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      1. HEPS Fantastic Oral Sex Simulator Male Masturbator

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      HEPS Fantastic Oral Sex Simulator Male Masturbator 14 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. HEPS Fantastic Oral Sex Simulator Male Masturbator
      2. HEPS Fantastic Oral Sex Simulator Male Masturbator

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    1. Wow

      Reviewed: 11 August 2014 by Fairdoos, a Gay Married Male

      After the sleeve splitting on first use and it being replaced by supplier, well... this is a most remarkable toy ever!

      It may take you time to get there but it is well worth it. I have had the most amazing, mind-blowing orgasms. You know the ones. When you scream the place down!

      Be careful - because it can be very addictive. I have used it for two hours at a time and then... it's heart-stopping, not for the faint-hearted, explosive cumming.

      If you love sex, then you'll love this. I can say it is the best orgasm I have ever had with a toy and you just want to keep cumming.

      Enjoy, it's amazing! The best blowjob ever!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Folds away and disguises easily. Perfect mouth.
      Bottom line
      The best blow job you will EVER get!
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    1. Futuristic fun

      Reviewed: 23 June 2014 by atmospherecreator, a Straight Going Steady Male

      My HEPS Fantastic arrived only this morning, and I thought I would share my views and thoughts straight away.

      Although I have only used it twice, and owned it less than 12 hours, I have pretty much made up my mind regarding this product.

      Good. In fact, very good!

      Upon removing the postal packaging you are presented with a cellophane wrapped DVD style cassette case, lots of futuristic Korean and Japanese writing, designs, Tron-style diagrams, and even a hologram! (Lovehoney appear to sell the Japanese import version, this is nothing but the word Japanese printed on the case and toy shell itself, so do not worry, you do not lack or gain anything, they are all the same).

      Open the case like any other DVD case and you will find the unit itself, a clip in frame to hold the unit securely inside the case, and of course an instruction booklet. If you are like myself and like to take a quick glance at the instructions first, you will find the majority is simply diagrammed with some English captions. HEPS stress to use water-based lubricants only, and to let the unit air dry after use to increase the life of the insert.

      The masturbator itself is snazzy. From the moment I first put it in my hand, it reminded me of an 80s travel shaver, camera attachment or alike. It is very discreet and does not look like any kind of sexual toy, merely a 'thing' to anybody else. It has a good solid feel to it, and is not too large or too small.

      Once you remove the cap from the end of the case, the fun is revealed. The juicy smooth lips pop out! They actually surprised me. First impressions of the silicone grade were good, very smooth to touch, nice texture and fleshy depth, quite versatile and stretchy within reason.

      Once you pass the lips you will find the tongue, again nice to touch and noticeable with a realistic shape. Either side of the tongue are small nodules, these represent teeth. The top and sides of the insert have a ridged wafer effect as per many sleeves. Towards the back of the insert it narrows followed by a few nodules and a cavity space at the very end (where your love juice is collected).

      I removed the two magic rings with a quick twist, snapped open the top of the hard case, and popped out the silicone insert which is held in place with neo magnets, in seconds, for a further examination and eventually cleaning.

      The case is hard plastic, as are the magic rings and adjustable plates.

      Now came the fun part, the actual use of the product. The is-it-any-good part?

      I prepared my rubbing inside the sleeve with my finger with two squeezes of water-based lubricant, around the lips and underneath the tongue included. I had read online that not much lube is required for an effective session with this toy. I felt enough to add a fine covering inside, would be suitable. Next I popped on a few naughty point-of-view blowjob videos, and got the machine in motion.

      As with any masturbator they all feel the same on the first initial push in. For me it's the pull out and next push in once your manhood is well oiled, in order to feel the quality and features. But I must say I felt the tongue straight away which impressed me within seconds!

      Everything was nice and snug with room for more and less (I am average sized, slightly thicker girth). I had the pressure plates set as they came and never really adjusted them to the 'wave' effect, they were easy to use and gave the effect of teeth being used when applied firmer. I tested the magic rings next. With them fixed this toy makes some nice slurps gurgles and squelches, not over-loud, but noticeable.

      The suction is average, not as strong as some toys, but certainly effective enough. If you remove the magic rings the suction is lost all together, all noise is stopped. Personally, I will always keep the rings on, but some who do not like suction or require sound control will benefit from this feature. I did notice that the rings are not accurate, they claim to be able to set at 1, 2, and 3 suction levels. This is not true, the toy is not designed precisely enough to have this effect. They are either on, or off. This should not deter anybody though, it is a nice feature!

