1. Lelo Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System

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      1. Lelo Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System

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    1. Product Description

      Take your kegel workouts to the next level with Lelo's Luna Mini beads. Smaller than most kegel balls and hence suitable for more experienced users, these mini marvels offer you enhanced sensations, more intense orgasms and increased muscle control.

      The system contains 2 sets of 4 weighted love balls, each with a small free-moving ball at their core. The balls jiggle around during wear, giving you exquisite sensations with every movement.

      With two different weights of ball, this set enables you to increase your muscle strength (and your pleasure) over time with regular workouts.

      The heavier balls weigh 35g each and are suited to advanced users. Women who have given birth may see better results by starting with the lighter balls (29g each), before moving onto the heavier ones.

      Always add a generous squeeze of your preferred water-based lubricant to both the kegel balls and yourself to aid insertion.

      Key Features:

      • Kegel ball system for experienced users looking to advance their pelvic floor and vaginal fitness for greater control and heightened orgasms
      • Includes 2 x 29g Luna Beads and 2 x 35g Luna Beads for graduated training
      • Suitable for advanced users
      • Silicone bead holder with pull cord included for easy removal
      • Presented in an elegant box with satin carry pouch for discreet storage
      • Includes a sample of Lelo water-based lubricant and Lelo's 1 year warranty

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      1. Lelo Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System
      2. Lelo Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System

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    1. Great for exercising and having fun

      Reviewed: 03 August 2014 by lelolover0, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I wanted to get these since I was in desperate need of exercising my vagina, but I was worried that other Kegel balls would be too large, since I have some tightening issues.

      These balls were a great compromise, and I really like that they come in different weights and that you can change between one or two balls, and then the different weights as well.

      I would definitely recommend these! Also they're super easy to clean, and very quiet. I know other reviewers were commenting on the noise, but really I can barely hear anything, unless I'm stomping around in a super quiet place.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The size is great, material is top notch, lovely set of Kegel balls!
      Nothing really.
      Bottom line
      100% would recommend! Great size, great material, great product!
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    1. Bargain Balls

      Reviewed: 14 May 2013 by BeanSS, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Having read through numerous reviews for other jiggle balls on here, I settled with this set.

      At £30 it was far more than I had intended on spending, but it seemed worth it because of the different weight combinations you can use (starting with one lighter ball, working up to one heavy ball, then 2 lighter balls, then one light one heavy, then both heavy), meaning much better value for money as well as a much steadier muscle tightening plan.

      I bought mine as I was worried about my PC muscles after having my little girl. I didn't think the whole squeezing 20 times a day exercises were helping (that and I kept forgetting to do them).

      Strangely enough I have no trouble remembering to pop these in for a few hours every day. ;-)

      They have definitely helped tighten up my muscles again so I'm not scared to flaming sneeze any more!

      Plus I think my orgasms are stronger as a result of this.

      Plus-plus I had a REALLY good time the day I forgot I had them in and went jogging! Hahaha!

      Occasionally you can hear them shaking but I assume that would happen with other types of this product too, and I don't think anybody else would pick up on the sound as it is very faint.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very nicely presented, you get what you pay for all round with these. :-)
      If you are in a quiet place you feel very conscience of the noise.
      Bottom line
      A great product, glad I splashed out and got these rather than cheaper ones.
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    1. Do you love a good ball game?

      Reviewed: 29 January 2013 by SexynShy, a Straight Single Female

      I bought these after being disappointed with the therapy balls I had previously bought. They were too big for me. So a friend on the site suggested I try these gems after I have been suffering with painful penetration.

      When I got them:

      They were delivered in the boring boxes, which I am thankful for considering my mother took the parcel in! I was paranoid/embarrassed about being found out about wanting these but the discreetness is perfect, if like me you live at home whilst studying a degree.

      The packaging is very classy. It comes in a white box with another box inside which looks absolutely nothing like you'd expect a sex toy to look like. Very nice. The balls are inside and within the box is a thorough instruction manual, a lubricant and the black string bag you see in the pictures.

      Using them:

      I didn't know what to expect with these, they are plastic and harder than the therapy balls I have. But because they were smaller I found them much better. At first I used a little lubricant to insert a single ball and it was easy to put in. When I walked down the stairs though it slipped out, because of the lube. So I took it out, washed and dried it and put it back in and it sat in place nicely.

      I can't feel it when I'm sitting typing at my computer but they move nicely when walking around.

      The only slight downside is the noise. They rattle because there is a metal ball inside the plastic coloured one and it makes you conscious to walk properly around people. So I compensated for a noisy bracelet which took the sound off a bit. They aren't excessively loud but they do make a noise you can hear.

