1. Jack Boot Print Wooden Spanking Paddle

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      1. Jack Boot Print Wooden Spanking Paddle

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    1. Product Description

      Put a size 12 boot in your lover's ass with this ingenious boot print spanking paddle. A heavy wooden spanker with a thick rubber boot sole to leave a boot print on your ever-loving partner's behind. Who said bedroom bondage had to be tame?

      This wood and rubber spanking paddle is definitely not for the faint hearted. Heavy and menacingly large, it has an intimidating look that is only matched by its S&M abilities.

      Measuring 18.75 inches in overall length, the spanker is detailed with a thick rubber UK size 12 Jack Boot sole, assuring maximum punishment with every spank.

      Use either the rubber boot sole or the smooth, wooden side to spank the soft and fleshy areas of the thighs.

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      1. Jack Boot Print Wooden Spanking Paddle
      2. Jack Boot Print Wooden Spanking Paddle

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    1. What spanko boot lover wouldn’t want a boot paddle?

      Reviewed: 25 August 2012 by elspeth-demina

      A lot lighter than I'd thought it would be at first, the rubber tread is definitely the heftiest portion of the paddle. The wooden base is 1/4? ply with the boot tread is glued on. The “stitching” on the sole isn't what holds it on but rather is just part of the rubber mould for the tread. The two portions are definitely well adhered, so there's no worry of the tread becoming dislodged. I do worry a little about breaking the wooden base on this, since it isn't terribly thick. This is definitely dependant on how hard of a swing, where you are aiming, and the physique of the individual being struck.

      I'm disappointed about the weight of the paddle because light-weight in the world of impact toys generally means the sensations are on the sting-ier side than the thud-y side. Given a firm follow-through there is a bit of a mix of sting and thud, but the sensation is definitely not the heavy impact I was expecting. Definitely doesn't mimic the impact of a boot sole during stomping/trampling/kicking or using an actual boot as a spanking implement.

      This paddle excels at being a sensation toy though. Dragging the tread along the skin of the back, butt, scraping along inner thighs, that is where this really shines. Of course you can do this with your actual boots on your feet as well, but the paddle does make this a lot easier at some angles and for some body-parts. Also for those with disability, this opens up this sort of play where they might otherwise not be able to for various reasons.

      Sadly, despite the tagline on the paddle of "always leaves it's mark", I have yet to retain boot-print from the tread, which was something I was really hoping for. I’ve been told that these paddles are great for making prints by placing them on a someone and putting weights on, or having them sit on the paddle. This would definitely result in temporary impressions, though not a boot-shaped bruise, if that's your aim.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Boot fetish? Spanking? Sensation play? Ayup- this paddle does all three.
      A little too lightweight and sting-y for me. Worry about cracking the wood.
      Bottom line
      Like sting-y, are a spanko and/or love boots? This is your paddle.
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