      As said, I only used the plates in one setting, but they are easy enough to pop out and switch around to your required taste. It is quite a durable and adaptable toy!

      I have good stamina, the HEPS kept me going nicely and had a very good feel about it, when closing my eyes you can relate to the toy having a realistic blowjob effect. Of course no one will ever perfect that sensation. But I will say HEPS have come very close and probably taken the lead.

      When the time came to orgasm it was worth every penny. For me it felt like ejaculating during oral. It is the kind of toy which will get your leg jerking and twitching if you keep going afterwards. Again if you use the right amount of lube and go at a steady pace that tongue is noticeable!

      Next came the bit all men hate in general, cleaning up!

      I had already read enough and figured it would be a breeze, and that was exactly what it was. A piece of cake, simply remove the insert (remove the magic rings first!). Either rinse entirely using warm water and the pressure from your taps, this will flush from the magic ring holes. Or you could turn the insert inside-out carefully and do the same. Give all of the components a quick shake off and leave to air dry, as simple as that.

      So my conclusion.

      I buy a new toy every year, generally a masturbator. I have had Dr Jonhson toys, misc sleeves, and last year I purchased a TENGA flip (another market leader, these are easy to clean too, semi discreet, and feel good).

      And I would say this is by far the best to date, and I'm fussy with the quality and concept of anything!

      For me it was perfect within minutes because of its ease of cleaning; how discreet it looks; the small size (do not let this put you off, it packs a fair punch and will take a variety of sizes despite being so compact); the whole style and look; the versatility; and option to tailor the toy to your needs. It has hands down won.

      This is not just a blowjob masturbator, use your imagination and it can be anything. But it certainly does a very close and good job of pulling-off a blowjob sensation.

      9/10 for me. The minus one because I think it could be slightly over priced for the involved components, etc. But it is still worth every penny!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very easy clean-up, very discreet, very stylish, very versatile, very impressed!
      Call me picky, the magic rings only work when completely removed not per setting.
      Bottom line
      Impressive, stylish, bang for buck, fantastic! Do not hesitate! It's worth it!
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    1. Amazing

      Reviewed: 05 March 2014 by physicsgeek9

      I've tried so many male masturbators before... several Fleshlights, the TENGA Flip Hole... but this beats them all. It really is the closest thing ever to getting a blowjob.

      If you use thick lube, you get the feeling of a first-time, amateur blowjob, and with thinner lube you get a lot more sensation, like an experienced, professional blowjob.

      It does seem pricey at £85, and I was very hesitant to buy it, but I'm so glad I did!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Realistic feeling.
      The price.
      Bottom line
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    1. If you're curious then read on

      Reviewed: 28 January 2014 by RoboLips

      Okay, so I went with the white+pink option, since A) I thought it looked nicer and B) it was the only one in stock.

      I won't lie, I am a virgin and I have never had oral sex. But boy oh boy, this was amazing. Easy to clean and easier to use, I just can't wait for round 2.

      There's a pressure plate on the top and bottom you can customise. They allow you to but pressure on specific areas of the 'mouth', and from what I know (not much but still) it's quite easy to simulate what swallowing or sucking feels like.

      Easily the best toy in my arsenal (sorry Fleshlight, you are just too bulky and such a hassle to clean).

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Felt nothing short of amazing.
      The instructions (not needed anyway) not in English.
      Bottom line
      Worth every penny. Will be keeping this in top condition for sure.
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    1. Fantastic

      Reviewed: 11 September 2016 by samsoni21, a Straight Single Male

      It does live up to its name, it is one of the best oral simulators out there.

      The tiny and discreet design of the product is a definite selling point and so is the fact that it comes in a case resembling a DVD case so if you decide you can change the outside to an actual DVD cover and nobody would know what is inside!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Discreet, effective, easy to clean.
      Build quality.
      Bottom line
      Try it if you have the cash.
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    1. Far better than expected

      Reviewed: 29 February 2016 by CrunchyGecko, a Straight Going Steady Male

      The first thing I'll get out of the way is that this masturbator is a fantastic toy and I'd recommend it highly even to those who don't dabble with sex toys.

      The toy was a pleasure to use. Once I'd removed the lid and popped a bit of lube inside the toy it was pretty cut and dry. The feeling was instant satisfaction.

      I've used so many toys that claim to be "just like getting real head" and they were all fine but not really anything like an actual blowjob. I got this toy with very few expectations because of this, and thought that it would just be fun to own and play once in a while.

      I've rarely been happier to have been wrong. This thing is definitely the closest any toy I've tried has come to mimicking a proper blowjob. It's got the texture just right. The only real complaint is that it would be a bit more realistic if it were warm.

