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      1. TENGA Silver Flip Hole Male Masturbator

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      1. TENGA Silver Flip Hole Male Masturbator
      2. TENGA Silver Flip Hole Male Masturbator

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    1. Super stroker

      Reviewed: 24 January 2015 by fox-face

      Brilliant! Finally a male masturbator that is easy to clean!

      Being able to flip the cover over, assured me my toy was 100% clean. Drying time is also cut in half compared to traditional hard case strokers, which is a lovely quality, if you can't leave it in the bathroom to dry all night.

      I got this as a surprise for my man and he loved it! It was a snug fit at first, but after the first couple of uses the material seemed to relax. Use way more lube then you think you'll need. Apparently, the initial entry was painful due to extra tightness and inadequate lube.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      I really dug the pressure points running up the side of the case.
      The case was too big for my hand, so it was awkward to hold.
      Bottom line
      This is a terrific stroker for couples or solo play.
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    1. Incredible

      Reviewed: 29 August 2014 by J Wiff, a Straight Married Male

      Just bought this as I've wanted one for ages and saw it was on sale. Wanted the black one, really, but as this was the one on sale I thought I might as well.

      I am glad I did, it is incredible! I got it out of the packaging as soon as it was delivered to try it out.

      I picked one of the included lubricants (the mild one) and got going. Although a bit tight at first, a bit more lube soon sorted that out, and the sensations were amazing. Not had anything quite like it.

      It's easy to use and clean, a bit noisy but that doesn't really matter to me.

      It's a bit pricey but worth every penny. If you're undecided, definitely get one!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Feels great, easy to use, easy to clean.
      Bottom line
      Best £50 I've spent on sex toys.
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    1. Excellent investment

      Reviewed: 18 November 2013 by We-only-live-once, a Straight Single Male

      This toy builds on the TENGA Onacup idea but with only the one hole. In my opinion, it's more than enough.

      Every TENGA product I've tried so far has been excellent, and this is no exception. It's very well built, built to last, and doesn't disappoint.

      Used with a sensible amount of lube this is as good as toys for men get, and beats solo play hands down.

      Easy to clean, easy to use and not ridiculously expensive - its a good investment.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Build quality. Feel. Ease of use. Generally awesome.
      Cost is a bit high, but worth it.
      Bottom line
      Another great from TENGA.
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    1. Wow what an amazing product

      Reviewed: 28 June 2013 by Dansam, a Straight Going Steady Male

      This product has always interested me being one of the more premium male toys.

      It comes in clear packaging with 3 different types of lube - Real, Mild and Wild.

      Real is just as it says, very realistic when compared to what you experience in the real thing.

      Mild seemed very similar to normal lube, quite watery but does the job!

      Wild I didn't notice much difference to Mild, but didn't really expect much else.

      Real is the best lube In my opinion. If they sold this separately (maybe they do?) I will be picking some up as it feels amazing.

      Anyway, the product is very simple, you open it up and add the lube, close it up and secure with the clip so it doesn't open up and go wild.

      The feelings from it are sensational, like no other toy I have tried. It feels just like the real thing.

      Usually I'm not bothered about the pressure points, but on this you can really feel the difference, especially at the entry point.

      It's very quite, no real noise when using it.

      Very easy to clean, open it up and rinse through. You can then stand it on the base it comes with while it dries off.

      Only down side is I feel the plastic used on the outside was a bit cheap, feels like it could break at some point.

      Overall an amazing experience, by far the best masturabator I have experienced and wouldn't hesitate to get another.

      If you can afford it give it a go, you wont be disappointed!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Feels incredibly realistic, great supplied lube.
      Plastic feels quite cheap. :(
      Bottom line
      Amazing, buy if you can afford!
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    1. A Sterling Effort

      Reviewed: 15 May 2012 by Satoshi

      As a very satisfied owner of the original Flip Hole, I almost had an orgasm when I discovered TENGA had updated and improved the design.

      The Silver Flip Hole looks very much like the other versions, in fact the casing appears to be 100% identical to the original in everything but colour. This is no bad thing since the original design works absolutely flawlessly.

