1. sleepycelia's review of Lovehoney Bedtime Medium Butt Plug with Suction Cup Base

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      1. Lovehoney Bedtime Medium Butt Plug with Suction Cup Base

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      Lovehoney Bedtime Medium Butt Plug with Suction Cup Base 84 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Bedtime Medium Butt Plug with Suction Cup Base
      2. sleepycelia's review of Lovehoney Bedtime Medium Butt Plug with Suction Cup Base

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    1. Perfect play plug

      Reviewed: 15 July 2014 by sleepycelia

      I received this a tester from Lovehoney - thanks, guys!

      The Bedtime plug comes in standard Lovehoney packaging - I prefer Lovehoney's own brand packaging to many other companies as it's thankfully devoid of any randomly placed naked people or taglines promising to give you so many orgasms that you'll literally die.

      The Bedtime plug is made from a smooth, rich purple silicone and it seems to be very well made - there's a very, very faint seam down the side of mine that I can feel with my finger, but it doesn't interfere when I'm using it and it doesn't spoil how it looks. It is a lint magnet, though, so I'd suggest buying a little storage bag with it so you don't run the risk of getting it covered in fluff every time you want to use it.

      This is now the longest plug I own, and when I took it out of the box I was a little bit nervous - will it stay in? Is it going to be too big? Is the neck enough to keep it in, or will it shoot out and slide away from me like a butt torpedo? Thankfully, no.

      It was much easier than I thought it'd be to insert after some warm-up, thanks to the silky silicone and tapered tip. The silicone doesn't have any drag at all and didn't have an adverse reaction my favourite hybrid lube, although I spot-tested it on the suction cup base first to check. It feels pleasantly filling, stays put, and the base is thick and strong enough to ensure that it won't, er, 'slip in'.

      Unfortunately it's just a little bit too long to be comfortable enough for extended wear - it gives me a bit of an unnerving 'pokey' sensation sometimes. However, this is most likely just my anatomy, and if you've used longer plugs before with no issues you'll probably be a-ok with this one.

      What I use it for instead is as as either prep for butt stuff, keeping in during masturbation - I swear fireworks went off when I used it with my magic wand, it makes everything feel so much more intense somehow - or as a standalone toy, using the suction base. I was pretty sceptical of the suction cup when I got it but gave it a chance in order to give an honest review, and surprise! It's actually really, really good. Just squish it onto the bathroom wall and go! But remember to keep your lube handy.

      Overall, I'm happy to have this in my collection. It's not my thing for extended wear, but it's a good play plug and as prep for anal, and I found the suction cup feature way more useful than I thought I would. Thanks, Lovehoney!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Silky silicone, suction cup base, overall shape.
      A bit too long - a smaller size wouldn't go amiss.
      Bottom line
      An excellent play plug or as prep for anal.
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