1. Magic Banana® Kegel Exerciser

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      1. Magic Banana® Kegel Exerciser

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    1. Product Description

      Unlock the potential of your pelvic floor with the Magic Banana®, an innovative kegel exerciser designed by a woman, for women. Flexible and smooth, its unique shape strengthens your muscles and massages your G-spot for sensational stimulation.

      The innovative design has gone down a storm in the USA, starring in chat shows Oprah and Ricki Lake and featuring in Glamour magazine. Created after 30 years of research and development by well-being and yoga instructor Janeson Rayne, the Magic Banana® works with your body and is suitable for all women, from post-natal mothers to experts in pelvic floor toning.

      Apply plenty of water-based lubricant and squeeze the pliable loop together before slowly inserting it gently into your vagina. The gentle pressure of the loop relaxing inside you causes your muscles to naturally tighten and clench to hold the Magic Banana® firmly in place for a fantastic pelvic floor workout.

      Key Features:

      • An innovative kegel exerciser with a firm, smile-shaped curve that's perfect for G-spot stimulation
      • Suitable for all women, from post-natal mothers to experienced fans of pelvic floor training
      • Unique design complements your movements with an exquisite internal massage
      • Made from smooth and super-flexible plastic
      • Manufactured in England
      • Weighs 66g and is suitable for all abilities

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      1. Magic Banana® Kegel Exerciser
      2. Magic Banana® Kegel Exerciser

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    1. Up Close and Personal With the Magic Banana

      Reviewed: 12 June 2013 by rag doll, a Straight Going Steady Female

      An almost mythical level of mystery and a pinch of doubt shroud the banana and its "magical" properties. I have got up close and personal with this new, ergonomically designed piece of innovation "by women for women" to bring you the truth…

      I have tried some different variations of the traditional Kegel exercisers and so was rather curious when this came out. At first I was sceptical, like others. What was so special about this loop of rubberised cord? Curiosity soon got the better of me though and I decided to give it a go.

      The cord is a lot more powerful than I expected and you can feel it trying to spring back into shape when you squeeze it together with your hand and, although the plastic coating is smooth and the banana anything but thick you will need - perhaps not lashings as advised - but a sufficient coating of lubricant to get it in comfortably due to its flexibility.

      The only problems I found were that the loop does have a tendency to cross over itself as you insert it and unfortunately I did not experience any of the fantastic G-spot stimulation it boasts. Unfortunately, it cannot be worn out and about unlike Kegel balls so you will need to set aside some time to get your internal workout done. (The instruction leaflet suggests 3-5 minutes twice daily.)

      The sensation of it inside you is very different from either the traditional Kegel exerciser or dildo. With the Banana you can engage in a more active workout than with the ball-style exercisers. There's a gentle stretching and stroking that whilst not quite as arousing as conventional sex toys is still fairly pleasurable, especially when combined with clitoral stimulation. An interesting aspect of the magic banana is that it also doubles as a less intense version of a speculum so you can really get to know your body or introduce it to your partner.

      It is unfortunate that this product does not come with a storage bag or box or maybe even fruit basket but it does come with a very comprehensive instruction booklet written in English, French and Spanish which, although perhaps being aimed, like the product as those new to, or perhaps a little prudish about sex toys, is very helpful and written very tastefully. At £44.99 it is perhaps a little overpriced but as of now it is the only product like this on the market with the possibility of greatly improving your health and sex life. It even claims to reduce menstrual cramps.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Innovative design, really takes the guesswork out of Kegels. comfortable and easy to use.
      Would be better if it came in different strengths and came with storage.
      Bottom line
      Not the most exciting sex toy but great as an exercise aid.
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    1. There ain't nothing magic about this banana

      Reviewed: 16 February 2015 by OUCH! Thank you ;), a Straight Married Female

      As I’ve said in many a review, I’m fascinated by anything that claims to work wonders on my Kegels, so when I saw this Magic Banana, I laughed my head off, then bought it. I’ve had it for months now and I’ve decided enough time has passed and it’s due a review.

      I’d usually comment on packaging at this point, but it’s been such a long time since I bought it I honestly can’t remember what it was like. I’d hazard a guess that there’s one on the product page if you need to see it. I can tell you it doesn’t come with a bag, however, as mine lives in a large black LH satin storage bag.

      The banana itself seems to be pretty well made. With the black plastic handle and yellow wire inside of a clear plastic tube it’s kind of like something you’d find in a gym, which I suppose is the point, seeing as it was designed by a yoga instructor.

      As appearance goes, I don’t like it. It looks intimidating to me, almost like it will be an actual ‘work out’ work out and I think that has the potential to put people off.

      The booklet that comes with it is mostly full of bollocks. It talks about finding happiness within by exploring the ‘world’ that is your vagina and blah, blah. It’s patronising, slightly hippy-dippy and you have to dig for the actual information on product use.

      When you get to that part you discover that unlike Kegel balls, this has to be given a time slot twice a day where you need to lie down and do a short exercise. This is no good for me. I like Kegel exercisers I can use on the go, I don’t really want to have to dedicate time at home to something I can do in Costa.

      It also claims in the booklet that it helps you relax enough to improve your sleep, as well as improving menstrual cramps. I call bulls*** on this. My cramps are just as horrible as they ever were and my sleep pattern is just as erratic.

      To use the Banana you need to lube it up (only a tiny amount is needed unless you want to have the damned thing springing out of your hands every five seconds), squeeze the sides of the loop together and insert it curve up. For me, this was easier said than done. The loop kept crossing over, twisting upside down and generally acting like a pain in the rear.

      After a good five minutes of insertion issues I managed to get it in. Then after five more minutes of trying to get it to not twist around, I got down to the exercises. I wanted to have to fight it, I expected to really have to work my muscles against it, but in reality, I didn’t. It just twists inside of me or stays squished together and I honestly can’t tell if I’m doing it right or not.

      I have absolutely no idea if this thing is doing anything for my muscles or not. I don’t suppose it’s been a fair test, though, as I’ve used quite a few different sets of Kegel balls on a daily basis rather than focusing on the Banana. But even combined with Kegel balls, I haven’t noticed the speedy improvement I'd expect from the twice a day use of such an expensive product.

      The only good thing I can say about the Banana is, unlike the other reviewer, I did find that it provided fantastic G-spot stimulation. I blush to admit that more than one exercise session was abandoned to orgasm, lol. It really does hit the spot effortlessly for me, though that’s not what it’s for, so I won’t use that in my rating.

      Bottom line, for G-spot stimulation this is a winner, but as a Kegel exerciser I have to plead the fifth. I can’t really recommend it as I can’t say it does its intended job with any certainty, but if you do decide to go for it, make sure you give it a chance in the G-spot department as it really does feel good.

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      It's fantastic at helping me reach a fast, G-spot orgasm.
      Awkward to use, expensive and there isn't any feedback to say you're doing it right.
      Bottom line
      In my opinion it's a novelty and nothing more.
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