      As with other versions of the toy, the design is very discreet. You could leave one of these out in full view and I doubt anyone would know what it was. The only problem with this theory is that inquisitive folk might reach for their reading glasses to inspect your futuristic new table decoration so perhaps it would be better to hide it before Auntie Ethel comes round for tea.

      Like the rest of the Flip Hole stable, the Silver features a three button "control panel" on both sides. Pressure on these pads changes the sensations you receive from the silicone sleeve during penetration. The panel is well designed and is very easy to control with just one hand.

      The internal canal is home to the biggest changes. The original Flip Hole is very industrial and features things like "orbs, gates and vacuums" whereas the silicone sleeve on this latest model is comprised almost entirely of angular ridges and looks like a sci-fi alien vagina.

      To properly compare the new Flip Hole with the original, I decided to have myself a TENGA threesome. It was a tough, tiresome job but somebody had to do it ;) After Lubing both toys up with the same amount of TENGA Wild lotion, I alternated between the strokers to get a good feel for the differences delivered by the latest update.

      To the hand, the texture of the new sleeve feels almost exactly the same as the original but the Silver Flip Hole is in fact much tighter during penetration. This firmness, coupled with the angled ridges that really grip the penis on each stroke, offers a very close approximation of oral sex. The old version felt more like penetrating a moist vagina during intercourse. Both toys deliver intense pleasure but the difference between them is quite striking considering that they appear to be identical twins from the outside.

      Cleaning a TENGA Flip Hole is incredibly easy; you simply open it up, wash the soft silicone sleeve with warm water then leave the unit to dry on the integral stand, it really is an amazing piece of design.

      In my opinion, the TENGA Flip Hole is the best male masturbator in the world and if you still don't own one then you really should treat yourself. Would I still recommend the Silver if you already own the original? Without hesitation. I really didn't expect TENGA to be able to match the original Flip Hole but they have and this upgrade is different enough to warrant splashing out on.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Amazing sensations. Simple to use. Easy to clean.
      Bottom line
      Seriously, just buy one!
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    1. Worth it

      Reviewed: 08 December 2015 by Gentleman_45, a Straight Going Steady Male

      This is one of the more expensive male toys, but worth it.

      Easy to use, just open up to apply some lube inside and some on the entrance then close up, clip up and off you go.

      It may take a few goes to work out the effect of the buttons and different sides, and it is good to experiment.

      You can trap the Flip Hole between mattress and bed base to give something to push against.

      Very easy to clean after use and leave open to dry.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Feels good to use.
      A little bulky.
      Bottom line
      Great toy, great experience.
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    1. TENGA Silver rocks

      Reviewed: 02 February 2015 by bullet889

      This toy give you an experience you will be wanting for more. Feels smooth almost like the real thing. The material is easy to clean. The three buttons give you three different level of excitement.

      Had an unforgettable play time by myself and with my partner when using this toy. She even eagerly excited to see my reaction when using this Flip Hole.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The inside texture and the smooth and soft material.
      I like everything about it. Can't seems to stop using it.
      Bottom line
      The best after the real thing.
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    1. So much fun

      Reviewed: 26 November 2014 by Tie and tease, a Bisexual Single Male

      I had been looking at toys for ages, reading mostly reviews on this Flip Hole. When it was on sale I took the plunge, and for my first toy, I was not disappointed.

      It arrived fast and was packaged well, so thumbs up there.

      I didn't wait around to use it, and OMG, I was in heaven. And it didn't take me long to finish. The texture and feel is amazing, although I found the best way to feel all the texture and shapes was to do it slowly, which I didn't really mind. Was a little noisy, so no real using it when people are around.

      Having the 3 types of lube is a nice touch too. The Mild is just like any other lube in my opinion. The Real Feel does kind of feel just like the real thing. The Wild, however, is by far my favourite, and is hard to describe.

      The only one slight issue I found was that I was a little big in girth, so the opening was a little hard to push into even with a little lube. But once I was in, everything was brilliant.

