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    1. Aneros EVI Hands-Free Kegel Exerciser with Clitoral Stimulator

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      1. Aneros EVI Hands-Free Kegel Exerciser with Clitoral Stimulator

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    1. Product Description

      Introducing Aneros' first silicone sex toy designed especially for women, EVI is an ergonomically designed dildo for hands free G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Simply slip EVI into place and gently rock or clench for a dual massage of your sexiest spots.

      EVI is the perfect size and shape to press up against and massage your G-spot. At the base of the insertable section is a gently sloping clitoral stimulator that nestles between your labia, pushing against the clitoris as you move for delectable dual stimulation of your most sensitive spots.

      EVI can be used as both an effective kegel exerciser and sex toy, with the benefit of stronger, more toned muscles and greater control over your orgasms. Weighing 81g, this toy is suitable for intermediate users.

      Accessorise your play with plenty of high quality water-based lubricant for maximum slipperiness and pleasure.

      Key Features:

      • An ergonomic silicone dildo for hands free G-spot and clitoral stimulation
      • Innovative design can also be used as an effective kegel exerciser for stronger muscles and heightened orgasms
      • Weighs 81g for weighty, satisfying sensations during wear. Suitable for intermediate users
      • Made from smooth silicone with a rigid core for effective stimulation
      • Presented in a gift box

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Aneros EVI Hands-Free Kegel Exerciser with Clitoral Stimulator 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Aneros EVI Hands-Free Kegel Exerciser with Clitoral Stimulator
      2. Aneros EVI Hands-Free Kegel Exerciser with Clitoral Stimulator

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    1. My Pussy wont let go!

      Reviewed: 11 September 2012 by Blondii, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I have only just started to use Kegel products and to be honest haven't had much excitement from them until now.


      I dont often go on about the packaging but I'm making an exception, I was completely blown away by the gorgeous red lace drawstring storage bag with white satin ribbons, the lace design is close-knit so will not reveal the bag's contents. Inside is the cleanly designed pearlised white magnetic closure box which looks like a book from Greek Mythology as all you can see is the word Aneros on the spine, so you can hide your EVI in a bookcase and no-one would know. Inside EVI sits in its own shaped plastic form and ontop is a well explained user guide.


      EVI has a lovely excellent quality feel in your hand, it's quite a heavy piece of reddy-orange medical grade silicone for its small size which is inflexible, there is little or no flexion at all to this item. The Aneros EVI is anatomically shaped to fit most women leaving you completely full. The cardboard user guide is well explained with an excellent anatomical image to show you exactly where EVI will stimulate inside you.


      My first try felt a little awkward as you have to get the right angle. I found the clitoral arm makes a perfect handle to insert this with and allows you to press gently till you get the familiar pop as it slips inside.

      Once inserted it felt incredibly full and very comfortable, so I started a few kegel squeezes and immediately the clit arm presses tightly against my clit, then you release and it falls away. For me I found clenching and unclenching highly erogenous and quite a turn-on, but not enough to make me orgasm, so my next try was to take Aneros's advice and try the rocking motion in the leaflet, this immediately pressed against my g-spot so at the same time I combined the clenching and unclenching wow it felt amazing, I didn't actually expect a toy that didn't vibrate or allow me to thrust to do much for me, but I was so wrong.

      But the best way for me is sitting up or kneeling where you can wiggle and rock to your heart's content, you only need very slight movements to feel the stimulation to both G-spot and your clit. You can then grind a little on the clitoral arm too. You do not need to do a full body workout as the movements needed are only very slight. But to anyone else it looks like you are busting for the loo while you wiggle and squirm around but what the hell it works lol.

      Up to now I have simply added my wand to the clit arm and I'm there is seconds, with such intensity its absolutely amazing from a tiny piece of shaped silicone. I have to say I haven't orgasmed yet just by using EVI alone, but its so close. I am a girl who usually does need her vibes; but I have most certainly been turned on alot more than I ever thought I would from this little piece of silicone and I think it will definitely happen and very soon. But for me I feel the clitoral arm would have worked better if it had been a little longer as it only just reached my clit.

      TIP: Once you have orgasmed it's a sensation like no other as you feel your kegels clamp around EVI as you orgasm, you cannot remove EVI straight away as your pussy just won't let this go till your kegels have relaxed a bit. Amazing feeling!

