1. DOMINIX Deluxe Metal Connector Chain 40 Inch

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Metal Connector Chain 40 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Revolutionise your BDSM restraints and swap your current connector for an extra long, 40 inch chain. With quick release clips at each end play is kept safe, while heavy duty links don't compromise security.

      Collect the full DOMINIX deluxe bondage range to add a professional standard to your BDSM sessions.

      Key Features:

      • 40 inch stainless steel chain
      • Strong and durable
      • Quick release clips on each end
      • Heavy duty links
      • Perfect for accessorising your bondage play

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Metal Connector Chain 40 Inch
      2. DOMINIX Deluxe Metal Connector Chain 40 Inch

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    1. Chain Reaction

      Reviewed: 15 February 2014 by Miss-Nomer, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I mostly wanted this for a fairly specific purpose - a couple of months back I'd bought a 3 ft length of steel tubing with the intent of turning it into a spreader bar, and hadn't yet got round to getting a specific chain or rope for it. Then the gorgeous DOMINIX range turned up on LH with this little 40" chain complete with clips attached, and I thought "that'll make the job a lot easier!" I was a bit concerned about the comparative widths, and sadly I was right to be worried - turns out I'll have to get my lazy butt down to the hardware store, after all. Despite it not being fit for that purpose, though, it's still a welcome addition to my box of goodies.

      It comes in a small, clear plastic, sealed bag, stickered with the barcode and product name. Simple, easy to open, easy to recycle.

      It has a very impressive heft to it, and makes a lovely noise. It's a nice, blueish, blackish sort of silver with a good level of shine and a faintly menacing appearance. The chain itself (and the trigger hooks) is about 1.5cm wide, and the swivel connector is about 2cm. The diameter of the metal used for the links is a sturdy 4mm. I found that the entire length came in at 102cm (just above 40"). and it weighs in at exactly 300g.

      The chainlinks on the end aren't sealed like the ones throughout the length. This does mean you can in theory remove the connector clasps for even more possibilities, but also means the edges are a bit sharp and can catch slightly on skin; it also could result in the clasps popping out accidentally if you put enough pressure on them, but I think it would take a heck of a lot of pressure for that (there is no information on how much weight it can hold, though, which would be nice to know). The trigger clips are quite easy to use, although they're not my favourite style (the small size and rounded shape of the trigger can make them a little tricky to hold open, especially if your hands have gotten a little slippery in the process of having a good time).

      The uses are pretty much only limited by your imagination and other physical resources to combine it with (the following is by no means an exhaustive list, just a few of my favourites I've discovered in the last few weeks). You can use it to attach ankle cuffs together if you want your sub to be able to walk around but still be restrained (can also be used like this for sexual positioning, a bit like a less comfortable sex sling). In the same vein it's a great length to have between cuffed ankles and wrists, for that prisoner effect even if you don't own the right kind of shackles.

      You can attach it between collar and ankle cuffs to keep your sub kneeling and compliant (might not work as well on shorter individuals). It works splendidly threaded behind metal bed railings to securely attach wrist or ankle cuffs, although does make a fair racket if you're prone to wiggling. You can also use it as restraints by itself, at a push (just clip it to itself around the desired part/object, making sure it can't tighten). Do be aware that it unclips easily, so if you don't want release to be within the bottom's grasp, then you'll need to be careful to put the clips out of finger reach, or use some bondage mitts or padlocks. Beyond restraining, doubled over it makes a fun toy for impact play, but you do have to be wary as it can be very nasty and a little tricky to control.

      If you're lucky enough to have two subs, you could attach this to both their collars, then attach the leash in the middle (you could also just use it as a regular leash in a pinch). For the more sadistic, it conducts electricity moderately well, so you can get creative with some violet/neon wand reverse techniques. It would also make a spiffy addition to a last minute ghost costume or Halloween sound effects.

      I don't think this is an essential piece of kit for many people (outside of those of us who can't get enough chains and restraints in our life), but it is pretty well made and versatile, and great for expanding on your play. It's very simple and unassuming, yet it adds a lot of fun possibilities to an already established bondage collection, and could make a good, basic all-purpose restraint for someone more interested in versatility and strength than comfort (or someone who wants to see what kind of restraint they like most before putting down more money for a specific set).

      Anyone who enjoys a multi-sensory experience to their play would also most likely appreciate this, especially combined with some leather restraints for the smell - the feel of the cold, heavy steel on your flesh and the delicious rattle every time you move adds a nice dimension to bondage play that can be missing from softer restraints.

      All said and done, it is what it is - a 40" metal connector chain; if you think that sounds like fun, you can't go too wrong with this one.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Well made, versatile, helps send you to the right headspace.
      Rough edges on end links; not fit for specific purpose I hoped.
      Bottom line
      A strong, sexy chain that would be a welcome addition to most bondage toy boxes.
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