      If your in any doubt, just buy it already.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The textures and wild lube.
      Opening was a little small.
      Bottom line
      Just buy it already.
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    1. Silver my timbers

      Reviewed: 06 October 2014 by SomeGuy, a Straight Single Male

      I own the red version, and while I've been after the black version since day one seeing the silver version on offer, I couldn't resist the chance to try another.

      If you click my username and look up my review for the red version I go into a fair bit of detail, but to avoid another wall of text and repeating myself this is a quick recap.

      It has nice packaging, includes 3 large samples of lube, looks very smart, is easy to clean and has midrange noise.

      Now onto the differences, outside of the colour you wouldn't notice anything different from retail package. However, open the flip hole up and it's massively different.

      The silver uses triangles exclusively (the black, white and red use different shapes). The layout is vaguely similar. However, the triangular shapes really make a difference.

      The lower two thirds are intense with the upper third being more subtle. This makes it overall less intense then the red. However, that's not to say worse.

      With the red the textures can become a bit too much, with the silver it's more relaxed and allows for longer sessions.

      All in all, the silver is a great toy and I would highly recommend it.

      P.S. Anyone wondering about red vs silver, it's very close but I prefer the stronger textures the red offer on the head.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Great TENGA quality. Nice texture. Easy to use.
      Bottom line
      I highly recommend the TENGA Flipholes, lots of pleasure and easy clean up.
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    1. TENGA know how to produce exceptional toys

      Reviewed: 14 July 2014 by DavidB1986, a Gay Married Male

      I was lucky enough to receive this in my Crazy Summer Grab Bundle (Male) and I was so very excited. I already own the Flip Hole in white and that was, at the time, my favourite male masturbator. I didn't actually realise that each Flip Hole has different textures, so when I knew this was coming - I was very excited.

      First Impressions:

      Like the White Flip Hole, this is packaged very simply in a clear plastic tube with two hard plastic lids. The bottom lid has three samples of lube included, and holds the Flip Hole. As with all TENGA products, it's very simple and non-descript.

      When you remove the Flip Hole from the packaging, the first thing you notice is the weight. It's certainly a sizeable toy, and comparable in weight with a Fleshlight (which the Flip Hole is most commonly compared too). The unit is held together with a 'clip' which you slide off the unit to allow you to open it, then flip to apply the lube. You then reattach the clip the other way, and it holds the unit together during use.

      Down the middle of the unit, on both sides, there are three 'buttons' built into the soft squishy interior (more on those later). When you open the unit, you are greeted by deep, geometric patterned texture. It's very straight and looks almost like lots of triangles and diamonds (compared to the White unit, which has lots of nodules and bumps).

      All of these bumps and textures are all different heights, lengths and different directions - so you know you are going to experience a different sensation with each stroke.

      How to use:

      The good folk at TENGA are kind enough to supply you with samples of their lubricants, meaning you can get down to play straight away. The lubricants come in three 'flavours', which vastly change the sensations inside the unit.

      When it's time to have a play, simply slide off the clip, open up the unit and apply the lube. Make sure it's all worked into all the nooks and crannies, then close up the unit and reattach the clip on the opposite end. Then lube yourself up and slide inside.

      The lubes come in Mild, Wild and Real.

      Mild is a much thicker lube (it has the consistency of a silicone lube). In use, this feels much more realistic and also probably lasts the longest out of all three lubes.

      Wild is a extremely runny lube with a hint of menthol. This one can be a bit tricky to apply without making a mess everywhere. This gives you a much slicker ride, and with a slightly cool tingle.

      Real is a very standard water-based style consistency. Very middle-of-the-road, but still provides a good amount of slickness.

      When in use, as you first enter the Flip Hole, there is a deep ridge at the entrance which provides intense stimulation the the glans and frenulum when you first enter. As you enter deeper into the unit, the textures caress every inch of your shaft, sending ripples of pleasure through you.

      Things get much more interesting when you make use of the buttons - squeezing each one applies extra pressure and a small amount of suction - really enhancing the sensations of the textures. Initially it does make a bit of a 'farty' noise which can be off-putting, but this is just a fact of life when it comes to toys like these.

