1. Bettie Page Collar Me Bondage Collar and Lead Set

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      1. Bettie Page Collar Me Bondage Collar and Lead Set

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    1. Product Description

      Fancy yourself as a Bettie Page inspired Dom? Or perhaps you've been practicing your best doe-eyed sub expression? No matter which role you'll be in, this quilted faux leather collar and lead set is perfect for exploring your wildest power play fantasies.

      A sensational blend of function and style, this quilted collar has a super-soft velvet lining and strong buckle closure for ultimate comfort and reliable restraint. A quick release clip attaches the 34 inch chain to its 360 degree rotatable D-ring and grants complete control to the Dom.

      Between play sessions, this sophisticated collar doubles up as an attractive choker, perfect for displaying ownership when one partner isn't around.

      We've worked closely with Bettie Page's estate to combine years of Lovehoney knowledge with sensational Bettie Page styling. The result is a stunning collection of pleasure products to satisfy Bettie Page collectors, retro addicts and bondage enthusiasts alike.

      Collect the full set and combine with retro lingerie for a truly vintage pleasure session.

      Key Features:

      • Luxury faux snakeskin leather collar and lead for enhanced BDSM play
      • 8-hole buckle fastening adjusts between 13 - 17 inches for the perfect fit
      • 44 inch detachable brass lead with quick-release clip offers versatile play options
      • Collar features 3 x sturdy D-rings for customising restraint with additional accessories
      • A beautiful blend of designer styling with functional BDSM design

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      Bettie Page Collar Me Bondage Collar and Lead Set 13 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Bettie Page Collar Me Bondage Collar and Lead Set
      2. Bettie Page Collar Me Bondage Collar and Lead Set

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    1. Pampered pooch

      Reviewed: 02 April 2016 by Vanilla_Kink, a Straight Single Female

      When it comes to bondage, nothing excites me as much as the Bettie Page collection. This was my third purchase from the range and I don't intend on stopping with this.

      I hadn't tried a collar and leash before. It was more a fantasy of my partner's rather than mine. However, after trying it I can't believe what I have been missing out on all this time. I wouldn't want to be without one in my bondage collection again.

      The boxes the Bettie Page collection come in are very similar in design to the Lelo boxes. This is a good quality slick black box I have no idea what to do with but can't bare to throw out. The inside of the box lid is adorned with black and white pictures of Bettie Page. It also comes complete with a bettie page key chain and cigarette card. The collar and leash is secured inside by two black elasticated straps with 'bettie page' printed on them.

      The collar is a beautiful quilted faux leather on the exterior. The interior is made from a very soft velvet. There are seven holes meaning the collar is made to fit a variety of sizes. I am a size 16 female and the collar is comfortable on two holes from the end. So I'm unsure if this would fit someone with a very large neck, so it may be worth checking your measurements before purchasing.

      The silver chain is attached to the collar by a screw-in pin. After a good tug the pin came undone. I was so disappointed as I thought it had broken. Luckily I was wrong and I was able to screw the pin back on. I would say this collar and lead would withstand some very rough play. Apart from the one time it came undone it has withstood all of our antics thus far.

      The handle is made with the same materials and design as the collar. As mentioned before I am a size 16 female. I say this as the handle only just fits around my wrist. However, this is not a problem really as it can just be held rather then placed around the wrist.

      My personal favourite use for this collar and lead was to use it whilst performing doggy style.

      I highly recommend this collar and lead if you are looking for a quality item that is comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Gorgeous packaging and design, comfortable, adjustable, strong.
      Bottom line
      If you want a luxury experience, this is the collar and lead for you.
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    1. Firm four limbs on the floor

      Reviewed: 28 February 2015 by Alternativekitty, a Bisexual Single Female

      One of the most beautiful collars I own. This beauty comes well presented with its own box, collectors card, keyring and a matching leash!

      It feels amazing on the skin, yet it's incredibly durable. I have been yanked around with it and it's stood well. I also love wearing just the collar when participating in mundane activities such as shopping. Makes me feel oh so naughty.

      A completely positive review from me.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The feel, the durability and wearing it to go shopping.
      Lost the keyring within minutes.
      Bottom line
      Perfect for any sub!
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    1. Lead the way

      Reviewed: 07 January 2015 by Sierra Leone

      When it comes to presentation, I'd say it's hard to top the Bettie Page line. From the presentation box itself, right down to the keyring and collector's card, this just oozes luxury. It would make the perfect gift or surprise for your favourite sub or master.

      The collar itself is made from a luxurious quilted faux leather with a velvet coating on the inside for extra comfort. Securely attached is a sturdy chain, which is removable if required. At the other end of the chain is a handle, coated in the same quilted faux leather as the collar. The overall quality of the construction is flawless.

      In use we found the collar to fit us both comfortably (we're both switches), even for extended periods, thanks in part to the selection of materials. The velvet lining really helps to ensure the collar doesn't rub or leave any marks, even with it fastened up tightly.

      The removable chain is a great bonus, as sometimes we like to wear the collar on its own. It's also more than strong enough to support any amount of pulling around, and you need not worry about the chain becoming tangled as the loop that attaches it to the collar is free to swivel 360 degrees.

      All in all, we found this to be a top notch collar and lead - and with the exceptional Bettie Page presentation, it would make the perfect gift for that special dom or sub in your life.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Top notch presentation, very comfortable to wear, sturdy construction.
      Bottom line
      Well worth splashing out on.
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    1. Owning luxury

      Reviewed: 07 January 2015 by Grace1ess, a Straight Engaged Male

      Packaging and delivery:

      I was sent the Bettie Page Collar Me Collar and Leash Set to test in exchange for an honest review, arriving within 48 hours in a discreet brown box as is standard. It comes in a beautifully decorated box with an image of Bettie on the front on top of a quilted texture look with a great attention to detail, namely the printed stitching on the sides, which are easily overlooked, but show how much care has been put into the design.

