1. Fifty Shades of Grey Stand to Attention Over the Door Restraint

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      1. Fifty Shades of Grey Stand to Attention Over the Door Restraint

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    1. Product Description

      Take your bondage play to a whole new level with the Stand to Attention restraint, which secures over your door to give your partner uninhibited access to your body. Explore a face-to-face erotic experience, or turn towards the door to expose your bottom.

      "He tightens all the restraining straps. 'Hmm, twice in one morning, I am a lucky man,' he whispers and kisses me quickly. 'This won't take long.'" - Ana Steele

      Slip the straps' 2 x ball bearing ends under the bottom of your door, then lift the 2 x solid bars on the opposite sides over the top of the door as you shut it. Pull the straps into a wide 'V' to tauten. Wrap your sub's wrists and ankles into the Velcro cuffs and you're ready to ravish.

      Alternatively, for customised arm height or to enable changes to restraint while in play, simply flip the restraints around, feeding the ball bearings over the top of the door. Take your pick of the 4 x D-rings to inhibit your sub's wrists as you see fit.

      The 4 x cuffs secure to wrists and ankles with Velcro for simple but effective restraint, whilst the faux fur lining makes them ultra-comfortable for the wearer. Fully detachable, the cuffs can be used alone or with other bondage accessories for thrilling variety.

      Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James. Supplied with a Fifty Shades of Grey branded blindfold and door hanger, this restraint set has everything you need for thrilling bedroom bondage play.

      Key Features:

      • Over the door adjustable door restraint, adjustable to fit all heights
      • Bars and ball bearings secure under and above the door for effective restraint
      • Features with 4 x detachable, adjustable cuffs
      • Comes with blindfold and door hanger
      • Made to fit standard internal doors of approx 6ft 6in
      • Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey collection, approved by EL James

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      1. Fifty Shades of Grey Stand to Attention Over the Door Restraint
      2. Fifty Shades of Grey Stand to Attention Over the Door Restraint

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    1. The excitement of being completely exposed

      Reviewed: 22 June 2015 by delilahxx, a Straight Single Female

      These restraints come in a lovely dark grey box with silver and red writing. There are some instructions about how to use them on the box. It has a nice weighty feel and I was looking forward to seeing exactly what the restraints were like.

      Inside the box, along with the restraints, are a door sign and a blindfold. The door sign is quite fun, one side is red and says 'Grey at Play', and the other side is grey and says 'Mr. Grey Will See You Now'. Although I probably won't use it, it did make me smile.

      The blindfold isn't bad. I'm quite fussy about blindfolds and prefer the type with wire, so you can get complete darkness. This one is in the style of one of the cheaper, more basic kind you can get.

      The material is nice, though, and there is an extra bit for the nose to help get complete blackness. I had to fiddle for quite a while, but managed to position it so I wouldn't be able to see what was happening, although there was still some light coming in underneath.

      The restraints themselves are very well made. Everything feels very secure. They look very smart, I love the look of the black with the silver on the cuffs. It didn't take long to work out how to position it.

      You put the ends with the ball bearings under the door first, there is little room under my door, but I found it easy enough. Then position the straps over the door. There is plenty of room to stretch it up and over the door due to the adjustable straps. Then all you need to do is tighten the straps, ready to play.

      As I am only 5 feet tall I find my arms are fully stretched in the handcuffs, but it is comfortable, although not for extended periods. And I love the feeling of being completely open and vulnerable in that position.

      The handcuffs have Velcro fastening and there is plenty of room for the smallest to the largest wrists. I have small wrists and I can have these nice and tight, so my hands don't wriggle out, which is a big bonus for me, I do like wriggling!

      The ankle cuffs are the same as the handcuffs, just a bit larger. Again, I can have these nice and tight, and there is plenty of room for larger ankles. The are 4 metal D-rings where you can attach the ankle cuffs or anything else you might like to.