      Cleaning and Maintenance

      With no batteries or charging it's a gorgeous piece of smooth silicone so it cleans easily under hot soapy running water or simply rinsed in the shower or bath. Then spray with a sex toy cleaner and allow to dry and store away in its box and the lovely red lace storage bag. You do need to wipe before and after use however as it's quite a dust magnet.


      I'm really impressed with my little EVI, I didn't think such a small toy that doesn't vibrate could stimulate me the way this does, it really is beautifully designed and the firm silky smooth silicone feels incredible once inserted. If this toy had been bendy you would never get the same feeling inside, its the fact its so firm that this works in harmony with your body so well. EVI makes you feel comfortably full and has been designed so anatomically correct it fits like a glove. I would only say I would have liked the clit arm a little bit longer, as they say... an extra 1/2 inch would make it perfect for me.

      We all have slightly different anatomy and I feel EVI will work for most of you, for those like me that just like vibrations I would say still give this a go, it really surprised me and when I want vibrations I simply add them to the base of the toy and I'm there, the vibes carry well and you can feel them deep inside from my rumbly wands.

      If you have trouble squirting this may be the toy for you as it really hugs against your g-spot. Those who have just had a baby or need a little help to strengthen the pelvic floor will find this a great pressie and have pleasure at the same time; its the best type of exercising a woman can want. This is an excellent quality product and a great gift for any girl who has everything, this is an ideal kegal exerciser as well as sex toy and a welcome addition to any toy box.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The Shape, firmness, silky smooth textures, storage bag and packaging,
      The clitoral arm was very slightly too short for me.
      Bottom line
      Excellent quality hands-free kegal strengthening toy, that will rock you to orgasm.
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    1. The next stage of Kegel evolution

      Reviewed: 13 November 2012 by Lady Ness, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      The Aneros Evi is an anatomically correct kegel exerciser made from a rigid body and silicone coating. The Evi lays claim to not only being a toy which ‘fit’s all women’s vaginas, but its workout regime can potentially lead to a satisfying G-spot climax. The device is designed to produce hands-free pleasure as you clench your pelvic floor muscles. Unlike a vibrator or dildo, the Evi takes much longer to ensure astounding amounts of satisfaction is achieved in a more natural way. The Evi not only works your pelvic floor muscles in a congenial manner, it can also make you more aware of your bodies levels of arousal, allowing your hands, bodily motions, and fantasies to slowly excite these inherent senses. One can learn a lot about themselves with the EVI.

      The Evi arrives in red lace bag, covering a solid white and red box and a removable cardboard sleeve, with product images and information printed onto it. The box opens at the front by a magnetic latch; the box is solidly built and has the brand name printed on it in silver twice. Inside the packing you will find an instructional pamphlet detailing how to use and clean the Evi, and an educational diagram showing how to position the product during insertion. The Evi’s packing including the lace storage bag are unsuspicious, yet very large compared to the product size. The item is resting in a plastic tray, which is removable.

      The Evi is a rigid product coated in a velvety smooth coating of silicone. It lacks any form of flexibility. The Evi’s shape is unique; to the uneducated eye it appears similar to a butt plug, with its base flaring outwards after its inch stem. Its shape also oddly reminds me of a chicken’s wing or wish bone - could this be an evolutionary step up from the good ol’ kegel egg? The head of the toy is a bulbous egg shape measuring 2.5 inches in length with 4.52 inches in circumference. The egg is sitting on top of an inch stem with 1.5 inches of girth. The egg tilts backwards at approximately at a 60 degree angle from the straight vertical stem shaft. Jutting out from the stem is an arching leg, aimed to function as an anchor as well as a clitoral stimulator; this juts out 2 inches from the stem and is a total of 2.75 inches. It should stimulate anyone’s clitoris which is located up to 2 inches away from the vaginal orifice. There is a very mild manufacturing seam found running around the silicone, it’s hardly noticeable when stroked. The silicone causes very little drag when rubbed against dry skin. At the base of the Evi, you will find the brand name moulded in raised silicone letters on one side, and their website address on the opposite.

      The Evi is controlled by natural thrusting and clenching motions which you’d naturally use during coitus. The instructions provided suggest the following:

      Thrust your torso upwards whilst lying on your back.

      Twist your hips side-to-side whilst grounding your body during a sitting or lying position.

