1. Bettie Page Longing For Leather Bullwhip

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      1. Bettie Page Longing For Leather Bullwhip

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    1. Product Description

      Assert your dominance in true Bettie style with this beautiful, braided leather bullwhip. A luxury bondage tool that delivers precise, lasting stings with its teardrop tip, enjoy confident control thanks to its solid handle and manageable 33 inch length.

      The flexible leather bondage whip measures 28 inches from the tip to the sturdy handle, which is 5 inches in length and features a wrist strap so you can indulge in firm, confident swings.

      Use the whip on yourself first to test its strength. Bullwhips can take a little time to master, so spend plenty of time practicing in an open space before using it on your partner.

      We've worked closely with Bettie Page's estate to combine years of Lovehoney knowledge with sensational Bettie Page styling. The result is a stunning collection of pleasure products to satisfy Bettie Page collectors, retro addicts and bondage enthusiasts alike.

      Collect the full set and combine with retro lingerie for a truly vintage pleasure session.

      Key Features:

      • Braided leather bullwhip for advanced spanking and authentic Bettie Page role play
      • Teardrop shaped tip for lasting stings and visible spank marks
      • Solid 5 inch handle with bulbous end and wrist strap for confident swings
      • Presented in a beautiful Bettie Page storage box with collectors card and keyring
      • Official Bettie Page merchandise, approved by the Bettie Page estate

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      1. Bettie Page Longing For Leather Bullwhip
      2. Bettie Page Longing For Leather Bullwhip


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    1. Shiver with anticipation!

      Reviewed: 20 January 2015 by Puddleduck, a Straight Single Female

      I have been lusting to have this bullwhip for months, and every time I thought right now I’ll buy it something else caught my eye.

      I can honestly say I’m a fool. I can’t believe I didn’t get this sooner. Then I got an email saying I was getting this as a tester. I’ve had a few tester emails over my time on Lovehoney but none have compared to how I felt when I was asked to test this.

      I was so excited when I was chosen to test the bullwhip that I kept checking my emails to make sure it was actually true. Lovehoney deliveries are quick and discreet, and this was no exception. I was so excited. I waited impatiently for my package to be delivered. When I got home from a particularly long shift and finally got to open my package, it more than made up for my bad day.

      Bettie Page products are some of the most beautifully packaged toys I have ever had the pleasure of owning. The outer sleeve has a picture of Bettie herself on with her name and a small amount of product information on it. Once you take this outer sleeve off, you are greeted with an elegant black box that makes beautiful toy storage. Once you remove the lid, you are greeted with the stunning bullwhip.

      I spent about 5 minutes simply admiring the bullwhip, and that delicious smell of leather you get as soon as you open the box. Eventually I decided to pick up the bullwhip and spent the next few minutes just holding it. Normally I am not the wielder of the hitty things, but I do however like to know how it feels to hold them before handing them to my husband.

      Now I love a good spanking, and I prefer my more intense hitty things like crops and canes. But even I wasn’t expecting what I got with this; it really has a bite when my husband wanted it to. This is not a first-time toy, it needs building up to.

      The whip is small enough, meaning you can use it in smaller bedroom spaces, which is perfect for those who don’t have the space. Unlike crops and canes, which are easier to use and land with more precision, this whip really does take a little more time getting used to how it lands.

      It’s not often I am afraid of a hitty thing, but oh, am I afraid of this. It stings unlike any other hitty thing I own. Just the look and swish the bullwhip makes being swung through the air has me shivering with anticipation.

      This whip stings and it leaves marks, The sting from this was far more intense than other hitty things we own.

      The diamond tip of my first bullwhip broke and I was incredibly upset as we hadn’t given it a proper test. However, the amazing customer service team sent me a new whip, which seems a lot stronger.

      In all honesty, due to a bad time recently, I don’t feel we’ve had enough time to get to grips with the whip. My husband is a creature of habit, and despite the fact I am afraid of the bullwhip and he will get the desired effect from only a few strikes using this, he would still rather use the wooden ruler.

      The Bettie Page bullwhip is a great addition to any toy box. The anticipation of being struck with this whip will have any sub behaving.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything from the packaging to the quality of the whip.
      A little pricey.
      Bottom line
      A beautiful whip that is going to challenge my pain threshold for a long time.
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    1. Superlatively Sexy

      Reviewed: 12 January 2015 by Sum Sub, a Straight Married Male

      I have been wanting, longing for this whip for an absolute age, when I was lucky enough to be sent it as a tester item. And just before Christmas, too. Maybe Father Christmas really does exist!

      If you don't own any Bettie Page toys yet - what are you doing?! They arrive in such luxuriant packaging. The bullwhip arrives in a long box, not unlike a snooker cue box in both shape and size. The box is inside a sleeve (think matchbox), which is emblazoned in Bettie Page regalia.

      Once you've slid this cover off, the box is matt black, feels solid and well made. Sliding off the lid reveals to you first the sight of a rather scary looking black leather whip. Shortly after this, you notice the comfortingly familiar smell of soft leather, it doesn't assault you like some leather, but rather subtly enters your olfactory and heightens your appreciation of the almost artisan whip lying in the box before you.

      The whip is retained in the box by two elasticated pieces of ribbon. You also get a Bettie Page keyring and an old fashioned type Bettie Page cigarette card. I suppose it's these small touches that make a premium product premium, but to be honest, I don't care about them - the whip is just divine.