      For the ankle cuffs I find only the first 3 D-rings are any good. The highest D-ring is close to my thigh as I'm small and the ankle cuff isn't large enough to go around it. They are large enough for the other places they attach, which on me is above the knee, calf and ankle.

      Once fully fastened in the cuffs, it feels amazing, and the fastenings are very secure even when pulling on them hard. They do hurt a little after a while, especially when pulling hard, but that all adds to the fun.

      My arms cannot move much when fastened, especially because they are fully extended. I love that for the ankles you can have your legs as close together or wide as you want, depending on how you position the ball-bearings under the door. Makes for numerous possibilities.

      This is a high quality door restraint set and I highly recommend it to anyone, even if you're not a Fifty Shades fan. There are only small tags on the cuffs and blindfold which could be cut off if you wanted.

      It is versatile in that you could remove the Velcro cuffs and use other more sturdy ones if you wanted. Plenty of possibilities with a little imagination!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      You can wriggle without coming out of the cuffs. Very versatile.
      The cuffs can be a little bit sharp when pulling hard.
      Bottom line
      A high quality set with lots of versatility. Highly recommended.
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    1. Great concept, but not quite adjustable enough

      Reviewed: 28 June 2015 by SR36, a Straight Single Female

      First and foremost, I’d like to thank Lovehoney for sending me this item to review. I very much appreciate the opportunity. As usual, the package arrived quickly and discreetly, which was all the more important this time as I was away and it had to sit in my neighbour’s place for several weeks!

      I will admit upfront that I am not a massive Fifty Shades of Grey fan, but I attempted to ignore this fact in order to give this product a fair review.

      Opening the package I was greeted with a very sleek and attractive box, emblazoned with quotes and tongue-in-cheek phrases from the franchise, and a grey silk tie on the tab to open it. It is well designed, so would make a great gift for a FSOG fan. There is also a plain black inner cardboard box, that I will use to store everything.

      Inside this box is the restraint set itself, which is separately packaged, folded and secured neatly with plastic loops, with a sachet of silica gel inside, so it’s well packed for transit. Upon inspection, the restraints are very well made and appear to be pretty sturdy (although bear in mind that this is not supposed to take someone’s weight).

      The cuffs are fur-lined and very soft, easily adjustable with Velcro, and would fit a wide range of sizes. I also like how they are attached by snap clips to D-rings, so you could easily swap them with something a little more heavy-duty, if that’s your thing.

      I really like the concept of this restraint set. I thought it would be tricky to set up, but it really wasn’t. There are clear instructions included in the package, and the plastic bars at the top, mean that securing it in place is a doddle, as do the ball bearings on the bottom, of which there are two sets for different lengths.

      Once you shut the door, the set is very secure, but because of the design, shouldn’t damage the woodwork! The bottom section also has tightening/loosening options on the straps in order to allow for adjustment.

      And here comes my problem - I have pretty high ceilings and tall doors in my house, and whilst I could adjust the bottom section of the restraint so that I can stand on the floor comfortably, I can’t do the same for the top section, so I can only just reach the wrist cuffs and can’t actually secure them.

      If only there was an adjustable section in the top straps, so that I could lengthen them, then I wouldn’t have this problem. I’m 5ft 4 and a half inches, so I’m not tall, but I’m also not tiny. I think just adding this feature would greatly enhance the functionality of this product. I also found it odd that the instructions say that the top section is adjustable, but it isn’t.

      The blindfold comes separately packaged and is very simple, with a small FSOG label on the side. It’s very soft and comfortable, and although it fits my face perfectly, I’m quite small and it has a non-adjustable and fairly tight elastic strap, so I’m not sure how comfortable it would be on someone with a larger head!

      I found the door hanger to be pretty cringe-worthy, to be honest, so won’t be keeping it, but I suppose that’s a matter of taste.

      To sum up, I really like this product. I think it is an excellent concept, is very well presented and is high quality in design and build. I can restrain a (taller) partner with it easily, but cannot be restrained myself with it as it is, without wearing heels!

