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    1. Bondage Boutique Extreme Steel Collar

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars3 reviews

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      1. Bondage Boutique Extreme Steel Collar

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    1. Product Description

      Wear this solid steel 14.5 inch collar to assert your dominance in the bedroom. Whether you're a 'Master' or 'Mistress', this collar is etched with the letter 'M' to display your authority during power play both inside and outside of the bedroom.

      Non-adjustable, this collar is a solid 14.5 inches in circumference and secured using a pin-lock and hinge system. Weighing in at just over 260g, this collar is a constant reminder of your status.

      Key Features:

      • Solid steel bondage collar with 14.5 inch circumference for enhancing BDSM restraint
      • Pin-lock and hinge system secures collar
      • Sturdy O-ring for attaching your favourite lead
      • A letter 'M' etched in the front labels your dominance
      • Includes spare locking pin

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Bondage Boutique Extreme Steel Collar 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Bondage Boutique Extreme Steel Collar
      2. Bondage Boutique Extreme Steel Collar


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    1. Fabulous

      Reviewed: 20 May 2014 by BeckAndHerKinks, a Bisexual Married Female

      I've been previously collared, but that collar wasn't the right fit. It was slightly too small and very heavy. I was promised a new collar eventually, but it wasn't something we got around to fast.

      When I saw the Bondage Boutique Steel Collar, I was "Awww..." about it. It was the perfect size that I was looking for and a really good price as well. The only thing I wasn't sold on was the M because I don't call my Dom "Master" and his name doesn't start with an M. I do wish there were either sayings for this collar (i.e., slave, slut, etc.) or more letter options, so I could pick the proper term for our D/s relationship.

      The collar measures 14.5" in circumference and my neck is exactly 14.5" around. The collar is a perfect fit. I love it. It is so smooth and comfortable. The weight to it is almost non-existent.

      The open and closing is easier than my old collar, which required a screwdriver. This one only requires a tiny L-shaped bar that slides into a hole on the underside of the left joint. Another L-shaped bar will slide out to open the collar. Be very careful that you don't pinch yourself when closing it.

      I have to say that I am extremely impressed. This collar is a great option for those on budget who want something more than a leather collar.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The light weight and shine.
      The M cut-out.
      Bottom line
      Impressed. Great quality.
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    1. Sleek, Simple and Sexy

      Reviewed: 27 August 2014 by PrincessSparkle, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was lucky enough to be chosen to test this product in exchange for my review, so here goes!

      Honestly, I was overjoyed to find out I'd be testing this collar: steel restraints are something I love the idea of, but struggle to find my size, or the funds to have custom made, so this is kind of perfect, being 14.5": 0.5" larger than my neck!

      But let's not get ahead of myself, and start at the beginning:


      The packaging for this was lovely. Not an overstated and fancy box (which I'd never turn my nose up at, but would equally never use. Collars are for necks, not for boxes) but a clear resealable bag with the Bondage Boutique logo stickered on. It meant I could see the collar straight away, and get a good feel for the weight without packaging confusing me.

      Inside the bag, the collar was wrapped in almost see-through tissue paper for protection, and had a Bondage Boutique tag attached too.

      There was also a smaller ziplock baggie, containing a spare locking pin (or as I have found, the UNlocking pin...).

      Quality and Build:

      So shiny! So smooth!

      Y'know when you just sit there and look at things, and occasionally stroke? Yeah, that happened.

      The overall quality and appearance of this collar is outstanding. Polished to a near-mirror finish, the body of the collar is practically flawless. The hinge and locking mechanism is smooth - a tiny magnet ensures the pin stays in place, as opposed to force and a tight fit, and the pieces fit together closely and neatly.

      I, as other reviewers have stated, find the ''M'' cut out a little redundant. I have found it's more so subs that are collared than masters/mistresses, but there I think I have more of an issue with the product description than the product itself! Anyway, the ''M'' is vaguely relevant to me, so I'm not whinging too much. The cut is neat and even, and there are no rough edges from where it has been machined. Even the insides of the letter are highly polished.

      The one thing that lets this collar down quality-wise, is the O-ring. Whilst the collar is clearly made of solid steel, the ring is not. It's lighter, and I have managed to mark it accidentally, showing it's of a softer metal: likely an internal alloy, and plated. There was also a small patch of discolouration on the O-ring when I opened the collar, from storage I assume. It's a bit of a downer, and maybe an allergy risk if you're going to use a leash: the clip will remove the plating, and whatever's underneath might not be friendly. But eh. It's an if and maybe, not a major issue. It'd just be nice to have that little extra weight there of solid steel, to maintain the quality of the product.

      It is however of a suitable size compatible with most utility/restraint clips, so you'll be good to go with most leashes or whatever else you decide.