      Alternating strokes and squeezes brought me to a perfectly fulfilling orgasm, and cements why TENGA is one of the best branded male masturbators.

      Clean-up and maintenance:

      It's incredibly easy to clean up. Simply remove the clip, open up the unit and wash with warm soapy water. I use the shower head to help wash everything out of all the little crevices. A quick spritz with anti-bac cleaner and a final rinse will leave it sparkly, and looking like new.

      To dry, simply open up the case slightly, and rest it on the clip and then leave to air dry. Once dried, I like to use just a small amount of cornflour to help keep the textured insert looking and feeling at it's best as it does tend to get sticky after it's dried.


      When torn between something like a Fleshlight and a TENGA, I will always choose TENGA. It's a bit more expensive than the Fleshlight, but it's smaller and therefore much easier to hold. It's much easier to clean and the buttons on the side allow for creation of deeper pressure and suction, which you can't do with the Fleshlight.

      As a premium toy, it ticks all the boxes, and I would thoroughly recommend it.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Easy to use, clean, great sensations and textures - a top-class masturbator.
      Textured insert can get very tacky after cleaning.
      Bottom line
      A wonderful masturbator, worth every penny.
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    1. An Interesting experience

      Reviewed: 01 February 2013 by Red Lightning, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I was torn between getting this and the Fleshlight. In the end I decided to go for this. I have also got a Thrust so I'm going to do a bit of comparing.

      I think that one of the main reasons I chose this over a Fleshlight is its internal design. Being a mathematician, I was attracted to the geometrical design (I find this more attractive than the Thrust). I'll get a fleshlight another day.

      Then I thought about the price. I was originally going to get the Flight, which was £50 (£15 cheap than the Flip Hole) but having spent £40 on the Thrust I went for this.

      When I got this I couldn't wait to start using it. I opened it up and saw the selection of lube (Real, Mild and Wild) and chose the Real lube. At first I found it hard to get the cap in line with the rails on the side but I got there in the end.

      When I started using this, I was thinking "well this is an interesting experience" as I have never felt anything like this using another toy. It felt good but not as good as the Thrust. I came to a quick climax and was fairly satisfied. I cleaned up and decided to go again with a different lube. The fact that you get 3 small pots of lube is a bonus over the Thrust.

      In the end I chose Wild but didn't notice much difference except that it was a bit thinner. So to sum up the lube, there is thin (Wild), thick (Real) and very, very thick (Mild). Mild is so thick that an air bubble takes ages to move through it.

      During my second experience I decided to try the three buttons on the side. They didn't do much 'cept slightly change how tight it felt. The Thrust has a similar feature but it isn't as good as the Flip Hole.

      This can be a bit noisy at times and is louder than the Thrust but I've got louder toys. There's also no option for a vibrator but that doesn't concern me.

      This is the easiest toy I have ever cleaned. I just fill the sink with with warm soapy water then wipe it with my hand, getting in to all the nooks, then dab it with a towel and rest it on the caps legs and leave it to air dry. The entire toy splitting in two down the middle helps but, like the Fleshlight, the Thrust has a removable sleeve which isn't as easy to clean.

      I think the only bad things about this is that any excess lube doesn't stay in the toy and leaks through the entrance (so use lube sparingly) and there is a faint smell (Thrust smells better). Also, the Flip Hole is only 6 inches long (internal) whereas the Thrust is 7 inches.

      To sum up, if you don't mind paying the extra money and want a new experience then go for the Flip Hole, otherwise go for the Thrust (or Fleshlight). To me, this was definitely a good purchase.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      Almost as good as the Thrust but worth the money.
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    1. TFI not a Fleshlight

      Reviewed: 10 July 2012 by FussyToyFan, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I previously, having become somewhat frustrated that girls get to talk openly about their toys, some of which are honest to god works of art. However when a bloke longs for a toy most people tend to greet that with a sensation that the one wanting the toy is a sleazebag.