      Either that, or my plan is to dig out some extra chain/clips from other bondage sets that I own, so that I can lengthen the section between the upper D-rings and the cuffs. But I think that it’s a bit of a shame that I can’t use it without a fix-around, or a move to a place with shorter doors!

      I think if you’re looking for a restraint set that’s a bit different to your average ‘over the bed’ option, then this could be for you. Even if you’re not particularly into FSOG this is a great product as there are only a few small labels to indicate the franchise. Personally, I can ignore these as this set creates some interesting and sexy restraint scenarios. Just make sure to check dimensions before you buy!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      It's a great concept and very easy to set up.
      Why aren't those top straps adjustable too?
      Bottom line
      Great quality product, sexy concept, but not adjustable enough.
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    1. Excitedly Exposed

      Reviewed: 16 June 2015 by LittleSwitchBitch, a Bisexual Married Female

      I have a keen interest in suspension, and when I got chosen to test this from a forum thread I was delighted, thank you. :)

      I am fortunate to own several the FSOG items and have come to associate the brand with very aesthetically pleasing packaging and high quality merchandise, which is all approved by the woman who created Mr.Grey. The box which these Over the Door Restraints come in features FSOG embossed on it in silver lettering, as well as "Stand to Attention" in red and an sketch style image showing what the item looks like in use. It also features a quote from the book which references restraining.

      On opening the box, you will be greeted with another box, a lighter cardboard insert which helps keeps the item in place, a free blindfold and a “Grey at play/Mr.Grey will see you now” door hanger sign. Pulling the item out of the box, it resembles an elongated hogtie, cuffs already attached. It’s very easy to distinguish which set goes where as the set of cuffs that has an acrylic bar is the set that goes over the door. The other set for the bottom of the door feature a double set of ball bearings which slip under the door to lock you into position. When it's in position it resembles an X.

      The cuffs themselves are soft style cuff, all black except for a grey satin band that goes around the outside,a soft, slightly fluffy velvet like inside, a FSOG label and a D-ring swivel clip. All cuffs can be unattached from the restraint system, allowing you to use your own or maybe progress up to more intermediate cuffs. These cuffs will secure you in place by strong Velcro, which is featured on 50% of the cuff, meaning they are suitable for various sizes of wrists and ankles, and I was able to be suspended using all four cuffs. The restraint system is made from strong woven material, which can be adjusted to suit a various of heights. The bottom set of restraints feature three D-rings on each side of the X legs, giving you many options for play.

      The blindfold, considering it's a free item, is pretty damn good. When positioned correctly will completely black out your vision, one side has a satin feel the other like soft cotton. It also has a FSOG tag.

      In play, it is slightly awkward to get the system into position and I required help from my husband, mainly because I’m a short ass and couldn't reach to door properly. Once in position, depending on the door, we found the first door we tried let loose one of the bottom restraints, which then became an advantage as it gave my husband ideas and one leg got restrained by the side of the door too. It will stay there. Also, while I was suspended I found one of the D-rings gets twisted around the loop in which it’s attached. This would normally be fine except these loops aren't completely welded, meaning I could have slipped if my husband didn't spot it.

      Overall, we enjoyed them. You don't need to be a FSOG fan to appreciate these. They have added a suspension style play to our playtime. I love the option to be able to use my own cuffs too, as I totally heart my leather ones. But for a beginner, the cuffs that come with the set are strong, reliable and a great way to introduce restraining in the bedroom, or the kitchen or anywhere in the house that features a strong door. Use these to release your inner kink.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Quality of the item, added suspension to our play time.
      Would prefer D-rings to be fully welded.
      Bottom line
      Damn good reason to try door restraints.
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    1. Out of the bedroom and into the Red Room

      Reviewed: 07 June 2015 by AsYouWish!, a Straight Married Male

      I confess, I have read FSOG. I have not read the the second or third ones, though, but my OH has. I don’t think there is a scene with bondage attached to a door, but I also think most of us can’t afford a Red Room of Pain!

