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    1. Mouth Gag with Adjustable Strap

      Average customer review 3 out of 5 stars2 reviews

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      1. Mouth Gag with Adjustable Strap

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    1. Product Description

      The perfect toy for bondage fans, this gag comes with 4 interchangeable mouthpieces, giving you the freedom to play any way you want. Simply attach your favourite bit to the faux leather strap using the 2 poppers and prepare for complete submission.

      Thanks to the slightly stretchy quality of faux leather, getting a secure fit is amazingly straightforward. Strap your sub into place using the adjustable 5 hole buckle, ensuring your chosen mouthpiece is where it should be. With 4 bits to choose from, switching things up has never been so easy.

      Key Features:

      • Faux leather gag with interchangeable mouthpieces
      • Adjustable between 20.5 - 24 inches
      • 5 hole buckle closure
      • Metal detailing
      • 4 x breathable mouthpieces include a fine metal gauze, 5 eyelets, clear PVC O-ring, faux leather coated bite
      • Popper fastenings

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Mouth Gag with Adjustable Strap 2 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Mouth Gag with Adjustable Strap
      2. Mouth Gag with Adjustable Strap


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    1. New to gags

      Reviewed: 27 October 2014 by aussie down under, a Straight Married Female

      I love the product. It's well made, but I should have taken the advice of the other review.

      You need a really large head to make use on any of the holes. Luckily, I have a leather hole punch. It may be okay for guys, but not females.

      Have yet to use, but can't wait.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Well made nice and soft.
      The size of the strap is way to long and hole not in right place.
      Bottom line
      It seem fine, yet to use. First time gag buyers.
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    1. Doesn't Leave me Gagging for More

      Reviewed: 09 July 2014 by Miss-Nomer, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Despite my great fondness for bondage throughout my life, I'd never actually tried a made for purpose gag before. They never terribly appealed to me (what can I say, I like being able to use my full repertoire of moans, screams, and prurient speech), and I don't think my other half had thought much about them. However, one night I was joking around with my partner, saying I needed to get a gag for him to make him hush, and he responded more than favourably. So onto Lovehoney I popped, and decided this one seemed the most interesting ("four gags in one!" I thought, "One of those has to be fit for purpose").

      The box it comes in looks much like the product image on this page. It has pictures of the gag in all its various states being modelled by a nude young lady. She does not appear to be fond of the bit style mouthpiece. It's a fairly petite box, and not too unattractive. Nothing you'd likely want to leave out on the bedside cabinet, though. The back has information on it in various languages. It's German distributed and made in China.

      My first impression upon getting it out of the box was pretty much "darn, that's big". The strap is huge. I had a feeling it might be, based on the measurements given, but I still can't figure out why they made the strap so long. I know I'm slim but I'm pretty sure a gag shouldn't fit me as a belt (it does look pretty cute, though, with the five eyelet plate). This is awkward as you need to wear it rather tightly around the face for most of the mouthpieces to have any effect or not slip. For reference, I'd need what is currently the tightest fitting to be about 5" smaller to fit me well. It fits my partner fine on the smallest setting, but only if I shove a rolled up sock down the back. I think I'm going to have to add extra holes.

      The pleather material is quite nice. It's soft against the skin and has a small amount of stretch, so is comfortable to wear. It's a little thin, but I haven't had any damage to it, yet The stitching is mostly neat and the hardware is as sturdy as you'd expect for this price. The sizing holes all have eyelets to prevent tearing. Some of the mouthpieces are a little shoddily cut, but all in all its quality is pretty incongruous with the price. It's not dazzling, but it's not going to look out of place used with more luxurious products. I do wish the section that goes over the mouth and holds the various plates was a little thicker though; it warps whilst worn and I can imagine it tearing with a lot of use.

      Switching the different mouth pieces is a breeze, you can even do it whilst the harness part is worn. The snaps work well, I've had no problems with them giving out mid session. Regarding the function of each individual plate, I thought it'd be easiest to do a sort of mini-review for each. The two things they all have in common, however, are that they prevent activities like eating and can be pushed off the face with some wriggling.

      Metal eyelets: Fits pretty well, goes on with a satisfying snap. The eyelets are placed evenly enough so it looks good. Slightly uncomfortable with the eyelets pushing on your lips (a plus, I feel). By itself it restricts mouth breathing a little, and talking the tiniest amount. It works splendidly to hold fabric (like wadded up panties or stockings) in the wearer's mouth, which limits them to little more than muffled mews. I like the look of this one, even if it is a little Hannibal Lector.

      Fine Mesh: Functions much like the eyelets, with a different look. However, mine actually broke when I tried it on briefly (I don't think one side was sewn in properly, so the mesh came loose). Worst of the bunch, thanks to that. Bit of a shame as the sensation of the mesh on the lips was quite interesting and enjoyable.

      PVC 'O-Ring': This isn't an O-ring as you know it. It's actually described as a "sturdy film with hole" on the box and that's a much more fitting description. It's easier to lose than the others since it's completely see-through, save the metal snaps. It doesn't quite fit the gag right (a little too short, so pulls the leather in). I find it a lot more comfortable than it looks (to me, the PVC is nice and soft and doesn't dig in), but my other half thinks it's almost as bad as the bit. Easy to breathe through, didn't restrict my talking at all; makes my partner talk a bit weirdly (his mouth is broader than mine). Gives the wearer a cute, if slightly ridiculous, perma kissy-face, a la Betty Boop (if you've got the right shaped lips, at least).

      Bit: The one that originally looked most promising, and appealed most to my partner. It fits well on the gag, and is nicely enough made, if a little small (the solid bit is about 4.5cm, and the whole thing is 6cm). The seam where the pleather is wrapped around the tube is located at either the top or the bottom, so doesn't ruin the look or irritate the mouth. Since polyurethane is porous, you'd be best to keep this to one person, or people who are fluid bonded. Really uncomfortable and actually makes me literally gag (although, I have issues with things horizontally in my mouth, and my partner has no such problem with the gag). Slightly restrictive of breathing, and the only one that limits speech by itself -- you can still talk but it's very distorted. Quite nice to bite down on, but it will scar the pleather. Looks pretty ridiculous, in my opinion, since it stretches out the lips awkwardly, but that's all a matter of taste.

      Nothing: With no pieces on, the gag looks fairly cute and still restricts movement of the lips/jaw a bit. Considering how little most pieces limit talking/breathing, it performs pretty similarly, but is definitely more comfortable.

      All together, it's a bit like a taster palette of gags. None of them are particularly satisfying as a stand alone item, but it's a moderately fun kit. Whilst none by themselves are great for restricting talking, they are quite good to help one get into the submissive headspace (which, I gather, is more the purpose of gags, anyway). It's given us a good idea of what to look for and what to avoid in any future purchases. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone experienced in gags (unless you have a lot of trouble finding one big enough to fit you), as none of the individual ones work that fantastically by themselves ('though, I do enjoy the novelty of the so-called 'PVC O-Ring', it's quite different to any gag I've seen). It certainly hasn't converted me or my partner to loving gags, but it's definitely not going to get relegated to the back of the toy box, either.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      Lots of gags to try. The eyelet and PVC film plates are fun.
      It's massive. The mesh plate broke as soon as it was tried on.
      Bottom line
      Fun to try out lots of gags at once. Definitely for beginners, not gag-aficionados.
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