      On that note, it is not a good idea to use warm water to warm up the sleeve of this toy. It isn't like other toys (like Fleshlights) the warm water will cause some serious damage to the silicone of the sleeve and you'll lose the gorgeous skin feel the toy has. I made this mistake the third or fourth time I used it and actually had to get a replacement sleeve, so I repeat, do not soak it in warm water.

      The nature of the orgasms you get with this toy are more or less the reason I think it does such an amazing job of recreating oral sex, because it captures perfectly that slow build-up which teases you and teases you and makes it exquisite when you finally climax. Not even joking, there was one use which I'd I think was better than a lot of the real blowjobs I've had.

      It's fairly accommodating girth-wise as it's quite stretchy, but a minor qualm is I wish there was more insertable length inside the thing than just four inches so I could get my whole length inside there. It is plenty of length, though, to cover and guy's head, which is the most important part for a lot of guys since it's the most sensitive place to stroke, so this toy will definitely please in that regard.

      Cleaning up with this toy is so simple it made me want to cry with joy, as I've had to deal with some really fussy drying routines before with past toys.This was literally as simple as turning the sleeve inside out and giving it a quick rinse with some water. Couldn't be simpler.

      Overall I can't praise this toy highly enough for achieving what no other toy has for me, accurately imitating a blowjob for when my other half isn't around. There are some minor issues like the limited insertable length and not being able to warm it up without a special device that you'd have to buy separately, but these things are very minor and it is as a whole an absolutely fantastic toy.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Surprisingly realistic recreation of oral sex. Very discreet and attractive casing.
      Not as much insertable length as I'd like.
      Bottom line
      A fantastic toy that's not boasting when it says its only rival is humans.
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    1. Good product

      Reviewed: 14 October 2015 by Fluxor96, a Straight Single Male

      Bought this for my birthday and I am pleased with the purchase, it is a nice little toy to use and is very compact and discreet.

      Product worked great with some water based lubricant and gave a very nice sensation.

      Very adjustable and each adjustment has a great new sensation.

      My only issue with the product was that the manual was in what I'm guessing is Japanese but the pictures gave enough instruction to go by.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Great feel, easy to clean and discreet.
      Manual in the wrong language.
      Bottom line
      Great product and great value.
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    1. Rival is TENGA

      Reviewed: 22 March 2014 by HappyShopper, a Straight Engaged Male

      When I saw this I just had to have it - it looks so cool! I got the white version as I think it's funkier.

      The whole premise is that this is supposed to be as close as possible a simulation to oral sex. The slogan "HEPS rival is HUMAN" is plastered all over the place. Pretty ballsy.

      Rather than "HUMAN", the main rival I guess is the TENGA Flip Hole. They sit at around the same price point and provide similarly high-tech variations on the standard masturbator formula.

      So news flash - this doesn't feel that much like a blowjob. I guess we shouldn't be totally surprised by that.

      Since the comparison is already drawn, I'll quickly go through why it doesn't feel like the real thing:

      1) Okay, so there's a silicone tongue, but it's not like it actually moves or anything!

      2) The suction isn't anywhere close to what a human can achieve.

      3) The material, although soft isn't as soft as real flesh.

      4) Even warming the material and using lube doesn't make it as warm and moist as a human mouth.

      5) It doesn't quite feel as "deep".

      It does feel pretty good, though, and the design and attention to detail makes it a real pleasure to use. The magnets are a fantastic idea and work so well, making disassembly for cleaning a breeze.

      The size is also a nice differentiator from the more monstrous beasts in the same niche. It fits snugly in a single hand - you're not going to find this one accidentally shooting across the room when things get a little slippery.

      Using the thing is straightforward enough. The squeezing panels are well placed for control, and overall the sensation is pretty good, but not as mind-blowing as the Flip Hole, by quite a distance.

      I'm not convinced the "magic dials" or whatever they are actually do much. I can believe that removing them reduces suction, but when inserted the 1, 2 and 3 settings feel exactly the same. By inspecting the design I can't even see how they would act to vary the suction. I just left them in.

      In summary, if you could only afford either this or the Flip Hole, I'd say get this if you want something more compact, easier to handle and smarter looking. On the other hand, if the sensation is the most important thing then the Flip Hole wins hands down.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The immaculate design, and ease of use.
      Nothing - it's great.
      Bottom line
      Not quite a blowjob, but a fantastic little toy to own.
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    1. Odd, quirky, but feels surprisingly good

      Reviewed: 15 February 2015 by DavidB1986, a Gay Married Male

      I ordered this on a whim during the Lovehoney Christmas sale, purely because its quirky aesthetic has been taunting me for a while, but I was never prepared to pay full price for as it was just, perhaps a tad too weird. But appearances can be deceiving - and as the old saying goes, one should never judge a book by it’s cover.