      This item is sumptuously packaged. It has a feel of luxury about it.

      The straps feel strong and are well made. There are two short rods to place over the door and some balls widening the straps at the bottom to slide under the door. Once the door is closed and the straps are tightened, any door becomes a St Andrews Cross restraint.

      There are four cuffs included with snap links to attach to the D-rings on the straps. The cuffs are furry on the inside and silvery coloured. With your hands wide at the top of the door and legs wide at the base you are certainly at the mercy of whoever attached you!

      For anyone with children, it is great to know that you can have fun with this kind of toy and then hide it away easily to avoid awkward questions!

      There was a blindfold and a cheesy 'Do not disturb' hanger for the door included, but these actually detract from the product rather than adding to it. They are not the same quality as the restraint itself.

      This is a quality product, which would make a fantastic gift. It is great fun to use and will certainly become a regularly used toy in our house!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Has a real feel of luxury about it!
      Should have multiple D-rings at top and bottom.
      Bottom line
      Converts any room into a Red Room. Brilliant!
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    1. A whole new experience

      Reviewed: 13 June 2015 by cg22, a Straight Married Male

      Firstly, thanks Lovehoney for picking us to test this product. It was a lovely surprise.

      The Fifty Shades of Grey Playroom restraint set comes packaged in a nicely designed box. It was bigger than we expected, and there are some nice images on the outside and text about the set. The actual set is neatly packaged in a bag inside the box, and once you get the set out there is no chance of getting it back in the bag, but it does all fit back in the box.

      Firstly, the set is to be used to restrain your partner against a door, and has clever bars/balls which you fit over and under the door before shutting which then keeps the item all in place.

      The set itself is made up of 2 wrist and 2 leg/ankle restraints cuffs made from a soft material, and the main restraint straps part, which have the door restraining bars/ balls attached to it. It does feel good quality, for sure. I am not sure of the RRP of this set, but I would guess around £50 plus possibly and that would be a fair price for what you receive.

      One comment is this toy is not ideal if you want a quick bit of fun. It does take probably 10 minutes to set up, as you can't really leave set up in place for other eyes to see. :-)

      Setting up... ideally you need a door that has flat walls around it.. if you use a door near corner you will limit the play area you have.

      To use you place the top bars over the back of the door and the balls under the door and shut the door, you will need to have a door that does not have a ledge on the other side as the bottom balls that keep the bottom of the set restrained may catch on the ledge and you won't be able to shut the door.

      Right... so once the main part is attached to the door, you then clip the ankle and wrist cuffs into place. For the ankle restraints there are different rings to attached them to so they can be positioned between the knee and ankle, depending on what you prefer. You can also adjust the length of the straps as well as required

      So all is in place. Maybe have a quick cuppa now. :-)

      To look at when it is set up, it does look kinky, there is no denying that. My wife decided I was first to try it. She attached my wrists and ankles and stepped back and then laughed as she said I did look funny and said hmm, do I just leave you and go and do as I please. Luckily she did not leave me alone.

      To use the set is a lot of fun. It was certainly different to be restrained while standing up, and it also has a blind fold, which added to the fun. The material of the main restraint straps could be a little softer maybe.

      My wife then tried it and she found it to be ok but said it almost felt too mechanical and took the fun out of being restrained, but she did say perhaps it may be different if you have had a few drinks.

      Once used it is easy to take down and pack away in the box.

      So I think for the time being we are undecided. It has the benefit of adding a new dimension to fun play but is one of those toys that we will use when we are both in a kinky mood. We also think we need to look at different ways it can be used. Perhaps attaching a suction dildo to the door for added pleasure.

      Don't get us wrong, we don't not like the product, it's just one of those that will probably grow on us as we come to use it more. It was good fun and maybe open our eyes to other forms of restraint play.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Added a new dimension to play time.
      Takes time to set up.
      Bottom line
      Kinky fun but will probably grow on us.
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