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    1. CB-6000 Designer Chrome Male Chastity Cage Only

      Average customer review 5 out of 5 stars2 reviews

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      1. CB-6000 Designer Chrome Male Chastity Cage Only

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    1. Product Description

      If you have the CB-6000 cock cage but crave a closer or more restrictive fit, the CB-6000s cage is the ideal substitute. Connecting to your pre-existing CB-X system, this lightweight chastity device has a shorter length for better security.

      With an internal length of 2.5 inches and an internal diameter of 1.4 inches, the cage provides a cosy kit for your length that's more comfortable and discreet than traditional chastity belts.

      Made from polycarbonate for a lightweight fit and strong finish, the CB-6000 cage is designed to be sturdy and secure without making itself known. 3 slots on the topside of the cage attach to your pre-existing CB-X chastity device for the perfect fit, keeping your manhood protected.

      Please note only the cage portion of the CB-6000 is included. The base rings, locking pins, spacers and padlocks are available with the CB-6000's full chastity device if required.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      CB-6000 Designer Chrome Male Chastity Cage Only 2 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. CB-6000 Designer Chrome Male Chastity Cage Only
      2. CB-6000 Designer Chrome Male Chastity Cage Only


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    1. Great Little Chastity Cage

      Reviewed: 11 February 2016 by Keptforher, a Straight Married Male

      This cage comes in a lovely shiny chrome colour, bringing a bit of light to the nether regions of a man!

      Due to my wife and I being into long term chastity it is important that the cage is strong and durable, which this certainly is. Having worn it continuously for a 4 month period it has caused no irritation or problems.

      It is a small cage both in width and length, so for guys with a lot of girth you maybe would have to look at the curve device in the chastity device section on here.

      Also the 'breathing' holes in the side of this cage are much better positioned than other cages, which have the holes on the top causing to the padlock to nip the skin when he gets excited!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Love the design and fitting of this product!
      No problems.
      Bottom line
      Would definitely recommend this to fellow couples looking for denial!
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    1. Our Favourite Chastity Device Yet

      Reviewed: 28 June 2014 by Fluffbags, a Straight Going Steady Female

      My partner and I own the CB6000 chastity device and despite trying many devices, this one has become our go-to device for long term chastity play. We love it for many reasons; it is lightweight, easy to use, comes with many parts to ensure a great fit and it just feels more comfortable than most (in his opinion). However, we did notice early on that the cage section was a little too long for him and that there was actually a good amount of space inside the cage portion that was not filled by his penis. This was not an issue and did not cause any discomfort, or problems with use, but I had decided that it would be nice to try the smaller CB6000s cage section, which would take up even less room in his underwear and would provide a snug fit. (The sadist in me likes the idea of him not being able to get a full erection. The less room in the cage, the less he can grow.)

      Product Information:

      Please note that this product is the cage section only. You will need to purchase, or already own a full CB device, to attach this cage section to. This particular cage is part of the CB designer series and has a chrome finish, but the cage is NOT made from metal. Just like the original CB devices, this one is made from polycarbonate and then painted with a chrome finish.

      Measurements (working out if it will fit):

      As soon as the cage arrived, I took some measurements. I tried to be as accurate as possible, but this is an awkward shape to measure. According to my measurements, the length of this cage is 3 inches, if you measure along the top, or 1.8 inches if you measure along the underside (it is slanted). The diameter of the entrance hole is 1.75 inches. Now, I took some measurements of my partner’s penis when flaccid (3.25 inches in length and 4. 75 inches in circumference at the base) and the cage fits him comfortably. He is only a few millimetres from reaching the very end of the cage though, so I would avoid the small CB cage if your penis measures bigger than my partners, when flaccid.

      Our Experiences with the CB6000s cage:

      I attached the CB6000s cage section onto his penis, using the rings we already owned from another CB device. (We own the CB6000 camouflage edition. This chrome cage does look mismatched, but that is just a small aesthetic issue and has no effect on wear.) The smaller size (compared to the CB6000 cage) made it harder to actually get the cage on, but we used the sock/nylon method to insert his penis, which removed any real struggles (Google “the sock method for chastity” for more information). Once the cage was on, it seemed like the perfect fit. There was very little space left inside the cage. So far, so good, but we knew from experience that only time would tell if this cage fit him well.

      My partner is used to wearing his CB6000, so we left the cage attached for the day and I checked back in later that night. He reported that he had no issues whatsoever with the CB6000s and actually found it preferable to the larger cage section, because the smaller size made it even less conspicuous under his clothing and it did not brush against his thigh or groin nearly as much as the larger cage. He had almost forgotten it was attached, it was that comfortable. The only thing that had become more troublesome was urinating. See, his penis did not reach the end of the larger cage (there was space up front) so he could predict which way the stream would emerge from the cage. Because his penis was pressed up against the smaller cage, it was a lot harder to predict. Mind you, this was just a small issue, especially as he is used to just sitting down to pee anyway. If you sit down, your aim doesn't matter.

      Over the next week or so, we noted some other things that you may want to take into consideration. First of all, it is obviously harder to get an erection in the smaller CB6000s, than it is to get one in the larger CB6000. Less room means less space to grow. Despite this, my partner was surprised to discover that the discomfort of erection was not any higher in the smaller cage, than it was in the large. Both cages stop the erection from growing, but at different stages, so the discomfort is not any more or less in either cage. Most cages will cause discomfort with erection, but my partner finds that the CB devices are the most comfortable and produce the least amount of discomfort, compared to other devices.


      One issue we noticed almost immediately is that although it looks sexy and classy, the chrome finish does scratch easily. This cage is still made from polycarbonate, just like the original CB6000 devices, but it has been painted with a chrome finish, which looks really sexy (it looks like he is wearing a solid, metal cage), but scratches easily. Our metal padlock began causing scuffs and scrapes to the surface, within the first day.

      Cleaning and Care:

      The CB6000s is an enclosed cage (the only openings are a hole in the end, for urinating and a few small vents at the base). Enclosed cages build up odour quickly and the reason for this is because there is no air circulating. You will notice a strong odour build up within a day and will probably need to remove the cage daily for cleaning, which may be difficult if you and your key holder are separated. There is no way to really clean it without removal. You can run water into the end, or use cotton buds etc, but the cage was a snug fit around my partner and it is just not really possible to clean properly while attached. Once removed, cleaning is simple. I recommend using a mild anti bacterial soap and running it through with hot water. You might want to get a sponge to clean inside the cage, but avoid abrasive cleaners or you will scratch the chrome finish.


      My partner’s experiences wearing the CB6000s were better than using the larger CB6000, but this was simply down to the fact that this cage size fit him best. I recommend taking some measurements and choosing the right size cage for you. Both the CB6000 and the CB6000s are by far his favourite devices because they are lightweight, easy to use and feel very comfortable to wear. In fact, the CB devices are the only ones he can sleep through the night in, without nocturnal erections causing horrible pain. I recommend them to those looking for a long term chastity device, due to their high comfort levels, but they would also work fantastically well for short term chastity and teasing. In my opinion (and my partner’s) the CB6000 and CB6000s are up there among the best chastity devices. We highly recommend them.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Looks great, comfortable, lightweight, ideal for long term chastity.
      The chrome finish can scratch.
      Bottom line
      The CB6000s, in our opinion, is one of the best chastity devices available.
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