoop at the base of the prober (ensure you add a little more lube to help things along). This would also be an excellent toy for use by couples.

      This prober would be a great addition to anyone's toy box, whether new to anal play or not!

      Supersex anal beads:

      Now I must admit that this product was the one item that, when I first opened the box, really intimidated me. My first thought was "it's huge!!", not so much in circumference, but in length. I am only petite at 5'2" and I just couldn't imagine how all of those beads would fit!

      These beads are very flexible and this proved to be a slight negative as it made them a little bit difficult to insert. I had to hold the next bead up from the one I was inserting, otherwise the whole set of beads just folded and bent, making them almost impossible to insert. Once inserted past the first 2 or 3 beads though, this becomes less of an issue.

      Now, as I said, I thought this was very long! After having a go with it though, I realised it isn't as ginormous as I first thought, although I have so far only managed to accommodate up to the 7th bead. Attempting to accommodate the final 2 beads unfortunately begins to get uncomfortable for me.

      For me, the beads do not graduate in size 'quickly' enough. As noted, I cannot accommodate the final 2 beads due to the length of the product and I find this to be a bit of a shame, as I feel that I would definitely experience more pleasure from the larger beads. Due to this, I feel that despite its length, this product would be best suited to someone who is new to anal play as the beads start very small, allowing you to work up slowly to the larger beads.

      Although I don't think that these beads are great for me (as someone who now prefers beads and anal toys with a larger circumference), I do believe that they are a perfect addition to this bundle, as they enable those new to anal play to warm up slowly to larger items.

      As a whole:

      This is a really great bundle that is absolutely perfect for those who have experienced some anal play, but are not sure where to turn next. You are offered a good variety of items, enabling you to try something different that you may not have thought about before.

      Additionally, the vast majority of the items are beginner friendly and not too intimidating in size or appearance. The bundle provides a variety of 'staple' items that are great additions to anyone's toy box, even if you are more experienced in anal play.

      This is a bundle that I would highly recommend as it provides a good variety of items, suitable for everyone, at excellent value for money!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Excellent range of products, great for beginners and those more experienced alike.
      Supersex anal beads are a bit too long and don't graduate in size quickly enough.
      Bottom line
      A brilliant bundle offering a good variety of products, at excellent value for money!
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    1. Spoiled for choice

      Reviewed: 21 February 2015 by CutieCurious, a Bisexual Single Female

      I was so excited to be asked to review this kit, for two reasons - I've never used anal beads before and was eager to try them out.

      For those of us who enjoy toys of the anal variety, this looked like a great selection with something for everyone. When it arrived, I felt spoiled for choice and wasn't sure where to start!

      I own a few Tracey Cox toys already, and so I knew what to expect in terms of packaging. All of the toys came in boxes that had the sleek, pretty Tracey Cox treatment - firm, sealed packaging in blacks, greys and discreet shades of pink. The toys themselves have the same attractive colour scheme and are all constructed really well.

      I was really impressed with the lubricant. It comes in a really handy pump-top bottle, so there's no fussing around trying to remove or replace lids. The lube itself is a nice, smooth consistency - not too thin, not too thick. It lasts well, feels great, and it isn't sticky. It's replaced my old brand as my go-to anal lubricant and I'll definitely buy more individual bottles in the future.

      The little pink butt plug is truly a toy for absolute beginners. It's very small, very cute and has a really subtle shape. I prefer small plugs and tend to stick to beginner's items, but this was to small even for me. It inserted easily and I wanted to love it because it is so cute and girly, but it didn't do much for me.

      I think it would be a great starter item for anal virgins that have never tried anything at all up their butt before. However, if you've even used so much as a beginner's butt plug before, as I have, this might be a step backwards.

      The black beads are a lot more rigid than I expected them to be. This rigid curved shape made them a little tricky to insert, but really pleasurable once they were inside. Having the largest bead in the middle instead of the end feels great when popping them out one by one.

      The pink beads are a lot longer than the black beads, which made them too long for me when fully inserted. I think this toy would be ideal for people that like their anal toys to go in really deep, but since that isn't my favourite thing, it made them a bit uncomfortable. I tried again with just half of the beads inserted this time, and it was a lot better. This set is much more flexible than the black beads, making them easier to pop in.

      Both sets of beads had a finger loop at the end, a feature I hadn't had the chance to experience before and that I'm now a big fan of. It was a lot more comfortable than the circle of material that is normally placed at the end of anal toys (like the circle at the end of the butt plug in this set).

      That only leaves the vibrating butt plug, which along with the lubricant is my favourite thing in this set. It's completely firm, so it keeps it's forward tilting shape once inside, but is still really easy to insert. The lengthwise bar at the end to prevent the toy from slipping inside fits perfectly between the bum cheeks and is really comfortable.

      The vibrations are incredibly powerful and because the plug presses forward, the vibrations even hit all the right spots on the wall of my vagina too. I loved having a remote that I could hold and control the vibrations, rather than buttons on the toy that I would have to reach down and fiddle with.

      Although there were a couple of features I didn't like about this set, overall, it's a great kit and it was fun getting to try out so many different shapes, sizes and sensations.

