1. Classic Satin Over Bust Steel Boned Corset

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      1. Classic Satin Over Bust Steel Boned Corset

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    1. Product Description

      A must-have for any lingerie collection, the classic over bust corset looks stunning on any figure, trimming your waist and improving posture. With secure hook and eye fastening and reinforced ties, mastering tight-lacing has never been so easy.

      To find out how to fit your corset, see our Buyer's Guide: Fitting Guide for Corsets

      Key Features:

      • Steel boned sweetheart corset (14 bones) for an instant hourglass figure
      • Smooth satin-feel material with reinforced ties
      • 6 hook and eye busk clasps
      • 6 removable suspender straps
      • 5 inch modesty panel
      • Reduces waist by up to 4 inches
      • Pre-laced for easy wear
      • 11.5 inches in length (from armpit to hip)

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Classic Satin Over Bust Steel Boned Corset 11 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Classic Satin Over Bust Steel Boned Corset
      2. Classic Satin Over Bust Steel Boned Corset

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    1. Alert - this corset looks even better when it's you wearing it

      Reviewed: 09 December 2014 by hotwingsandcherryblossoms, a Bisexual Married Female

      Oh, I love this product! It looks infinitely nicer than the picture portrays, and feels fabulous. I love the steel boning and there's something immensely sexy about a lace-up corset.

      The fabric this corset is made out of feels very nice to touch, and I don't see any of the stitching coming undone any time soon - it simply feels like it is very well-made and superior quality.

      This corset actually doesn't take nearly as long to do up as I expected as the lace is all in one piece that doesn't get completely removed, but rather adjusted (loosened and tightened).

      This might be standard for corsets, I'm actually not sure, but I was expecting something a lot tougher to do up without help. This is pretty excellent as it means I'll be able to surprise my husband by wearing it when he arrives home after the kids are in bed. I can't wait!

      Occasionally, the buttons at the front are a bit tricky to all do up at the same time, although that's more of a testament to my impatience, rather than the product as this could easily be avoided by loosening the corset further before trying to slip into it. It's really a great first corset for an amateur like myself.

      I love it and can't wait to add to my collection - I just hope there are other products of this standard available.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The look, the feel.
      I can't wear it all day, every day.
      Bottom line
      Classy and beautiful.
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    1. Classy yet Sexy as all Hell

      Reviewed: 18 June 2014 by JustLikeHeaven, a Bisexual Single Female

      I was kindly sent the Classic Satin Over Bust Steel Boned Corset because of a mix up. I am glad I picked this corset out, and with the help of the good people over at Lovehoney, I was able to figure out that I was ordering my corsets in the wrong size. I was so happy when I got the help on how to measure corset sizes.

      The corset came to me and a plastic bag, neatly folded up. Inside the bag also was the garter straps in another bag of their own.

      The Steel Boned Corset is all black it has 6 hook and eye closures for the front, and in the back it has a 5 inch modesty panel and a set of strings at the top and a set at the bottom. This is so you can pull each piece in on its own instead of all together at once. I like the corsets that come this way. I have another one like this and it makes it easier on me. It also has 14 steel bones in it which rest on some denim lining.

      The garter straps are removable. I really enjoy that very much because I can't stand things that don't have them and I don't like to wear them all the time. There are 6 of them, which is surprising because usually garments only come with 4 of them. I think this is for more support. The straps are made of plastic and elastic, they are also adjustable. They are also black to match the corset.

      This corset comes in a variety of sizes but, as I explained earlier, I just found out what my correct size is. I got this in a 32 after finding out that I am supposed to measure myself and then go 4 down from what my original measurement is. So 4 down is a 32. I have had others that don't fit me right in the chest area or are too big in other areas. I am glad I know my correct size now and I can spread that to others.

      The fit and wearing this corset while camming was comfortable. I was able to sit in it for about a hour and half before I took it off because camming clothes don't stay on too long. I also got a lot of compliments and that made my day.