      I'm the sort who's mostly put off by anatomical products, they just weird me out, I wouldn't want to be caught dead with one but this I'd happily show anyone, weird, right? When it first ordered I was excited, I sort of thought "Holy cow, I've just spent nearly £70 on a fancy wank". But When it arrived and I saw it I was blown away completely. I've watched the TENGA videos and always thought them to be somewhat humorous but also somewhat impressive but they rarely show the actual packaging, which is a big thing for myself. This thing looks like a monolith, the packaging is incredible and well designed not only to store the toy itself and the 3 lube tubes you get with it but to really show off how well designed this thing is.

      Now down to brass tacks, how does it feel? Well, it certainly doesn't feel like a human interaction but really if you're looking for that go elsewhere, I was looking for something to heighten my personal time and this was a mind opener. The toy itself is made of a hard plastic, one that makes it very easy to grip and I personally find it better to actually hold onto the button area rather than the hard plastic, the reason for this is when your hands are covered in lube it can be somewhat hard to grasp. The preparation itself is extremely simple, remove the outer clip to reveal the entrance and open the device in half, apply plenty of lube to one or both sides (I find it doesn't matter too much as if you apply plenty to one side, you can squeeze the buttons to disperse it once it's closed) believe me, not that I've tried but from a finger feel you most definitely would not want to use this dry.

      Once you've got it all lubed up you simply close it in half and slide the clip back on but the other way around this time, leaving the entrance open and free for penetration. This can sometimes be a little awkward as the clip tends to be quite narrow and the sides aren't always aligned (especially with lubed up hands). Usually though this is a pretty minimal problem. It's important to make sure the entrance is well lubed up too, a simple dip inside and rub around will do the trick.

      Although not necessary it's definitely advisable to apply enough lube to yourself, you really want to be able to squeeze and glide and having both sides of the bread buttered definitely works wonders. I've definitely spent enough time with this toy now to know my favourite direction as you can flip it so different sides touch different areas although it's still good to change.

      Once your done all you need to do is remove clip and run under water, washing all the lube and so on out, be sure to clean thoroughly, these things don't deal well with being unkempt. It'll be good to you, so be good to it. When fully clean you just hang it on the clip you kept it close with, I find it helps to keep the clip slightly squeezed together when putting the TENGA on top to keep it in place. You can also dry it on a low heat and lightly with a hairdryer or heat it up if feeling adventurous but I'm not sure I really recommend this in case you damage it, you can also just soak it in warm water for a few minutes before use.

      That's about all I've got to say. It will only be good for a limited use but if looked after I'm pretty confident you get an awful lot more fun out of this toy than they say you can. I don't regret a penny of it.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Non anatomical, easy to clean, feels incredible, excellent design aesthetic.
      Can be noisy sometimes, requires fairly persistent erection to get best results.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic, want to own them all. no joke.
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    1. A different type of feeling

      Reviewed: 20 January 2014 by Toyjoyman, a Straight Engaged Male

      With many sex toys in my collection and an obvious lack of presence from TENGA, I decided to indulge in a Fleshlight Equivalent that would have me in awe.

      The toys design is nice and easy to clean (+points).

      The soft silicone and wicked ribs bumps and spikes really give this toy a great feeling when used with a good amount of lubricant.

      Feels like it's designed to provide unrealistic and amazing sensations with its crazy look.

      The lubricant is great and adds nice sensation when used.

      I've tried them all but enjoy the real feel one the most.

      Using a lot of lubricant this toy can stroke your every pleasure point of your penis and it will feel like heaven, soft and slippery jelly like tongue's enveloping your member and making you edge mercilessly without warning.

      The first time I used the toy I had a hard time lasting, it really blew me away and in comparison to the Fleshlight it really is something that gives better sensations but isn't designed for long sessions. Had a great 5 minute session at first and cleaned it out and left it to dry.

      One problem I find with the toy is the lack of lock in that the entrance provides.

      I slip into the toy and the entrance just breaks open and kind of ruins the feel a bit. I would really like to experience the toy with the entrance fully wrapped around my penis to provide pin point sensations but that doesn't seem possible as I'm obviously too big for the entrance to stay shut.

      Using the toy without the stand locking the two sides together you can get blown away by how slick and smooth it feels. You glide up and down without it locked in place with the stand and I came pretty fast using it like this.

