1. Master Series D'Primer Beaded Penis Plug

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      1. Master Series D'Primer Beaded Penis Plug

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    1. Product Description

      Explore internal penis stimulation with this flexible urethral sound designed for intermediate users. This rubber probe features a delicately beaded shaft, tapered shape and finger loop for pleasure and safety during exploration.

      Boasting a 4.2 inch insertable length, this penis probe stimulates your deepest pleasure points, while its malleable design works with your body for superior comfort, safety and arousal. Tapered in shape, the textured shaft starts small and works up to an impressive maximum girth of 2 inches, for satisfyingly stretched sensations.

      A stretchy O-ring finger loop prevents over-insertion and helps with easy removal. For the best experience, always coat with a generous helping of sterile water-based lubricant before inserting.

      Always use a sterile water-based lube with urethral toys.

      Key Features:

      • A 4.2 inch textured rubber penis plug for intermediate urethral sound play
      • 2 inch circumference at the widest point for a satisfying stretched sensation
      • Delicate bead-like textures enhance pleasure
      • O-ring style top stops over-insertion and aids removal
      • Tapered, flexible, lightweight rubber offers ultra-safe insertion

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      1. Master Series D'Primer Beaded Penis Plug
      2. Master Series D'Primer Beaded Penis Plug

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    1. Master Series D'Primer Beaded Penis Plug

      Reviewed: 17 December 2016 by Teza76, a Straight Married Female

      I saw this product and just had to try it. Delivery came in two days and I could not wait to have a play.

      The plug starts thin and with lube the first part slipped in easy. Lubed up the second nub took a few attempts but with the same pop as in other reviews in it slipped and what a sensation already.

      Again with more lube and a bit of a wiggle in popped the third now the tip was resting on the forth nub which is quite large and my cock was throbbing already but I wanted to see if I could get it in. It took a while I had to pull the plug out and push back in a few times and twist and add more lube but suddenly, pop, in it went my tip now touching the two inch part (no way that's going in yet) the sensations were unbelievable. I felt so hard at that moment and thought my member was going to explode.

      The stretch is unbelievable my cock feels stretched open and has me feeling sensitive and horny afterwards. Awesome product. Use lots of lube.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The stretch feel, easy to use. The pop sound as it goes in.
      Could do with being a little more ridged.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic product.
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    1. Girls, it's up to you to convert your guy

      Reviewed: 25 January 2015 by Quiet ones are worse!, a Straight Married Male

      Whilst I've not got this one, I can give some insight to using them.

      Girls, your guy doesn't know how good this can feel, so why not take the first steps. Try putting your tongue in his slit when giving him oral. If he seems to like this, try your little finger and rub it over the hole, spreading it apart (use lots of lube, and have one little finger with short, smooth nail). Keep a eye on his face to see how you're doing.

      If he seems to be really into it, try pushing the pad of the finger in (it may help if you use your other hand to squeeze the top and bottom of the penis head, opening up the end). Getting more and more bold, then gently push the end of your finger in, only a small way though at first.

      Once he's worked out how nice it feels, you just carry on and try other toys in it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Shape, size, kink factor, finish.
      Bottom line
      Guys, try it it feels great, girls get your guy into it.
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    1. Brand new experience

      Reviewed: 27 November 2014 by jimbogemini, a Straight Married Male

      I ordered late evening on 25/11, and it arrived this morning (27/11), discreetly wrapped and in a nice package. I couldn’t wait to unwrap it.

      It was a lot “floppier” than I expected, and I was a bit sceptical about getting it in. Having read some of the reviews, I squirted some lube down my penis and applied plenty to the plug.

      “Here goes” I said to myself. In went the first bead, then some resistance. I gently pushed and pop, in went the second. What a great feeling. More lube around the tip followed by more resistance then another pop. Wow, 3 in.

      Now for the fourth. I took a few breaths, a gentle twist and push and pop, in it went. The feeling was absolutely great. I let it just hang for for a minute, stuck on some more lube and tried the last bit. I definitely was not ready for that! I will persevere at a later date. I took it out, but had to have another go.

      I felt more relaxed about the second time, and the anticipation of the “pops” is amazing. I forgot all about thinking it was a bit floppy. I kept it in for 10 minutes. I will leave it in longer next time.

      Pity LH doesn’t do a longer one, although the stretch was a fantastic first time experience. I will hunt for more of this because I’m converted.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Nothing to dislike, although expensive for what it is. Sod it, definitely worth it.
      Bottom line
      Amazing feeling. Wish it was longer. Why not have graded tubes instead of the beads.
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    1. Get one

      Reviewed: 16 August 2014 by Obelisk, a Straight Married Male

      First, some details they don't tell you in the description. The beads are graded as you can see from the photo. The first bead is 6mm diameter, the next 8mm, then 10mm, and 12mm, before flaring to the final 17mm. I'd guess 6mm is a pretty comfortable width for more or less anyone. After that, well... it's up to you.

      The thing you need to know if you haven't done this before (if you're male) is that your urethra does a little jink as it passes from your glans to the main part of your penis. This means you have to give it a wiggle to get it past there. For me that means pointing it forward a bit.

      And that's when you get the "pop".

      And that feels good.

      If this was not beaded, it would slide smoothly into your urethra, giving you a penetration feeling. Because of the beads, there's a series of pops. There's nothing like that combination of pops, and the feeling that you don't know if your cumming or weeing, and what a place to get penetrated!

      If I had a choice, I'd like it longer, to get some real depth, instead of the emphasis on dilation. Still, after a couple of minutes, you stop caring!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Feels incredible!
      Could be longer.
      Bottom line
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    1. Exploring new territory

      Reviewed: 09 July 2014 by SD-CJ, a Straight Married Male

      I got this toy recently, having always been intrigued by penis plugs, but never actually having one.

      This appealed to me because it is flexible, and what better way to ease yourself into something new than a toy which is a bit soft and flexible.

      It arrived and the packaging was great. It's shown off with a clear front to the box and you just can't wait to rip it open and give it a try.

      I lubed it up with plenty of water-based lube (make sure it's water-based as you don't want any infections in your urethra!), and I also made sure to put plenty of lube on my penis and into my urethra.

      I popped it in over the first two bumps and it felt great, the material is soft enough that it doesn't hurt, but is still firm enough that pushing the plug in isn't difficult - it doesn't just completely bend on you. I then popped a bit more lube on and went in further. It took a bit of pressure and persuasion to get it all the way in, but it went in with no pain and no issues.

      Wow, did it feel great. It's a difficult feeling to describe, it feels somehow naughtier because generally you shouldn't have anything in your urethra, and it stimulates you from the inside. My OH loves when I put this in as she loves to tease me a little, and help with the stimulation and playing!

      This is a great toy if, like me, you're intrigued by urethral sounds/plugs and want to try something that isn't going to hurt! Definitely get this toy and you won't look back. I'm already planning my next urethral toy, I just need to decide on what it should be!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The material, the quality and how easy it is to use.
      Bottom line
      A great introduction to this new world!
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