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    1. Lelo LUNA Touch Sensors Smart Bead

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars7 reviews

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      1. Lelo LUNA Touch Sensors Smart Bead

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    1. Product Description

      Boasting touch-sensors which measure your pelvic floor strength, the Lelo LUNA love egg is a personal trainer for your kegels. Work through 5 intensity levels following the 'squeeze and relax' exercise routines to enjoy longer, stronger orgasms.

      Unlike other kegel exercisers which rely on weight to train your pelvic floor muscles, the LUNA guides you through each step of your workout using blissful vibrations. Clench your kegels every time you feel the love egg vibrate, and relax when it stops. The vibrations intensify as you squeeze, which not only feels amazing, but lets you know you're getting the most from your workout.

      As your strength increases, your intelligent little LUNA responds accordingly, working you through more challenging routines to test your ability even further. By level 5 you'll be the master of kegel control, and be enjoying better vagina health, bladder control and (more importantly) out-of-this-world orgasms.

      With an intelligent memory function that remembers your progress, continuing your regime couldn't be easier. Plus, for when you just want to enjoy the LUNA's vibrations without working out, the LUNA features a 'constant vibrate' mode.

      Always use a generous squeeze of water-based lube to yourself and the egg to aid insertion and removal.

      Key Features:

      • Vibrating kegel exerciser with intuitive touch sensors
      • Innovative design sets the correct level for your personal ability
      • Touch-sensors measure your orgasm-potential
      • Shaped for easy insertion and maximum pleasure
      • 5 progressive vibration levels to work through
      • Includes continuous vibration mode for pure pleasure
      • Intelligent memory function memorises your progress
      • Up to 200 routines from a single AAA battery
      • Smooth silicone 100% waterproof
      • 1-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee
      • Satin storage bag and 5ml sample of water-based Lelo lubricant included

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lelo LUNA Touch Sensors Smart Bead 7 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lelo LUNA Touch Sensors Smart Bead
      2. Lelo LUNA Touch Sensors Smart Bead

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    1. Lelo Luna

      Reviewed: 21 July 2015 by Kimberleyking, a Straight Engaged Female

      I have the smart bead and I won it, didn't buy it, but I have wanted it for so long. My pelvic floor muscles are shameful after 2 vaginal births, you can imagine how weak they are.

      The smart bead is easy to work and it starts off on the medium setting of 3. This is for people with average muscle toning. Once the cycle is completed then the vibe pulses 3 times and turns of.

      The next time you turn it on you will see the light flash. However many times it flashes, that's what level you are on. The smart bead adjusts this level for you automatically (no cheating lol). It also has a mode for after the workout which I call pleasure mode. This is a continuous vibration.

      My experience with the smart been a positive one and it has made my Kegel exercise more easy to do. I just place it in me and when it pulses it starts the cycle. You squeeze when the bead vibrates and that's it really. I have used it daily since I got it and I hope to level up soon. I am on level 2 out of the 5.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      It is so super easy to use.
      The fact it isn't rechargeable. Perhaps Lelo would consider making a rechargeable one?
      Bottom line
      Makes my Kegel exercise much more fun!
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    1. Must-have Kegel trainer

      Reviewed: 05 February 2015 by Tiger Lizard, a Straight Going Steady Female

      A gynaecologist girlfriend of mine recently scolded the rest of us over dinner one evening for our collective lack of dedication to Kegel exercises. With her promises of better orgasms, and, worse still, her threats of future incontinence, still ringing in my ears, I asked for the Lelo LUNA Smart Bead for a Christmas present from the OH. I'm very glad I did.

      As with all of the Lelo range products, it has a soft, hypoallergenic and luxe feel to it, and the elastic band-like string makes it extremely easy to remove once your exercise for the day has concluded. It is non-rechargeable, unlike other Lelo vibrators that I have collected over the years, but since it's for completely internal use, I don't mind sacrificing this function for a completely smooth outer casing.

      The Bead has 5 settings, and on the first use, will start you off on the intermediate setting, to put you through your paces. Thereafter, it will start you on its idea of your most appropriate level. As a Kegel exercise novice, I was unsurprisingly started on the beginner level, which has appealed to my competitive side and made me want to use it more to be able to 'level up'!

      I've only been using the Smart Bead for a month, but I can already feel the benefit. My orgasms are stronger and easier, and I've had my first multiple orgasm too - given no other variables, such as partner or positions, have changed much, I'm crediting the Bead with this accomplishment!

      As a vibrator in its own right, I agree with other reviewers that the one-speed, rather light, vibration setting that it can provide is not that exciting. However, it has proved sufficient on occasion (for example, whilst travelling). I'm inclined to forgive this fault, given how well it fulfils its primary purpose.