      It's a great toy that you can alternate the feeling with by using the pressure buttons that can allow pressure to be applied when entering, exiting or just nice pressure on the shaft when you are using it.

      I still prefer Fleshlights because of the price, length and simplicity of use but I do enjoy having a session with this to give my member a real good experience.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Design, feel of the soft silicone ribs and how well it grips you.
      The badly thought of entrance that becomes loose and slips open.
      Bottom line
      Professional toy of a high quality that is limited by its design but justifiable.
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    1. Intense, satisfying and versatile

      Reviewed: 02 July 2013 by Fluffbags, a Straight Going Steady Female

      We already own a few Fleshlight products and a few other masturbation sleeves but adding the Flip Hole to our collection was like fitting a corner piece of a jigsaw puzzle. The Flip Hole range always has great reviews and we couldn't wait to try it out and see how it compared. It didn't disappoint.

      It is called the 'Flip' Hole because it can be flipped over to enjoy two differently textured sides, two very different sensations. Before I received the Flip Hole, I must admit that I assumed it was going to be a double ended penetrator, or that the casing could be flipped around somehow. Neither of these apply. It simply means that one side of the Flip Hole has a different texture to the other side and when you bring the two sides together and close it up, you can experience different sensations depending on which way the toy is facing. Imagine inserting your penis, and then halfway through deciding you fancy a change. Simply spin the toy 180 degrees and voila.

      The internal texture of the Flip Hole Silver resembles icebergs, diamonds, pyramids, stars and any other pointy things you might imagine, but don't be fooled, the textures are actually quite gentle and the material is very jelly-like, soft and squishy. With lubricant added, the texture provides pressure and brushing/tickling sensations all around your penis. Of course, your penis length and girth will determine exactly which areas within the Flip Hole stimulate you where (it also depends on button squeezes too) but this toy does provide plenty of tighter sections, ridged sections and rumbly areas that can be felt pretty much all around your penis. It felt quite intense.

      In use:

      We applied some of the lubricant that arrived with the Flip Hole. (It arrives with three different types and each one has a different thickness, this makes the Flip Hole feel slightly different with each different lube you use.) Being able to apply lubricant while the toy was opened up is great. This means you can apply and spread the lube much more evenly along the insides of the toy, unlike most sleeves, where you just have to squish some lube into the entrance, wiggle a finger around inside and hope it is coated enough.

      The Flip Hole does as it was designed to do and does it really well. My partner said he could definitely feel a significant difference in the sensations provided from each side of the toy and that both sides feel good. It isn't a tight sleeve, actually one of the looser sleeves in his collection, but it can be made to feel much tighter by squeezing against one or more of those three buttons.

      The button closest to the entrance had the most impact for my partner, and he said it made the toy feel much tighter around most of his penis and this added to the intensity already provided by the texture within. The middle button also added a little tightness but this time it felt more uniform around his penis and was less intense. This button also provided a subtle sucking sensation when squeezed. The button at the top (furthest away from the entrance) did nothing for my guy, firstly because he is of average size and doesn't reach that far into the sleeve and secondly, squeezing the top button caused the toy to gape more at the bottom end. This meant the toy felt too loose for him. I am sure that larger penises will enjoy taking advantage of the top button as it would probably apply pressure to the head of the penis and this may even make it a favourite option for some guys. Overall though, the sensations from the internal texture and the button squeezes combined to produce a very stimulating and enjoyable session for him.

      Just to be clear though, the buttons are not completely independent of one another, rather they all rest on the same large panel and you can squeeze anywhere on this panel to compress the inside of the Flip Hole against your penis, even just squeezing the whole panel with your palm works well.

      One thing to note is that the word "TENGA" is written on one side of the Flip Hole, and the words "Flip Hole" are written on the other side, this came in handy for remembering which side was my partners favourite and ensuring I had it facing the way he preferred each time I used it on him. One side of the Flip Hole provided him with a more gentle, teasy sensation while the other side blows his mind with a more intense, rumbling sensation.