      When using the Evi only a small amount of additional lubrication and foreplay was needed during insertion. Due to its ovoid shape, and contoured angling, the main body of the product slipped into my vagina comfortably. As it positioned itself, the Evi made noticeable contact on my G-spot and softly stroked it. When using the Evi as a kegel device I slowly started to clench my pelvic floor muscles. The product noticeably moved up and down inside of my vagina, as my pelvic floor muscles clenched and proceeded to release, I found the products weight reassuring. The external clitoral stimulator anchored the product, and helped rock the inserted bulb with rhythmic melody, along my body’s natural pulse. The external clitoral arm sadly wasn’t the correct texture to offer any noticeable stimulation to my clitoris and only just managed to reach it. The external extension snuggled between my labia, contributing gentle stimulation to each lip. I found that when purely applying standard pelvic floor clenching and releasing, that the toy didn’t really lead to an orgasmic climax – G-spot or clitoral. However, the toy did noticeably work-out my pelvic floor muscles and was able to stay inserted better than many other Kegel devices I had previously tested.

      I decided to try and apply thrusting motions along with rhythmic Kegel clenching. Firstly I tried lying down and raising my hips as I thrusted, next I tried the torso twists the booklet instructed. I still wasn’t able to reach climax. I then tried sitting and rocking the base against a chair seat, this motion rocked the bulb more than my previous efforts but still didn’t lead to climax. During the seated position the clitoral stimulator jabbed into my vulva uncomfortably. Frustrated by other reviews claiming this device induced earth shattering orgasms, I kept trying variations of thrusts twists, and pelvic floor clenches. Attempting even activities such as yoga, and more extreme, hula hooping. I still didn’t reach climax.

      I took my time with the device. Rather than stressing over the lack of orgasm during use, I started to focus on the toys ability to make my general awareness of my body’s arousal more evident. I was able to notice areas of my body become more sensitive, even some which I had very little awareness of prior to using the device. I was able to enjoy the fundamentals of foreplay. Leading to one of the most pleasurable warm-ups prior to full masturbation/coitus, I had experienced in a long time. Because of this, I’d recommend the Evi to anyone who wants to learn more about their own body.

      When using the Evi like a dildo, I used the clitoral arm as a handle, to thrust and rock the device. I found when inserting the product with the clitoral arm above my clitoris, the internal bulb mildly stimulated my G-spot. When using the Evi in reverse, with the clitoral arm pointing towards my back, the tip of the egg applied firm pressure during G-spot play. Sadly controlling the Evi as a dildo was troublesome due to the lack of an external handle.

      The natural contours of the Evi also make the toy an excellent butt plug. The egg tilts back into the rectum comfortably. Due to the type of silicone only a slight amount of drag occurred during insertion, meaning it needed less lubrication than some products. The bulb popped past my sphincter at ease, and the narrow stem travelled up into my body, whilst the egg nested above my pelvic floor muscles. The clitoral arm acted as an effective base, but also anchors the toy. I was able to move the product with my pelvic floor muscles, rocking it back and forth, for gratifyingly hands-free stimulation. Due to the length of the clitoral arm, I was unable to use additional toys vaginally as it obstructed my orifice. However, I believe the clitoral arm would work effectively at stimulating the male perineum, and possibly the male prostate too. I also feel that it could be used safely as a way for men to work out their pelvic floor muscles and become more aware of them too. I found the product slightly difficult to remove once inserted anally.

      The Evi can be cleaned with your standard antibacterial wash and water, boiled, a 10% bleach solution, sterilised, and even placed into the dishwasher. You may need to provide some additional attention to cleaning the raised text on the clitoral arm, as dirt can reside around here.

      Overall, the Evi and I didn’t have the most fruitful of starts. Yet after taking a step back to reassess the device, I now believe it could be an excellent product for those wishing to learn more about their body. Not only is it one of the easiest Kegel devices I’ve used, due to its ergonomic shape fitting the body correctly, meaning it’ll stay inserted without quibble (a lot easier than many Kegel dumbbells). The Evi helps you become more aware of your body’s natural levels of arousal, potentially leading to an intense orgasm, and a happier sex life.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The shape fits my body naturally. Easier than other Kegel dumbbells.
      It didn't induce climax.
      Bottom line
      More for those wishing to explore their senses, and a good Kegel device.
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    1. Original concept, interesting results, but a bit too pricey for me

      Reviewed: 23 November 2012 by Kitty Buzz, a Straight Married Female

      Priced at £49.99 the Aneros EVI is not something I would normally consider buying (for that much cash I expect electricity damn it!), but given the chance I agreed to try it and write a review. I was warned that the EVI is a toy that takes time, practice and patience to learn to to use but having read up on the product I was intrigued and eager to give it a go.