      I am also unhappy with the ring post. When screwed in flush to the collar, the O-ring sits at an angle, and isn't particularly aesthetically pleasing. As someone who takes pride in their appearance for their Master, and is also a little anal about balance, it made me feel a bit wonky.

      However, to get the ring to sit straight, you have to unscrew it a little bit, forming a nice little gap for bacteria, sweat, and make up to live. Sure, it's a minor niggle and is kept in check by a regular clean, but this is an honest and critical review, so.

      In Wear:

      This collar, being solid steel, has a good weight to it, but nothing scary. I have found it light enough to wear all day, and have experienced no soreness or irritation.

      It's size runs true, and as I mentioned, is perfect for me, at just half an inch larger than my neck. I prefer this to a flush fitting collar as it allows me room to eat/breathe, and security in that it being pulled on isn't going to choke me (erotic asphyxiation terrifies me).

      Getting it on is a breeze, as it clicks shut with a nice sound, and the pin slips in easily. Getting it off is a bit more fiddly: I can't see the pin, and as the top is fairly flush, I can't get it out either. This is where the spare pin is handy: push the locking pin out with the spare, and you're good to go. It generally requires a helping hand though.

      As a design feature of the collar, it's great. It plays on the bond between Dom and Sub, and is also a nice security measure since there's no wiggling out (safety too, for in playtime, though I don't think this collar is suitable for heavy restraining and certainly not suspension. I'd personally always fall back to thick, lined leather for that.). Practically.... a bit of a faff. I'm collared 24/7, and while I'd love to wear this collar everywhere, it is not gym and swim friendly. But again, that's a minor personal niggle.

      In play, we've tugged and pulled on the collar, and it hasn't made a sound. No creak of warping metal, no clicks or crunches of things moving out of place, so I'm happy to say its safe and suitable for most things.

      I wouldn't recommend sleeping in this collar either. It's just that bit chunky, and as it's rigid, it gets a bit diggy in odd sleepy-time positions. Obviously, that's not going to be a problem for many people.

      The aesthetics of this collar in wear are lovely. I find it to be classy but understated. It's not an obnoxious piece, and looks very pretty: collar enough to make the statement it's supposed to, but not so collar it's going to cause funny looks in the street (not that I care. I mean really...)

      It's definitely a more feminine collar, both due to the narrow, sleek band (3/4 inch) but also the size it's in: 14.5 inches isn't that big, so I can see a lot of people not being able to fit it.


      I'm really happy with this product all in all. Would I have chosen to buy it if I hadn't recieved it for testing? No, but purely because of the ''M''. It's not something I'd choose, and I'd much rather put aside the money and save for a plain band. But if you're impatient, or it's more relevant to you? I'd 100% recommend it.

      As far as value for money goes, this collar hits the nail right on the head. It's (mostly) very high quality, and the things I've picked on most people will probably overlook. I've maybe been overly critical, not because this is a tester review, but my collar is very personal to me, and so my primary collar is a custom made lovely that is perfect to me. Not everyone has that bond and hangup, so it's not such an issue for them.

      I do, however, feel super fancy wearing it, and find it suitable for daytime, going out, and most degrees of playtime. The workmanship is strong, the product is beautiful, and it's very durable.

      I can't see myself or anyone else experiencing problems with this collar, beyond the small fit, and am honoured that I've been lucky enough to test it out.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Beautiful finish, perfect fit for me. Good quality; strong.
      The ''M'', and the lower quality O-ring.
      Bottom line
      An amazing product, especially for the price. Absolutely beautiful, and will be a personal favourite.
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    1. Shiny, Very Shiny

      Reviewed: 07 April 2014 by Strange Days

      This collar arrived in basic packaging - just wrapped in paper and in a resealable bag. There was a spare pin/key included. I was initially unsure how to open the collar - I did not receive any instructions - but soon worked it out. You simply push the pin out, using the spare one. The collar then hinges open and can be placed around your neck. The key slides back in and is held in by a magnet.

      I am a male - I checked...! I wear a 15.5 inch shirt size - and this collar was just about right - certainly not too big. I would suggest than anyone bigger might struggle. It felt comfy and quite snug, once secured. Not too heavy. Would be easier to get someone else to fit and secure it, for you, to be honest.

      It is well made and very shiny. Definitely not convinced by the 'M' cut into it. Personally, I would be happier without that.

      It certainly looks nice and I think it could be ideal for photo shoots - I feel sure it will fit a certain bondage model very well, soon!

      Overall, a nice collar. A simple note on how to open/close it would be good - and I would lose the 'M'. Otherwise, all good!

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Well made, neat, very shiny and good looking.
      Slightly tricky open/close mechanism, with no instructions. Don't like the 'M'.
      Bottom line
      Nice collar, well made.
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