      Penis size issues:

      Just be aware that the Flip Hole measures 6 inches in total length, and men with larger penises will not be able to fully insert. (I would not imagine this is a huge issue but if you really enjoy going balls deep, you might find it lacking.) The outer girth of the Flip Hole is 9 inches and the Flip Hole is only semi encased in plastic. A large section on both sides (Where the button panel is) is actually made from the same soft material used to make the inside of the toy and it is also attached to the internal workings. What does this mean? Well, any men with a larger girths (5 inches and above) will notice that these two sections of the Flip Hole will bulge outwards. The bigger you are, the more noticeable this bulge will be.

      I inserted a dildo with a 6 inch girth into the Flip Hole and the sides bulged quite dramatically. I am reasonably sure that, over time, this will put additional strain onto the delicate material and could cause damage to it eventually. My partners average size caused no bulging and no issues with depth, so for most guys, I imagine the Flip Hole will be suitable.


      Although the Flip Hole is a very pleasurable masturbation sleeve, it does not come without some niggles. The first one being that the instruction manual states that the Flip Hole should be good for about 50 uses. This means that if you use it twice a week, it is going to last you about 6 months. This simply means that this toy was not built to last forever and I concur. When compared to the material used to form the Fleshlight toys, the Fleshlight material is stronger, harder to damage and has a lot more elasticity. Our Flip hole already has a few gouges, marks and scratches on the surface and looks well used, after only owning it a week or so. The material is delicate. With care and gentleness it will last you a good while, but compared to other sleeves (Fleshlight, Lovehoney strokers etc.) it is clearly the one most likely to deteriorate quicker.

      Another minor annoyance (yet I see why it exists) is that the same material used to form the inside of the Flip Hole, also surrounds the buttons section on the outside, right where you need to hold it during use. This area always feels very tacky and attracts dust hair and lint like a mofo. However, if this was removed, or if this portion of the Flip Hole was entirely encased in a plastic casing, then the buttons, and the control you have over pressure, would not exist either, so it is swings and roundabouts.

      For guys with larger penises you will have to deal with the bulging sides and you may also notice the jelly material at the entrance splits entirely in half with penetration. (Remember, it is designed to split in half when you open the casing anyway, this isn't exactly a fault.) Although not a fault, and although this does not cause any detriment to the sensations the toy provides (My partner said it mimics the feeling of vaginal lips, in a loose, roundabout kind of way.) it does look worrying and made me want to be careful in case I was over stretching the material.

      Cleaning and care:

      The Flip Hole is easy to clean. Simply slide off the cap so that the toy opens up and use some hot, soapy water and your fingers to clean inside all the textured areas within. It can then me left hanging on top of its cap, slightly opened, to air dry. It is so much easier to clean than the Fleshlight.

      Flip Hole or Fleshlight?

      The Flip Hole gives more intense stimulation. It feels nicer wrapped around your penis and the stimulation can be changed so much that the Flip Hole will surely provide sensations that will make you melt. It is more versatile in this regard. It is also much easier to clean and dry and feels lighter to hold. (The Flip Hole is one of the most lightweight cased sleeves we have used.) However, for material strength and quality and knowing it is probably going to last a good while longer, Fleshlight has that edge. Considering the Fleshlight also provides good stimulation (Not as intense, but still good) it is a very close call. For us, Fleshlight just edges it because when we pay £60 for a toy, we hope it will last years. (Maybe the Flip Hole will, with care.) Both toys are good in their own ways though, where one has a weakness, the other triumphs. I would suggest, if possible, trying both.


      The Flip Hole Silver is an intense and very enjoyable masturbation sleeve and although it comes with a few niggles, it still manages to find its way into our favourite toys for him. I most certainly enjoy using it on him and he loves the versatile nature, the different sensation choices that it offers and how easy it is to keep clean. I would certainly recommend the Flip Hole to most men. Especially if you are looking for something that doesn't look, or feel realistic. Something that is just amazing in an entirely new way. I would only hesitate to recommend to any gents with larger than average penises. (Mainly girth I speak about.)