      I am relatively new to G-spot orgasms but I have had the pleasure (thanks to the Cupids G-spot Smoothie Vibrator) so I was pretty sure I knew what I was aiming for, and the EVI's concept and design seemed very promising. In short: clenching your pelvic floor muscles while it is inserted will rub the egg shaped part against your G-spot while the external part of the toy will stimulate your clitoris. Conversely, twisting and thrusting your legs and pelvis means that you are using the external part to manipulate the egg shaped bit, causing it to rub your G-spot and generally move about inside you in an essentially hand-free manner.

      It is probably most helpful to think of the EVI as deluxe Kegel ball with an additional external hands-free handle.

      I've used Kegel balls before and I try to keep my pelvic muscles in shape, so I'd say I'm probably about average for a woman in her thirties: I can cough and sneeze without wee coming out but I'm never going to be able to crack walnuts with my internal muscles! I mention this because I suspect that the stronger your pelvic floor muscles are, the more you will get out of using the EVI, in particular from the external part that is supposed to stimulate the clitoris.

      As Mrs Average, this meant that although I had some interesting sensations when doing the standard clench-and-release exercises, they were a long way from being orgasmic. I'd say that in comparison to standard exercises with Kegel balls they were more stimulating but personally it would take a LOT of practice to get the kind of physical response that the hype for this product promised. In my opinion it would be worth getting to grips with something like the Tracey Cox Kegel balls first because if you aren't used to the normal exercises the EVI could be a bit daunting and you need to have some muscle tone down there to work with in the first place. I tried the EVI many times, but in my case practice didn't make perfect.

      The EVI only really came into its own when I stopped trying the Kegel exercises and experimented with the various ways you can wriggle, writhe and thrust with it inside you, so that you are using your bodies grip on the external part to make the egg inside you move in stimulating ways.

      This is almost genius. Not quite genius enough to justify the £49.99 price tag, but definitely something new, and original to this product.

      Trial and error is probably the best method to find the motion that works best for you, but for me just lying face down on the bed and thrusting my hips worked great, giving me the right amount of internal and external stimulation to get things going. It wasn't as intense as using a vibrating toy, but the real bonus is the hands-free element which makes the EVI perfect to use in bondage situations. The more you twist and struggle, the more it rubs your clit AND your G-spot. You could be trussed up tightly with only a little movement and the EVI would be enough to raise your arousal levels but probably not quite enough to let you come easily. Why they don't use this as one of the main selling points I don't know because it is bloody genius!

      As a girl who LOVES her vibes, I did try using the EVI with some of my favourite toys, and while the addition of vibrations was AMAZING resulting in some spectacular orgasms (I really can't fault the EVI for the way it nestles up against my G-spot as soon as it's inserted) I must however give you a few words of warning!

      First: it's easy to pinch your tender lady-parts between the EVI and any vibe you are using, particularly if it is a rigid plastic toy, so be careful!

      Second, if you are using a powerful vibe (such as any of the magic wand vibes) be careful when using the higher settings because its very easy to damage the surfaces of your toys. I suspect the EVI is responsible for a dent in the relatively soft plastic surface of the head of my wand.

      However, I can't honestly warn anyone of using the EVI in combination with a good vibrator because the orgasms were EPIC!

      All things considered, I personally wouldn't shell out nearly £50 for the EVI. It's good but not THAT good, especially as it takes time and effort (and failing that, the addition of a vibe) to get results. I simply don't have the dedication and self control it would take to spend ages practising how to come with the EVI when I know I could just reach into my toy drawer and grab one of my vibes that could get me off multiple times.

      That said, now that I have an EVI I will definitely continue to use it but probably only on the occasions when I'm lucky enough to be tied up by my other half!

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      The hands-free element. Plus easy to insert.
      Mainly the price. Way too expensive for what it is.
      Bottom line
      Perfect for bondage games. Otherwise an original but overpriced Kegel exerciser.
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