1. Lovehoney Oh! Warming Massage Heart

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      1. Lovehoney Oh! Warming Massage Heart

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    1. Product Description

      Whether you're looking to add some extra warmth to your intimate massage sessions or want to keep your hands (or other bits) warm in the winter months, this reusable and self-heating massager is just the ticket.

      The massager's heart shape means it sits nicely in the hand and allows for pinpoint precision caresses, making it a great addition to foreplay as well as a comforting relaxation tool.

      To use, simply snap the metal disc inside the heart to heat up the gel, then apply massage oil or lubricant to your lover's skin before the strokes begin.

      Decorated with the Lovehoney heart, the massager is also an ideal romantic gift.

      Lovehoney Oh! is a fun and flirtatious collection of gifts and games, designed to inspire and delight you and your partner in the bedroom - and beyond.

      Key Features:

      • Reusable and self-heating massage heart
      • Ideal for sensual, warming massages as part of a romantic night in with your partner
      • Suitable for use with your massage oil or lubricant for extra-slippery sensations
      • Includes a guide on how to use your Hot Heart Warming Massager
      • Not just for special occasions - use it again and again

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Oh! Warming Massage Heart 52 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Oh! Warming Massage Heart
      2. Lovehoney Oh! Warming Massage Heart

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    1. Love

      Reviewed: 12 April 2017 by Stucy, a Gay Engaged Female

      I love this product! I used it after the hot rocks to lengthen out the massage and it does the trick.

      I'll use this as both a romantic prop with my partner and for any aches and pains after a long day.

      It's also a great size, so you can move it up and down the body and still store easily.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Quick and easy to use.
      I want more!
      Bottom line
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    1. Multi purpose

      Reviewed: 09 August 2016 by Batgirl200, a Straight Engaged Female

      I absolutely love this. It makes a great addition to all the massages my fiancé gives me using various Lovehoney products. I have used this on its own for a massage as well as in combination with the hot rocks.

      It can be used to ease your aches and pains, I use it for a problem with my shoulder and it works great to sort the tension out in the muscle and warm it up before vigorous massaging.

      It is reusable and is great value for money.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Multi purpose, good value for money.
      Bottom line
      This has multiple uses. It is reusable and is great value for money.
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    1. Lots of heart making lots of heat

      Reviewed: 25 April 2016 by Just Jenson, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Got these as they were reduced and really needed something hot for a my tight calf muscles - so not at all sexy but more medicinal!

      As always, postage and packaging was spot on and delivery was prompt.

      The hearts (I ordered two as they were reduced) were well boxed on Lovehoney branded packaging, which I have kept to store the hearts in.

      The heart itself is much larger than expected, but fits well into my hand. The gel-like substance inside is quite soft and pliable at room temperature too. As per the video demo, you snap the disc floating inside and you can quickly see the gel turning into a white coloured substance, and as it does this you can feel the heat being generated.

      It heats up very quickly and gets pretty hot too! Not enough to burn, of course, but enough for me to not be able to keep it in one position for too long, meaning I had to rub it slowly up and down the entire length of my calf muscle.

      As it heats up the gel hardens as well, so allows for a firmer massage if that's what you're using it for. The heat easily lasted 30 minutes, by which point I stopped using it even though it was still warm.

      Resetting it back to its original state was the key point for me. I have had similar hand warmers in the past bought from a market stall which heated up but did not reset for multiple use.

      I followed the instructions by immersing it in almost boiling water and leaving it to simmer away. After 3-4 minutes you can see the white colour disappear and the purple colour come back to the heart (it really is quite hypnotic to watch!).

      A few more minutes and I took it out with some kitchen tongs and left it on the side to cool down.

      It took ages to cool down (which isn't a problem) and the great thing was it went back to its original state, ready to be used again.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great size and quality.
      Bottom line
      Great item for aching muscles and sexy massages!
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    1. Warms my cockles

      Reviewed: 30 March 2016 by Blueeyes82, a Straight Single Female

      Every now and then, I come across some form of gadget that is linked to the sex toy world but really isn’t an actual sex toy. I do like my little nik-naks that you can use for everyday things, and possibly for something a little bit kinkier.

      I wasn’t expecting anything too big, figured it would be small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. However, what arrived, was something a tad larger than that!

      The Lovehoney Lovers Warming Massage Heart measures 13″ x 12.5″ in size, so it really isn’t a cute little ‘pop in the hand‘ gel pad. Nope, it’s more like a cute ‘I’m gonna rub you in all the right places‘. You might think I was feeling slightly deflated, no no no, totally the opposite, I was actually in awe of this purple heart! 100 different ways to use this massage heart were running from my warped little mind.

      This really is simple as anything to use; there is a penny sized silver clicker within the heart. To heat the heart up, all you need to do is push the clicker into itself, wait for the ‘pop’ and, hey presto, the gel inside instantly heats up. Do be careful though, this massage heart can get pretty hot rather quickly. You might want to refrain from a child holding the pad whilst it is hot!

      Lovehoney state that you’ll get 30 minutes of use out of this pad, once it has been activated but if I’m honest, this heart lasted well over an hour for me. It will reach around 54c in heat, so be careful.

      To liquefy your massage heart, you need a saucepan of boiling water (not bubbling boiling, more of a simmer). It will take your heart 8-10 minutes to liquefy. Do not allow the water to bubble or for the pan to boil dry, you will ruin your massage heart. It is made from acrylic plastic and can take up to and more than 100c, so it can get very hot in the pan. Once your massage heart has returned to it’s liquid state remove it from your pan with caution and allow it to dry on a towel. It will take a fair old while to cool down, it took my heart nearly 2 hours to fully cool.

      This warm massaging heart is ideal if you’re into temperature play, especially if you like things hot! You could have a lot of fun with this little bad boy; imagine if you have 4 and used them all at once! Picture this… your partner is lying on the bed, face down, you put 4 of these hot massage hearts on their back for 5 minutes and then you run an ice cube over their skin! Talk about intense pleasure!

      I really do like this product, so much so, that I’ve just ordered myself another one!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The shape and heat.
      Bottom line
      Warmed my cockles to a tee.
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    1. Warm hearts

      Reviewed: 01 February 2016 by Jay249

      By far the most amazing little packet of pleasure.

      Brings the best out of a massage and warms up those tight spots.

      Both you and your partner can enjoy the benefits and the bonus is being able to use it over and over again.

      This is definitely worth the money and a brilliant little gem.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Warms up instantly.
      Bottom line
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