      The only thing I did not like about this corset is the steel hook and eye closures in the front. I would have liked maybe a zipper on it. These things are so hard to get on. I have another one that I have a issue with getting it on because when you are trying to do them they like to come undone. Good thing my boyfriend was around and he figured out a trick. He said to loosen it up a good bit then start from the middle and work your way down or up the closures. If you are trying to do them from either the top down or down to up it is going to be a pain. My boyfriend also thought it was sexy on me and he was happy he got to help me put it on.

      I also liked the steel boning on here because when it was tightened I can feel it pulling in my stomach, it felt amazing.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Fit. Removable garters. Double ties in back.
      Hook and eye fasteners.
      Bottom line
      Elegant. Sexy. Perfect Fit. Price.
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    1. Gorgeous and much better than I thought

      Reviewed: 28 October 2013 by Lovehoney - Gemma, a Straight Going Steady Female

      This was my first steel boned corset. I've had styles with plastic bones before, but found they lacked the support my size 12/14 frame needed, especially on the bust and hips.

      The Classic Satin Over Bust looked AMAZING! The super strong steel bones and nylon lacing really made a difference to my shape (I felt half the size) and the pretty neckline did incredible things to my cleavage. I was also impressed by the quality and strength of the satin.

      Getting into it was a challenge, but I was lucky enough to have a willing friend to poke, prod and tighten the lace. Don't be afraid to buy a size that's smaller than your waist. The modesty panel lets you gradually close the back without flashing the flesh - it'll be worth it!

      To put it simply, this is one of my favourite pieces of lingerie/clothing. I'm so glad I bought it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything. Steel bones, nylon lace, gorgeous satin. There's nothing bad to say!
      It was quite difficult to wear at times. You need help dressing the first time.
      Bottom line
      It does amazing things to your shape and feels incredible.
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    1. Absolutely stunning

      Reviewed: 01 March 2013 by Lou22, a Straight Single Female

      I'd had my eye on this for a while and finally bought it a month ago - and I think it's one of the best item of clothing I've ever bought.

      I'm new to waist reducing corsets so was worried it would be really hard to put on, and although the front is a bit tricky to do up at first you soon get used to it.

      As the back is already laced this is really easy to do up on your own but you will need help if you want it really tight.

      This seems really good quality, lovely fabric and it really does the job. My waist looked tiny and gave me a great figure.

      I'm a 36 waist so ordered the size 32 and this fitted fine. The only thing is that when it's very tight it digs in at the bottom. Fortunately my OH loves my wobbly bits so when in the bedroom I just wore bigger knickers rather than a thong and I felt fine.

      I don't know if a long line corset would have helped this but being 5'5" I thought I might be a bit short for one.

      The only thing I wasn't keen on was the suspender clips but think these could easily be changed and much prefer the 6 straps to the usual 2.

      Of course the best thing is that this is incredibly sexy and can be worn in and out of the bedroom.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great quality, incredibly sexy.
      Suspender clips aren't great.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic item of clothing, highly recommend it! :)
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    1. I'm in love

      Reviewed: 01 November 2012 by Highly_Insatiable, a Straight Single Female

      This is an absolutely amazing item.

      It looks and feels expensive as the material and stitching are of very good quality, the steel bones are placed perfectly, the back laces are strong and durable and the fact you can add or remove the garter straps is an added bonus.

      As other reviewers have also said, this could be worn in the bedroom or out of it. It could be for clubbing, dinner, party, fancy dress, anything really.

      This corset gives an immediate confidence boost and although the thought of being trussed up may seem scary, I didn't feel as restricted as I thought I would and even with it tightened right up, I could still breathe and move very comfortably.

      It is difficult to fasten the bust up but there is definitely a knack to it, which you will get the hang of.

      I didn't actually find it too difficult getting this on myself but it did take some time to adjust the laces.

      The only other downside to this (for me) was that although the corset brought my waist in an INCREDIBLE amount, it then made my hips look quite large in comparison (such as is the general outcome of a bustier anyway). The longline corset may have sorted that out but then I'm only 5'3'' so it may have been too long.

      This will definitely be part of my outfit the next time I am going out! I LOVE IT!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The look and feel, It's comfortable and multifunctional. Everything!
      Front busk is difficult to fasten.
      Bottom line
      Well worth the price you pay - in fact, maybe even more!
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