      I shall most definitely be persisting with my Kegels from now on.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Smooth. Comfortable fit. Multiple levels to work through. Noticeable improvement in pelvic floor tone.
      Single vibrator speed.
      Bottom line
      Excellent product that deserves to corner the market in Kegel trainers.
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    1. Most effective Kegel

      Reviewed: 07 August 2015 by slizzee, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      I have never given birth vaginally. But I've always felt like I didn't have particularly strong vaginal muscles. Tampons and menstrual cups eventually wind up popping out, especially when I am on the loo. My OH prefers to have anal sex with me - this may have nothing to do with my vaginal muscles at all and just his personal preference. But it has always made me feel a little inadequate and self-conscious about myself.

      As a related backstory, I have been getting into working out lately. I used to only do cardio related workouts, but I'm doing weight training too now and am seeing great results physically. So likewise I wanted my pussy to be powerful too! Just before I bought this I was heading off on a 2-month vacation and because of Lovehoney's awesome 1-day delivery policy I got hold of this the day before my flight. I wanted to use this every day and surprise my OH when I got back to the UK after my vacation. So I packed it away into my suitcase in secret.

      First let me say that the compliance with this toy over regular Kegels has been much higher for me. I own other static type of Kegels in my toy box, but rarely remember to pull them out and use them. Because the Luna does a 5 minute workout that's pretty much all laid out for you, you are less likely to forget about it or put off using it. I have used it without fail every day since I left the UK. That itself makes this a keeper for me. It has been enjoyable using this and I look forward to my Kegel workout every night.

      Moving on to how this works. There are 5 levels. Level 1 for newbs and level 5 for Kegel goddesses, in basic terms! It starts you off midway at level 3. You insert the battery and a quick look at the instructions tells you which way you insert it. I do need a little bit of water-based lubricant for this part. You switch it on and it flashes a number of times (1 flash would mean level 1, for example). Now you have about half a minute to get comfortable and insert it. The exercise commences with 3 short vibrations. It proceeds to vibrate periodically and for different times - all you have to do is clench when it vibrates and relax when it stops. You know it's finished when you feel 3 short vibrations at the end.

      I was a bit disappointed to find that I am level 1. After 2 weeks of use I am still level 1. But I guess this is to be expected of Kegel newbies. And besides, this means that there is a long way to go till level 5, meaning I will have a long time of use out of this yet! But I feel that I am getting better and I do feel stronger. I think it's wonderful how it is able to sense and adapt to your own muscles and adjust its own difficulty level. I look forward to the day I move up to level 2!

      A strange side effect of my nightly Kegel routine is that every time I use this I get a little horny. So when I'm finished with the exercise I leave it in a few minutes longer (turned off and just for stimulation) and I pull out my clitoral vibrator (my current favourite is the Tango by We-Vibe). I come in seconds. Doing the Kegels somehow enhances my sensitivity to an insane level right after. I barely touch my clit with the vibrator before I explode into an orgasm. It's been great and a wonderful nighttime routine for me. I've been sleeping alone since I've been away and this has helped relax me greatly. The Luna does have a continuous-vibration mode purely for stimulation but I do not use this. It's not very strong and I feel it is a bit of a waste of the battery when there are other vaginal vibrators that are much better for internal stimulation. I use this purely as a Kegel exerciser.

      From Lelo you can expect the highest quality. I had seen a similar smart-Kegel on another site but I've come to love and trust Lelo toys, which I why I ended up choosing this. It comes in a lovely sleek white box and you get a 1 year warranty which you can sign up for on the Lelo website, plus a 10-year limited warranty (where you can get 50% off a replacement unit). You also get a white satin storage bag (I wished it was black so it stays looking better for longer) and a small sachet of Lelo personal lubricant. It also comes with battery supplied, which is a nice touch.

      The Luna itself is smooth and the shape makes it easy to insert. The white threads you use to pull it out are strong flexible silicone (which is much nicer than thread-types which I have seen on other Kegels which discolour over time). It's a lovely purple colour too and unlike some other toys it is small and unintimidating if you did happen to leave it lying around and someone saw it.

      I have long since replaced all my toys to be USB/mains operated and this is the only one I have made an exception for at present. They claim one AAA battery will last 200 cycles. I have not had it that long but I expect it will last quite a long time. It is also waterproof which makes cleaning it very easy. I normally run it under the tap as soon as I am done with it.

      All in all, it is a wonderful product and definitely my favourite Kegel exerciser that I own. I can feel the positive effects already and it has only been 2 weeks. I will continue to use this for many years and highly recommend it to all my female friends, whether you have given birth or not.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Very high compliance.
      It was a little too expensive.
      Bottom line
      Best Kegel exerciser out there!
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