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Very versatile. provides many different sensations.
      Material is delicate and easily damaged.
      Bottom line
      Definitely one of the better sleeves available.
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    1. A must-try for all men

      Reviewed: 02 November 2015 by pegguin, a Straight Single Male

      The TENGA Silver Flip Hole line of toys represented my first foray into penis-focused sex toys, and I could have scarcely picked a better introduction. The long and short of it is that the whole line is fantastically designed and presented in a very grown up manner. The black is overwhelmingly stimulating, producing fantastic orgasms and worth every penny.


      The Flip Hole comes in cylindrical packaging made of clear plastic. Inside you find your Flip Hole, 3 test tubes of TENGA lubricant and a set of instructions. The packaging is one of the few aspects that doesn't match up to the design of the toy itself. It feels almost like an afterthought, and while it is one of the least important aspects, first impressions do matter.

      The Flip Hole is constructed from a combination of a hard plastic shell and soft TPE insert. The shell has cut outs so that the TPE can flex and bulge (quite the ego boost!) as you thrust into the toy.

      In addition, you can squeeze one of the 3 tabs to produce different sensation. In my experience, the black is a little too tight for myself to gain much out of the 3 points, but in the Silver squeezing the middle tab produced a fantastic suction effect.

      The toy being made out of TPE is a fairly large downside. TPE is body safe but porous. This means over time bacteria works its way into the pores of the material and cannot be removed or fully sterilized. Eventually this bacteria will grow mold or just generally make the toy a little nasty and the only solution is to buy a new toy.

      At this price point this can be an issue for some, but unfortunately the choice of nonporous (silicone) male masturbators is currently incredibly slim. In addition, being TPE you need to keep the Flip Hole separated from your silicone toys as it can damage them if in direct contact. This also means that silicone lubricants are off the table for using the Flip Hole. The TPE can feel a little sticky or tacky to the touch. Upon lubrication this disappears to give way to a beautiful slippy silky feeling.

      In use:

      To use the Flip Hole you simply slide the lid off, open in half, squeeze your favourite water based lubricant, shut her up and slide the lid up the bottom of the toy to lock shut. I find that adding some spare lubricant to your penis really helps getting started as the entrance can be quite tight.

      Upon insertion you can really feel the triangle nodules pushing past and stroking the glans. Going farther into the toy you end up being enveloped by the large spherical housing which produces overwhelming sensation for me.

      The design of the entrance is intended to keep lubricant well within the toy, but for me (a man towards the upper end of average girth but nothing exceptional) I find that the entrance gets pushed slightly open, which if using laying on your back can leak lubricant, which may create a mess if you aren't playing on an easily cleaned surface. I did not experience this problem with the silver, which has a slightly wider entrance. In addition, the toy does make some wet slurping noises. It's not too bad but if someone is stood outside your door they could definitely tell you were up to something.

      The toy is pretty great for couples play. The TPE is slightly transparent, enough to give a hazy view of what's going on inside, giving a nice visual aspect. It's designed in a very grown up way, the businessman to the Fleshlight frat boy, so is very non-offensive to introduce to potentially toy shy partners, and it's nice and light so no unsexy arm ache. Not that you'll probably last long enough for that to be an issue.


      As I mentioned before, the toy is TPE, it cannot be fully cleaned and will become nasty over time. Officially TENGA go with the '50 uses' recommendation. This is incredibly pessimistic, in my view. My toy has lasted 2 months under some fairly hefty strain and shows no signs of dying just yet. You do want to clean the toy as quickly as possible, though, which can be a bit of a pain if you just want to lay back in post orgasm bliss.

      The cleaning process is simple. Slide the lid off the back, flip the toy open, rinse through with lukewarm-warm water, give a spritz of cleaner, then rinse again. Plop the lid upside down on a towel and hang the toy over it upside down and leave to air dry for a few hours.


      A fantastic toy marred by very few, mostly material, issues. Highly recommended to all those who are slightly wary about the image of owning toys or who just want some new stimulation.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Overwhelming stimulation, fantastic non-offensive design.
      TPE material.
      Bottom line
      A fantastic toy marred by very few, mostly material, issues.
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