      But you don't have to use the lube to insert them, become aroused and they slide in easily so you save on the sticky stuff! :)


      They are simple to clean, water and soap or even a wet wipe if you are out. They are easily huddled away in the pouch and you can carry them around with you if you want to take them out. The designer box they come in make it less suspicious if they are sat on your desk or dressing table too! So no need for hiding.


      Overall I am very pleased with this product. They are stylish, easy to use and they are comfortable to introduce into your life if you have no sex toy experience like me, or if you've suffered from vaginismus or painful penetration. They are small to insert, which is what I wanted, and they are very pleasing to your confidence to know you can use them without suffering and being conscious about pain. All you need is a deep breath and a small push in.

      I've always had trouble with pain but these are awesome!

      I've only used the single ball for now, since only today I got them because I couldn't resist using them but they've boosted my confidence and self-esteem already as I've found it frustrating in the past not to be able to penetrate.

      If you are a beginner or new to toys I would recommend these. They are worth the money and you will not be disappointed.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Lovely colours and how they were packaged. Very stylish toys to add to your collection.
      A slight rattle.
      Bottom line
      Very comfortable and easy to use. They boost self-esteem.
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    1. So much more fun than I remembered

      Reviewed: 16 October 2013 by Cindoz, a Straight Single Female

      I had a set of beads similar to this quite a while back from a different brand and they were okay.

      These I like more because of their design and the fact that there are 2 different sets of weights available.

      The nice thing about these is the fact that they can be taken apart to be cleaned, which means you can get into all the corners so to speak.

      They fit comfortably and are easily to insert too.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Design, feel, 2 sets in the box.
      Bottom line
      Really good - great training days ahead.
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    1. Great if used in an unconventional way

      Reviewed: 04 September 2013 by PinkPolkaDot

      The very first thing you notice - the noise. Even before taking them out of the box, they can literally be heard through two layers of cardboard! They are very loud and get you awkward questions from your housemates. Who puts metal balls inside plastic?!

      As we all know, you get all the basic info on the box and a leaflet inside, as well as a storage bag. These do come with lube too, but there is too much in the sachet to use once and the lube is very runny, didn't like that at all.

      The first time I used them I kept cringing every time the inside ball slammed against the plastic outside. Before putting them in I had high hopes that once they were actually inside my body they would be barely heard. Yeah, maybe not.

      They're still loud, although the noise is slightly muffled. I started jumping up and down on the spot and the sound they make resembles that of a high heel clicking against marble flooring (from what I've heard in film, not personal experience of walking around on marble floors). I was so conscious of the noise that I decided to never wear them out of the house.

      I started with the 2 pink, lighter balls and they worked wonders in the first 2 weeks. I haven't had children and I'm in my early 20s but I still felt a slight improvement. Then my life became hectic and I didn't use them for a couple of months then decided to wear them to cycle to the local shop wearing the 1 pink and 1 blue ball combination. What could go wrong, right?

      Oh dear lord, don't do it. Unless you're 100% sure your vag can handle it, do not wear too heavy Kegel balls when cycling. They just kept falling out; I had to keep stopping to push them back up (luckily in a cycle lane behind trees so I didn't get any funny looks from people driving past - that I know of). The blue ball was just too heavy, especially after such a long break from using them. I was a little bit put off after that interesting experience and didn't use them for a while.

      Then I decided to pop them in and use my Deluxe Magic Wand. And let me tell you - if you thought the wand was good before then teaming it up with the Mini Luna balls could possibly kill you (in a good way of course). Once you have the wand on the higher settings the vibrations make the balls jiggle inside you, making a lot of noise but who cares - the wand is loud anyway. But the banging of the inside balls against the outside makes them hit your vaginal walls in the most incredible way. So you get the clitoral stimulation from the wand as well as G-spot stimulation if you position the balls correctly. And it feels so good, my muscles were spasming so hard after an amazing orgasm that I had to wait about 5 mins before removing the balls!

      I've tried this with different Kegel balls before but they were plastic and the overall feeling wasn't as good as with these babies.

      Honestly, using the two toys together was definitely one of my finest ideas. If you like these and happen to have a magic wand as well then don't hesitate to try this.

      So even though I probably wouldn't use these balls as Kegel exercisers due to the sheer noise, I'm glad I found another, much better use for them.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Easy to use, interchangeable so allow different combinations.
      Incredibly loud little things.
      Bottom line
      Too loud as Kegel exercisers but perfect to elicit pleasure.
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