1. Pipedream Extreme Vibrating and Rotating Head Teazer

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      1. Pipedream Extreme Vibrating and Rotating Head Teazer

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    1. Product Description

      Mind-blowing stimulation is yours with this advanced male masturbator. 10 powerful vibration modes and a silicone sleeve lined with stimulating nodules rotate around the head of your penis for an incredible journey to an explosive climax.

      Coat yourself in plenty of top quality water-based sex lube and plunge into the welcoming mouth and deliciously textured silicone sleeve.

      Explore the exciting array of 3 speeds and 7 whopping patterns and brace yourself for an almighty pleasure trip when you switch on the 3 rotation settings. Which direction the masturbator circles around and around your full length is completely up to you!

      Sample bottles of lubricant and toy cleaner are included for play as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

      Key Features:

      • Vibrating and rotating male masturbator with textured silicone sleeve
      • 3 vibration speeds and 7 patterns for varied sensations
      • 3 rotation speeds in both directions incredible all-encompassing stimulation
      • Mouth-shaped entrance to plunge into
      • Use with lashings of water-based lube for extra pleasurable sensations

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      1. Pipedream Extreme Vibrating and Rotating Head Teazer
      2. Pipedream Extreme Vibrating and Rotating Head Teazer

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    1. Close but needs a little improvement

      Reviewed: 15 April 2014 by DavidB1986, a Gay Married Male

      This will be the sixth vibrating male masturbator that I have tried. This one has the added perk of 'rotating' as well. That word alone was enough to give me second thoughts after my experiences with the Zini Bang Bang masturbator. This, however, is slightly different.

      But first things first. The toy comes packaged in a fairly basic box. The toy is wrapped with a thin layer of protective foam. You also get 2 trial samples of water-based lube and toy cleaner.

      The toy itself is made from body-safe silicone, and has a solid plastic handle which houses the batteries. You'll need 3 AA batteries which are not included (so make sure to add some to your order).

      The end of the toy features a 'mouth' shape opening which has a width of 1.5 inches and a depth of 1.5 inches. The inside of the opening is dotted with lots of little 'sensual' bumps for providing added pleasure when using.

      The toy has 3 speeds and a further 4 patterns as well as the 'rotating' function. When you first turn it on, it fires up into its 'lowest speed'. Pressing the up and down buttons increases/decreases the speed. Pressing the little wavy button cycles it through it's patterns. Pressing the middle button turns on the rotation, and pressing it again rotates it in the opposite direction.

      As this is made with silicone, you will want to probably just give it a bit of a wash beforehand. Then you will want to make sure you use plenty of water-based lube on the head of your penis, and inside the opening. When you are ready to go, you just slide the opening over the tip of your penis. The 'mouth' totally encapsulates the glans. When you fire up the vibrations, it does send a nice tingling feeling down the entire length of your shaft, and this intensifies as you increase the power.

      Time to fire up the rotation. Now, I had to contain my giggles... When you first switch it on, it looks like a little alien fish, bobbing it's head around - but, of course, for science, we must put our childishness behind and proceed with the experiment. [Shifts awkwardly.]

      So, there are three speeds of rotation (and the up/down arrows cycle through the speeds). When you combine the rotating with the vibrations, it does start to provide a new and somewhat interesting sensation. Now, this is not a toy that you can thrust a way into, but I found that if you gently moved the toy up and down whilst it was rotating, it did start to give the feeling you were receiving a blowjob, albeit a somewhat 'toothy' one. It took a while, but it did eventually lead me to a fairly satisfying orgasm. But, because it did take me a while to shout 'EUREKA', when I finished both my hand and my member were feeling a little... numb.

      Now, the reason for this, I believe is down to the little 'pleasure' bumps. They appear to be made from a fairly hard type of silicone, and initially it felt like teeth were gently scraping the tip of my penis. It wasn't completely horrible - it was fairly gentle - but it could be off-putting for some people. If the nubs were a little softer (or maybe even just little waves) than it would have been amazing.

      Also, when you 'get into it', you start to wish the opening was deeper... It would have been amazing to have felt the rotation all down the shaft, rather than just the tip.

      So, in a nutshell, it does provide some interesting and pleasurable sensations, but there are just a few things stopping it from being amazing.

      The toy is waterproof, as well, so you can take it in the bath or shower if you wanted. However, I wouldn't recommend - I did try this, and, of course, as it's a silicone product, you can't use a silicone lube. The water-based lube was really easily washed off - and without lube the little nubs really do feel like teeth - not very fun!

      But being waterproof means it's fantastically easy to clean - I just air dry it afterwards and then slot it back into the little foam sleeve that it was originally packaged in.

      Personally, I think there are better masturbators out there, but this one is certainly not the worst I have tried, and it's at a fairly reasonable price too.

      Give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Solidly built, decent vibrations and the rotation adds something new to the mix.
      The pleasure nodules were perhaps a bit sharp. Not rechargeable!
      Bottom line
      A fair attempt at trying something new.
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    1. Good fun

      Reviewed: 30 April 2014 by RexTheDog, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Wowzers! Now here’s something different!

      A rotating, vibrating, waterproof male masturbator. With several different rotation speeds and multiple vibration patterns, the Pipedream Extreme Vibrating and Rotating Head Teazer certainly promises a lot. But does it deliver?

      Straight out of the box, the toy is clearly well made. It feels weighty in the hand and the silicone and plastic parts appear to be of high quality. Insert 3 AA batteries, lube it up and you’re ready to go.

      Unlike many other male masturbators, this is designed to stimulate just the head of the penis. Inside the silicone sleeve are loads of little nubs that tease and stimulate the head of the penis. Switch it on, and you can use a combination of vibration and/or rotation. The rotation is a bit hard to describe: it sort of traces out the surface of a cone. I rather enjoyed using it with just vibration turned on.

      How does it feel? It feels good. Sadly, I didn’t get off from using it (I think I need a bit more up-down motion), but it’s still a lot of fun and an interesting change from your standard stroker.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Well made, and good fun.
      Bit noisy and didn't get off.
      Bottom line
      Good fun, but a bit expensive.
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