      First Impressions:

      The HEPS arrives in what can only be described as a VHS/DVD style jewel case. Apparently, you can print off your own ‘covers’ for ultimate discretion. I’m not entirely sure I see the point - I’m not planning on storing my sex toys on my DVD shelf, and imagine having to explain to my friends when they ask to watch my bootleg copy of ‘The Waltons’ that they are going to be severely disappointed.

      At first glance, it looks almost like an old style camera. In fact, the only thing that shatters the illusion is the slogan plastered over the cap - HEPS rival is HUMAN. Personally, this is a tag line that errs on the side of ‘creepy’ - a little too much for my liking.

      The outside of the unit is made from ABS plastic, and the insert itself is made from TPR. The unit comes apart into several pieces for easy cleaning, and consists of the cap, two pressure plates which can be moved and changed around for different sensations, 2 ‘magic rings’ which control suction and of course, the mouthy insert.

      The toy looks pretty neat and futuristic - until you actually take off the cap and look at the insert. It’s really difficult to not laugh, when you first see those white, squidgy lips. Now, it doesn’t really look like a mouth at all.

      In fact, it looks more like a duck’s bill then an inviting human mouth (which makes it even more creepy when I think back to that tagline…). It almost looks like I’d be getting a blowjob from Daffy Duck – not an image anyone should have to suffer.

      In Use:

      The HEPS has an insertable length of just under 5″ and will expand comfortably to fit almost any girth. With that in mind, for those of you who are blessed with bigger penises may find this a little too restrictive. At a comfortable 6″, this felt more than enough for me. After lubing up myself and the HEPS, it was time to slip inside and give it ago.

      The first thing you feel as you slide in, is the tongue. It works well at caressing the frenulum as you plunge deeper into the sleeve. If you warm up the sleeve in some warm water before hand to bring it to body temperature, it certainly makes it feel more ‘realistic’.

      Using the HEPS just like this would be enough to bring me to orgasm - the material was soft, smooth and created little to no drag and it retained the temperature for a good while, so you can easily have a lengthy session should you choose.

      The so-called 'Magic Rings' didn't really leave much to be desired - in fact, whether they were on/off open/closed, the sensation felt the same - I didn't really notice any additional suction or anything like that.

      The only thing that helped increase sensation was the 'pressure plates' in the middle which can be squeezed to increase/decrease pressure, and can be configured to provide more intense stimulation towards the mouth, towards the back, or you can alternate them and get some sort of 'wavy' sensation going.

      Despite the faults, it still felt very pleasurable, and led me to a decent, satisfactory orgasm.

      Clean-up and Maintenance:

      You can remove the sleeve and rinse with water and toy cleaner. Let it dry and then dust it with renewer powder to restore it back to it's original soft, silky state, You can also take apart the plastic case and rinse it all out and then let it dry - put it back together, and then you can pop it back in the case.


      It's not revolutionary, but it's quirky design and stimulating texture is bound to please most people. I'm gutted that the sleeve is not Silicone, like it was previously advertised - but a big thank you to Jess who went above and beyond to get confirmation from the manufacturer - thus proving that Lovehoney's customer service really is second-to-none.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Interesting design, quirky, really intense detailed textured canal.
      The lips do look a bit 'duck' like, not suitable for those with larger members.
      Bottom line
      A tad over-priced for what it is, but makes an interesting alternative to a Fleshlight.
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    1. Good head stimulation, but pricey

      Reviewed: 19 October 2014 by sashagrey, a Straight Going Steady Male

      As the name suggests, the HEPS is designed for head stimulation. In fact you can only stick the first 3-4" or so of your cock in.

      The hinged design with the folding flaps on the side give you good control and you'll mostly be using the textured mouth/tongue bit on your head, which works well and is a different feeling to many other toys.

      The HEPS can deliver great orgasms due to the sheer level of control you have over your head, but I did miss not having a full length toy. For best results don't go too heavy on the lube.

      If you've got a few toys already and are looking for something different and don't mind paying a bit over the odds, this is a good option, but for beginners I'd recommend getting a couple of other good toys first as you wouldn't want this as your only toy and it is a little pricey.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Good head stimulation.
      Can't go all the way in, pricey.
      Bottom line
      Good addition to existing toy collection.
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