      Remove the cardboard sleeve and open the box you find the collar and leash nicely presented. The underside of the lid shows a selection of Bettie’s pictures in scrapbook fashion. Under the collar and lead itself you will find the base, which has a soft velvet feel and to top everything off, a collectable card with a picture and facts on the back as well as a beautiful key chain with another picture on it.

      The collar and leash itself:

      The collar is black faux leather with a criss-cross quilted design that not only looks amazing, but feels fantastic and is also very sturdy and could withstand a lot of heavy use. The inside of the collar has a beautifully soft velvet layer, which feels very smooth and great against the skin, making this very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time without any chaffing. It is only one inch wide and is inconspicuous enough that it could just be worn as a fashion accessory outside of normal D/s play.

      The silver D-ring is relatively small, but is perfectly sized for the collar and the ability for it to turn 360 degrees is a very nice feature, which will prevent a lot of unwanted angles for the wearer or damaging the collar through it twisting. The one that I have here is it does catch a little bit when turning on occasion. Not significantly, but it does bear mentioning.

      The 34 inch chain weighs approximately 100 grams and feels very durable, is well crafted and it just looks gorgeous, though the final piece of the chain that the clasp is linked to, does allow a little more movement than I would like and could be a potential weak spot. The clasp is a good size, big enough to easily use without effort, but well proportioned to the size of the D-ring. The handle is made from the same material as the collar and feels really nice to handle or to have on your wrist.

      The test:

      I placed the collar on my OH, securing with with the buckle, so that it was flush against her neck, but still leaving enough slack as to not effect her breathing. It looked fantastic on her. Not being as wide as her regular leather collar this looks more subtle and yet the quilted texture stands out beautifully and draws your eye. She loved how soft it felt against her skin and how comfortable it was to wear. I attached the chain to the collar and gave it a few playful tugs of varying strength and it felt sturdy and secure, and she didn’t feel it biting into her skin at all.

      Placing the handle on her wrist, she wore it for a couple of hours with no discomfort or chafing. Removing the chain later I found handling the D-ring easy with a hooked finger and with it being able to turn at 360 degrees she wasn’t having to twist her neck to accommodate my movements. Using some regular clothes pegs as nipple clamps, I attached some string to the ring and then the pegs and, though small, it had ample room to work around.

      She has worn it out of the house a few times while at work and around town as well as it is small enough to pass off as just part of her outfit for that day. From a distance the D-ring looks like a love heart. I have had her wear it just sat on the sofa together while watching a movie and having the handle wrapped around my wrist with the odd tug as a gentle reminder it's there and who is holding the leash.


      The Bettie Page range as a whole stands out as a well-crafted, superbly luxurious set, that each piece sits comfortably on its own. Having been a fan of her for a long time this is a must-have for any fan that is interested in D/s play or just general bedroom play. The package is beautifully put together, and the key chain and card are lovely little bonuses to have. The attention to detail here, makes it an awesome gift for your partner or just for yourself!

      The collar and leash stands as one of the best I have had the pleasure of using with my OH. It feels great, it looks amazing and the leash is very strong and can take a rough scene with ease. There are so many potential uses for this that I could wax lyrical forever, but I will leave it here - a happy Dom with a gorgeous collar that would make any sub or partner happy to be owned.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very soft, luxurious, long leash, beautiful quilted texture.
      Bottom line
      A fantastic addition to any D/s play that will make a sub feel special.
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    1. I'm officially owned

      Reviewed: 03 January 2015 by LittleSwitchBitch, a Bisexual Married Female

      First of all, a huge thank you for sending me this review :)

      Nearly every review you read regarding any Bettie Page product, will feature comments on the packaging it comes in, and it’s really hard not to talk about it.

      It is super luxurious, like cream of the crop, or collar in this case. Its outer cardboard casing features a quilted leather look, which you slide across to reveal a strong, black cardboard box embossed with Bettie Page in silver. Inside the lid, features Polaroid-style pin up pictures of Bettie herself. It's simple, sexy and would make a beautiful gift either for yourself or someone else.

      On opening the box, my collar was lying on velvet and securely attached using elastic, which also has Bettie Page written on it. No expense spared. Each Bettie Page product comes with a keyring and a collector's card, making it even more tempting to collect the set.

      I ran my finger across the faux quilted leather and felt excitement rush through me. I’ve toyed with the idea of a collar for ages, not knowing if I’d wear one or not. When the opportunity came to test this, it was the perfect chance for me to test my idea of helping regular feisty disobeying me, into an willing attentive submissive, and it does and more.

      Inside the collar is made of super soft velvet, which is well made and with no loose stitching. My Dom put it around my neck and fastened it on a slightly tight loop. which I love as it slightly restricts my breathing.

      He fastened the back with a metal buckle and popped the extra bit into a loop to keep it in position. There is plenty of options to go looser or tighter and there is also extra material unholed, which could be used to make another hole for a larger neck. The super soft velvet allows it to be worn for long periods of time without causing chaffing.

      Another feature I love is the O-ring. It swivels 360°, which is very well attached inside the collar, so you can be pulled around by the lead. The handle of the lead, also matches the collar, featuring quilted faux leather and velvet in the inside. The length of the lead is quite long too, is made well and has a clasp if you chose to wear the collar without it attached.

      The whole product features excellent attention to detail and, to be honest, if it was slightly thinner, I would wear it permanently as it’s simply too beautiful to be left in its box.

      It's a must-have for an submissive from starting out to advanced.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Super soft velvet, packaging, feeling of being owned.
      Bottom line
      Worth its price tag.
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