      If you think that the set as a whole contains too many things that aren't to your taste, I would still recommend individually buying the lubricant, which is excellent.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The lubricant is great quality, and the vibrating plug is brilliant.
      The butt plug is too small to be good for anyone, but absolute beginners.
      Bottom line
      A great choice of toys, with lots of fun to be had.
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    1. Deluxe Anal Kit

      Reviewed: 21 February 2015 by CVR92, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I received this bundle as a LH tester. This is the first time I had used any of the Tracey Cox range of toys.

      I found that the packaging for the Tracey Cox Supersex range is super cute, high quality and looks very appealing. Within the box of the beginners butt plug there is a 'Supersex pocket-size guide to anal play' by Tracey Cox. This has tips for using the butt plug safely, tips to introduce couples and individuals to anal play for both giver and receiver, how to make the experience more enjoyable, as well as dos and don'ts. This was very interesting for both myself and my boyfriend. We managed to try anal play as beginners and have the basic knowledge needed to enjoy experimenting.

      Most of the toys in this pack are made out of silicone, which in my opinion is one of the most hygienic sex toy materials. The Vibrating butt plug is made out of rigid plastic. Both of these materials are easy to store and clean. Personally, I do not like the rubber toys, as they attract dust and dirt.

      First of all I used the beginners butt plug as a starting point due to its size. I was able to work up to use the bigger sized toys in the same session.

      As previously stated, I am relatively new to anal play (I have tried it a few times over a year or so). I have other plugs, all between 3.75 and 4 inches in diameter. This is a slim, 3-inch diameter at widest point, and is ideal to start with in building up width in a single session, or for those wanting to try out anal play for the first time. The flexibility and shape make it super comfortable to insert. However, the shape does allow it to slip out easily. There is no 'bulge' to hold it in place once the anal muscles relax upon becoming comfortable with it inside.

      The flared base is quite wide and gives peace of mind to newbies that the plug won't be moving anywhere unwanted. However, I found that base got in the way slightly in certain positions with my partner, as he could feel it on his testicles whilst thrusting. It could also get in the way if you were in a position where your legs weren't open wide.

      I then built up to the Anal Prober. It is seamless, super smooth and soft on the skin. With the Supersex Anal Lube applied, this prober slides in easily with help from the ascending size in the beads. This means it is ideal for beginners or intermediate anal play!

      Due to the shape, it means you can take one bead at a time building up to the widest point if you feel up to it. Alternatively, you can work on achieving the full girth after a few uses.

      The curved shape is ideal for comfort when fully inserted. It gives a full feeling. This is the longest insert-able length toy I have used anally. Due to the shape and flexibility, it was the ideal toy to allow me to take anal play a step further!

      The finger loop is handy for pulling out at the right time to enhance orgasm. I prefer this to the flared base used on some plugs. It doesn't get in the way, it is discreet and easy to work around in different positions.

      The next product I am going to expand on is the Anal Beads. This is the first time I have used anal beads. I found these ideal for beginners due to the ascending size of the beads. They are also nicely spaced out to give maximum sensation on insertion or removal.

      The insert-able length is a long 9.5 inches! This seemed very intimidating to me upon first viewing of the product. However, the flexibility and smooth silicone provides comfort.

      For me, the joy of this toy is that you can work your way up to tolerating the full length over a few sessions. The beads gradually get bigger so the girth is also something you can work on tolerating creating something to aim for and look forward to next time ;)

      The last toy is the Vibrating butt plug. To be honest, I did not like the rigidity of this product, is has no flexibility and I prefer anal toys that ascend in size for comfortable insertion. Having said this, this is just due to personal preference.

      This is shaped for male stimulation but also can be used as a unisex toy. I already have a Silicone Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Vibrating Butt Plug. This is still my favourite. It is slightly cheaper and provides a wider range of vibration patterns and speeds.

      However, I did still enjoy the use of this toy. It is very easy to clean and does not attract any dust or dirt. There are four vibration patterns which increase in intensity. The shape is different to anything I have previously tried anally. It is enjoyable and the bulge at the bottom gives lovely sensations on insertion.

      Lastly, the Anal Lube... I had never bought Anal Lube before this product, as I just used normal lube. This definitely increases the comfort and makes anal play more enjoyable. It is water-based, so compatible with practically all sex toys, and condoms! I used to think that 'water-based' lube would be too runny in consistency, but this proves me wrong entirely. It is super thick! The consistency of the lube also prevents it dripping off the toy onto your hands/bed covers etc. It is not messy at all! It is silky and velvety on the skin, with absolutely no tacky sticky feel!!

      A small amount lasts a long time and it definitely enhances the enjoyment of anal play. The soothing aloe properties reduce discomfort and allows toys to slide in with ease. I will certainly be buying another bottle of this when it runs out!

      Overall, as a bundle, this kit provides a great introduction to anal play for beginners, and would also be suitable for intermediate. It provides a range of shapes and sizes. I think that this will help beginners decide on what they like and don't like in regards to anal toys. All the toys are of premium quality and it is good value for money. However, I do wish that there was an anal douche included in this kit. That would have been the icing on the cake for me, as some people may not be comfortable experimenting with anal without the assurance of being 'clean'. At least with an anal douche included the option is there whether the individual wants to use it or feel confident without it.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The range of products, different shapes and sizes.
      Wish there was an anal douche!
      Bottom line
      Ideal for beginner and intermediate play. Range of shapes/sizes for a great introduction to anal.
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