1. Secret Vows for Daring Lovers (72 Cards)

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      1. Secret Vows for Daring Lovers (72 Cards)

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    1. Product Description

      Secret Vows activity cards offer a simple way to add a little extra romance to a special evening in. Designed to help you creatively treat your lover and liven up foreplay, this pretty box of 72 cards has plenty of passionate ideas to explore.

      Take it in turns with your partner to draw a card and follow its sweet, sexy or downright racy instructions - you never know where the night will take you!

      After playtime is over, why not surprise your lover and make them think of you by hiding cards in places they're sure to find them...

      Key features:

      - Collection of sweet and sexy surprises to add excitement to foreplay for couples

      - Set of 72 activity 'vows', such as "I vow to trail kisses along your body", or "I vow to stimulate you with both a toy and my mouth."

      - Take turns to draw a card and treat your partner

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Secret Vows for Daring Lovers (72 Cards) 4 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Secret Vows for Daring Lovers (72 Cards)
      2. Secret Vows for Daring Lovers (72 Cards)

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    1. Foreplay fun

      Reviewed: 31 March 2015 by AnnaC, a Gay Engaged Female

      I bought this game out of curiosity and a need to try different things with my girlfriend, and I couldn't be more satisfied.

      There are a lot of different cards, though some of them are the same with a different object, but that doesn't actually matter because there are plenty of them.

      This game helps a lot when couples don't really know what to do for foreplay. It has great vows such as "I vow to make love to you in the bathtub."

      It is great for a couple to try new places to have sex or new positions. It's a product that should be bought by every couple!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The fact that it helps during foreplay.
      That it has some cards duplicated.
      Bottom line
      Great experience!
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    1. Great but unsure of need for the scratchcardness

      Reviewed: 06 November 2013 by LetsTryThis, a Straight Married Female

      We received this product from the fabulous Lovehoney to test and provide feedback a fortnight ago. The reason I have taken so long to write this is because as per my other Vows reviews I wanted to categorise the vows. My aim was to let you know what you were letting yourself in for. This hasn’t been a problem with the other Vows because I could have a nosey as soon as they came. But these vows have the silver-scratch stuff that you get on scratchcards covering up the vows. So without scratching them all off I couldn’t write what I wanted to. We have used these over the last fortnight, and sadly for you, we still haven’t scratched them all off, but I’m confident I can give you a good idea of the product.

      So before I go into the product itself, I wanted to explain that I would buy these and I would recommend you buy them. It is a good quality product and the majority of the vows we have pulled out have been not only do-able but also pleasurable. They would make a great stocking filler!! (Either as the whole box or just one or two of the cards themselves!)

      So onto the product itself. Like the others in the product range, these are folded cards (think like a birthday card with the fold at the top). In the other vow boxes this was great because you could select a card without your partner having any sneaky peeks. The card, as with the other boxes, is good quality, and I’m sure they would last quite a while so you could use them over and over again. In fact you could even make your own silver scratch stuff using tutorials found on the internet and paint over the vows again if you wished to. The cards measure approximately 7.5cm x 7.5cm and one pack fits easily inside the small Lovehoney drawstring bag. I think this is a nicer way to present along with the instruction ‘pick a card, any card’.

      Now let me explain how we have tried to use these vows. With our other two boxes we pull out two a week (one each) and vow to do the instruction at some point during that week, without telling each other what our mission is, or when we're going to do it. (Our own version of the I.O.U. type of cards/vouchers.) This way it was a secret known only by the person choosing the card. This is where we began to have a problem with these cards. I just struggle to see the point of the silver-scratch stuff other than to create a bit of anticipation. Let me explain.

      If you pull one out and keep it a secret from your partner, as we have been with the other cards, then there is no need for the silver-scratch stuff. We’ve been coping with the other two packets fine without this.

      If you pull one out, and give it to your partner, either directly or by hiding it, then there is a possibility that when they scratch to reveal the vow that it might be a vow you aren’t comfortable/able to carry out. Also unless you are beside them when they reveal the vow, say you hid it in their bag to discover at work, then you won’t know what you’ve promised them!

      The biggest problem I have with these Secret Vows is the fact that the vow is a secret for both partners until the silver-scratch stuff has been removed. Then depending on the scenario, one or both partners can see it, which is the same for the other boxes we have.

      Onto the vows themselves. With our other boxes, before we started to play with them we both sat down and read every single card and discarded those that we didn't want to do (give or receive) or just couldn't practically do. Unfortunately this isn’t possible with this pack, without revealing all the vows in which case why have the silver-scratch stuff in the first place? This could lead you to giving a vow you don’t want to/can’t do which could be awkward.

      As I said at the start of this review we haven’t used them all so I can’t categorise them like I have on our other two boxes, but hopefully I can give you a feel for them. (The silver stuff is easy enough to scratch off - only requiring your finger nail). The good thing (and the reason why I would buy this product) is they have different vows to the Bedroom and Romance vow boxes. The first five I’ve pulled out from the pile we have used, cover:

      * Talking dirty to each other

      * Oral sex

      * Providing simultaneous masturbation and oral sex

      * Choosing a foreplay activity

      * Masturbating your partner

      I think this pack of cards is perfect for a great range of experiences; from a night of passion with lots of elements (but bear in mind the tempo and pace can go from wild foreplay, whispering sweet nothings and back to wild passion again) to just keeping the passion alive by creating a spark of interest in an otherwise dull day at work.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The new vows compared to the Bedroom and Romance Vows.
      The silver-scratch stuff - what is the point.
      Bottom line
      Definitely worth it!
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    1. Scratch and play

      Reviewed: 27 June 2015 by EandP

      We really like these card as they're quite fun. You can leave them around the house for your partner to find. I like to put them in her work bag or in the car. I even posted one to her at her work address - that was an interesting night when she got home.

      To sum up, these cards are fun with original requests inside, that can quite often lead to a really great session, if that's the right word.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Can lead to other things.
      Nothing really.
      Bottom line
      Fun with a serious outcome.
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    1. For daring people - definitely

      Reviewed: 06 November 2013 by Highly_Insatiable, a Straight Single Female

      Myself and my partner have been trailing these cards. They come in a cute little box and each card has a scratch off strip so neither of you know what's inside.

      This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how daring you really are as a couple.

      A few times we had to just say, 'no I'm not going to do that, pick another', which took the surprise out of it but I suppose if you have are both very open minded then these would be a lot of fun.

      Don't get me wrong, we had fun with some of the cards!

      Small enough to be hidden and found by your partner or yourself. I found one in my jewellery box one morning.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      The surprise factor - for both of you.
      Some are very daring!
      Bottom line
      A cute little 'spicer upper', be open-minded!
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