      Taking the whip out of the box, you realise that it has been made to measure for your hand. I don't quite know how it does it, but both my wife (little lady hands) and myself (big meaty man hands) thought the handle was just the perfect size for us. It doesn't matter really how it does it, but the fact is this is really comfortable to hold regardless of your hand size.

      That's pretty much where the comfort ends, because, be under no illusion, this stings like a bitch!

      If you're in anyway experienced in spanking, then the second you see this whip you know it's going to hurt. The feel of the leather, the stiffness of tail, the diamond of the tip; it all plays on your mind.

      First time out with this, I asked my OH to warm me up a bit first with a paddle, which she did quite nicely, enabling me to get into the mindset to take a more severe spanking, but nothing quite prepared me for the bite of this whip.

      Now, it's not the longest, in total the length is less than my armspan, which means it's not long enough to get it to crack with a supersonic boom, but as you swing it through the air, you can hear a whirr, and my OH liked to give it a few swings round to get the whirr going before cracking it across my rump.

      In a straight down swipe kind of whip, this leaves some lovely red stripes, along with some yelps and a bit of a sting, but where it really comes into it's own is when swung laterally across the rear or lower back (or wherever), so that the diamond end curls round the side. This just adds an extra dimension to the play, and hurts like nothing else.

      I am pretty experienced as regards spanking, and have been struck with many items; paddles, crops, canes. For the most part, my OH can unleash her full strength and I can withstand most spanking implements, but this whip is just beyond me at the moment. After 20 lashes I was feeling the need for respite, and after asking my OH afterwards, she said she was only hiting at about 30% of her full force.

      This whip has the ability to turn a small amount of force into a lot of pain. As such, I'd probably advise caution when first using it, especially if you;re new to spanking or masochism. However, you shouldn't think this is only for advanced players, as long as the whipper can maintain control then this is suitable for any level of experience.

      That's the pain side dealt with, what about pleasure? This is where the length of this whip is such genius. It forces the person in control to stand reasonably close to the spankee, and as such, can use the whip in a more gentle, tickley-type motion, which is also just exquisite, it really gets the goose bumps standing up, oh and don't forget to mix up the tickles with the whipping to really get the mind and senses reeling.

      This has soon become our favourite hitty toy, and from the feel of it, it's going to last a lifetime.

      I almost feel bad in mentioning a slight flaw with this whip, since we both love it so much. The flaw is the wrist strap, or rather hand strap. It's flawed for two reasons really. The first is that it isn't long enough to go around your wrist, so you have to wear it around your clenched fist when holding the whip. The second is that it is terribly cheap; it's made of some horrible scratchy material, and generally doesn't fit in with the otherwise luxurious nature of this product.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      So much. It gets so many senses going; it is serious and fun, and more...
      Just the wrist strap, everything else is very very very good.
      Bottom line
      A new challenge for experienced spankees, but suitable for all levels of experience.
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    1. Whipped into shape

      Reviewed: 08 January 2015 by Liquidsugar, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I literally jumped for joy when I heard I was receiving this Bettie Page bullwhip - all my Christmases had come at once!

      The packaging of this whip is truly beautiful. It is by far the classiest, and most stylish packaging I have ever seen for a product. You have really outdone yourself Lovehoney! This whip would make a perfect gift, and you’d certainly have a very thankful recipient.

      Enclosed within the stunning box is the whip itself, a collector’s card, and a key ring. These added extras really enhance the overall feeling of luxury you get with this product.

      So, the whip itself…

      When I first gripped the handle of this bullwhip, I realised what a quality product I had in my hand. Every detail on this toy oozes luxury. The braided leather feels divine in your grasp, the weight feels just right, and the slight scent of leather sends me into BDSM heaven. My first impressions really couldn’t have been better. This whip just makes you feel amazing when you're holding it.

      When it comes to bullwhips, this one is relatively short (33”). However, it still takes someone experienced with this kind of toy to wield it safely. Therefore this whip is for the intermediate to experienced BDSM player. Regardless of experience, it is worth noting that any new toy takes time to learn, practice is key for fun and safe play.

      First testing this toy on myself, I absolutely loved the flexibility and stretch to the braided tail. The relative ‘give’ in the braided leather added to the tear drop end in delivering a divine, but strong, sting. Plus, the noise is wonderful! For anyone experienced in BDSM play there is nothing quite like the noise of a good whiplash (although bear in mind that due to the relative shortness of this whip, the noise isn’t as ‘extreme’ as some others).

      The size of the tail means this whip is suitable for use in a relatively small room, you don’t need as much space as some bullwhips. The whip also has a wrist strap, although this looks lovely with its embossed Bettie Page signature, I didn’t find it was quite large enough for my large wrists.

      Overall, I love this whip. It is diverse in its ability to deliver both soft, and very strong impacts. It is beautifully crafted, and looks stunning both inside, and outside the box. Not only that, but the anticipation of your submissive when they get their eyes on this beauty is worth everything.

      I couldn’t recommend this enough for an intermediate to experienced BDSM player. I love it!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Absolutely everything!
      The wrist strap could have been a little longer.
      Bottom line
      A beautifully crafted whip. Highly recommended for intermediate to experienced users.
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