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    1. RMBelle's review of Open Hearted Sex Talk Cards

      Average customer review 1.5 out of 5 stars1 review

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      1. Open Hearted Sex Talk Cards

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    1. Product Description

      The perfect icebreaking game for parties and playful friends. Contained within a flip-top box are 100 cards with a variety of truth questions and naughty tasks designed to turn cheeks red, and get everyone laughing.

      Split into teams and play as a naughty truth or dare game at a party, or discover things you never knew about your partner in the bedroom - it's up to you!

      How open hearted do you dare to be about your sex life?

      Sample cards include:

      - Once in a while you will probably have received compliments for your erotic achievements. Which one made you really proud?

      - Would you be able to have sex with someone without kissing?

      - How many times a week do you think your team mates masturbate?

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Open Hearted Sex Talk Cards 1 1.5 out of 5 stars 1.5 out of 5

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      1. Open Hearted Sex Talk Cards
      2. RMBelle's review of Open Hearted Sex Talk Cards


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    1. Interesting novelty but rather unsexy topics

      Reviewed: 29 November 2011 by RMBelle

      We are a long-term married couple and I added this item to my sex toy testers list because of the description saying "discover things you never knew about your partner in the bedroom". We occasionally slip into not communicating so well about our desires (blame family life!), so I thought these would be a really fun way to get the conversation flowing.

      When the product arrived (in Lovehoney's usual discreet packaging) the outer red box was wrapped in transparent cellophane to protect the contents. The box opens with a 'flip top' and the cards are easily removed from it.

      The back of the box reads:

      "You joke about sex with your friends but do you really tell them everything you do, think or have on your mind? How much are you willing to disclose about yourself and how good are you at guessing your friends' state of mind?

      "Sex Talk contains more than 100 surprising questions for some challenging moments, ready to play with anyone and anywhere you like."

      The cards are of reasonable quality, and would wipe clean if you got something messy on them.

      I had a little shuffle through the cards before I properly played with them with my other half and straightaway I found two cards that were essentially identical "Have you ever been lovesick? How long did it last?" and "Have you ever been lovesick? How did you cure your lovesickness?" I didn't really want to spoil the game for myself so I left it there and kept an open mind.

      When we 'played' together (by 'played' I mean we took turns to take a random card each, there are no instructions or structure suggested for the cards) some of the questions were appropriate, but the main bulk of them were definitely designed for a larger group of people such as "What role would you cast your fellow players in if you were the director of a sex movie?". We did have a giggle about our answers to this, however :)

      As we were going through the cards (chucking the ones we didn't want to or couldn't answer back in the box) we came across a couple of cards I wouldn't really want to discuss at a dinner party, and definitely not in the bedroom. Topics like abortion, STDs and pregnancy are waaaay down my list of things to turn me on and the discussion then turned to the actual product itself, rather than the intended questions and instructions. Some of the cards were rather odd "Fucking, now that's 'real' sex. What's your opinion about this?" being one of them... We also spotted a few basic grammatical inconsistencies and errors within the pack.

      Though the overall tone of this review is negative there were a few cards that got us thinking and the conversations flowing, and my other half reminded me of one of the answers to the questions I had given a few days after we had played so he was definitely listening as well as talking.

      I am also struggling to find a really suitable set up for these cards to be used as they stand. In my opinion they would need vetoing/censoring/sorting before they could be used in bid to get a couple turned on, and by the same token I can't see that all the cards would be appropriate for a dinner party or game with friends. They would probably be most suited to a hen night occasion where you are likely to have forgotten all of the questions, answers (and grammar!) by the next day anyway.

      So far I haven't given you any of my answers to these questions, but I think it would be terrible if you have got this far down a review and I don't reveal my answer to one of them...

      Question: "Do you think you would like to have sex after playing this game?"

      Answer: "Not really!"

    2. Overall Rating:
      3 out of 10 stars
      Most of the questions were open so provoked discussion.
      Some of the cards were very 'unsexy'.
      Bottom line
      Unusual set of cards, not for everyone!
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