1. Bondage Boutique Luxury Gift Set

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      1. Bondage Boutique Luxury Gift Set

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    1. Product Description

      Try something new in the bedroom with this bumper Luxury Gift Set from Bondage Boutique. Includes shibari bondage rope, a patent leather ball gag, a suede flogger whip, velvet handcuffs, a blindfold and feather tickler.

      The Bondage Boutique Luxury Gift Set contains everything you need to enjoy a fun evening with an S&M twist.

      Presenting 6 sexy bondage gifts for your lover, conveniently packaged together to make your night go with a successful bang.

      This bumper kit contains the following products, each romantically themed in raunchy red.

      - 1 x soft padded blindfold

      - 1 x suede flogger whip

      - 1 x feather tickler

      - 1 x pair of velvet handcuffs with white trim

      - 1 x patent leather ball gag with aerated ball

      - 1 x 10m length of red shibari rope


      Made from soft faux fur with a leather trim around the edge and lightly padded for comfort with an elasticated back for the perfect fit. Slip on the blindfold to enhance bondage and sensory play.

      Flogger Whip

      Made from seductive suede, this medium-sized flogger measures 18 inches in overall length with 40 thick tails each measuring 10 inches in length. This flogging whip feels great in the hand and can be used for both soft and heavy hits to great effect.

      Feather Tickler

      Made from pointed coque feathers with a downy base. Fluffy, gentle and incredibly effective, the soft feathers work effortlessly to stimulate your nerve endings, enhancing your receptiveness to touch and therefore your pleasure. Measures approximately 15.5 inches from the base of the stick to the tips of the feathers.

      Velvet Handcuffs

      These sensual handcuffs are crafted from soft velvet and feature white lace trim, giving them a fun and festive finish. Adjustable between 6 - 9 inches for the perfect fit with velcro fastening. Each wrist cuff restraint features a D-ring to which a connecting velvet strap with dual clips connect. The strap measures 13 inches long including the clips.

      Leather Ball Gag

      With a shiny patent leather strap and a plastic ball, this gag looks and feels great. The ball measures 1.5 inches in diameter and is aerated with punctured holes to assist breathing during wear. The strap is adjustable between 16 - 22 inches in circumference and there's even room to add more holes if you like. Either side of the ball there is an O-ring, making it perfect for adding reins or other restraints.

      10 metres of Bondage Rope

      In passionate red, this soft cotton bondage rope is a great enhancement to any bedroom bondage collection. Use it to tie your lover in sensual positions or create an elaborate body piece to accentuate the look of your BDSM scene.

      Bondage Boutique Bonus Card

      Every item in the Bondage Boutique range comes with unique loyalty stickers that you can collect to get a free Bondage Boutique spanker - or two.

      Stick them on your Bondage Boutique Bonus Card and keep it in a safe place in your knicker drawer.

      Once you have the right amount for the spanker you want - simply send it in using the Freepost address printed on the card and we'll do the rest.

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      1. Bondage Boutique Luxury Gift Set
      2. Bondage Boutique Luxury Gift Set

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    1. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent

      Reviewed: 16 April 2012 by strawberrytreat, a Straight Going Steady Male

      The rope is great! 10m is more than enough. We had it tied from one corner of the bottom of the bed, around my waist to another corner of the bed and then to the front of the bed and around my wrists and there was still a lot left over! The rope is soft and doesn’t hurt at all.

      Although I personally I would have liked a paddle instead of a whip, I can’t even complain at that. The whip is great, doesn’t hurt. Well, not in a bad way anyway ;) The maker of this product also offers a free giveaway of a paddle, so that’s solved my disappointment!

      The cuffs are so soft but yet so strong!

      It’s my first time using a ball gag and am quite nervous about it but I can’t wait to try this! If the rest of the products are anything to go by, I will love it!!

      The blindfold is so sensual, and although you can see slightly underneath of it I still can’t fault it.

      As you can tell, we love this product and can’t sing it's praises enough!

      Great for beginners, the colour is amazing and definitely adds to the excitement of the products!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Amazing quality and value! Brilliant kit,doesn't look intimidating but instead very inviting!
      Personally would have preferred a paddle instead of a whip but I still love it!
      Bottom line
      10/10! Excellent!
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    1. Great set

      Reviewed: 17 December 2011 by him'n'her

      This is a great gift set for anyone wanting to experiment a little with bondage. All the items are of good quality and comfortable to use.

      May seem strange to mention comfort when talking about bondage but, personally speaking, bondage is more about submission than anything else. Pain and discomfort would kind of kill the mood for me.

      The feather tipped crop we already own and find it better for stroking and teasing than anything else. The part that holds the feathers is a bit too solid to be hit with for my taste.

      The blindfold does what you would expect. It is comfortable and, as long as you don't peek downwards, effective. All mask type blindfolds seem to have this problem. There is just no one size fits all where noses are concerned.

      The ball gag may be the only letdown for me. It is effective but not something that floats my boat. Why obstruct a perfectly serviceable mouth? ;)

      I was very surprised by the softness of the shibari rope as well as the amount. 10 meters is enough to restrain just about anyone. Not something we have experimented with in the past but there is certainly some further investigating going to happen. :)

      The big surprise was the cuffs. They were great!

      I thought that the material was a bit too lightweight but the soft fabric allows them to fit perfectly round your wrist and, unlike many other cuffs, the fastening has enough adjustment to allow for slimmer wrists.

      The velvet finish is soft enough for these to be worn for a prolonged period without any discomfort and the tie between the cuffs is, for us, an ideal length.

      All in all I would rate this as the best bondage set I have seen for people looking to try something new over the festive season while not looking overly Christmassy for any other time of year.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Really is a complete set. Everything for a fun filled night.
      Bottom line
      Good quality and it is nice to have a matching set.
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    1. A little taste of everything.

      Reviewed: 07 January 2012 by Horny Glass Lover

      This kit was exciting to open. A burst of deep red, a playground of fun. I wanted to run around the house yelling whip me, cuff me, gag me, take me! So upon reflecting these are my thoughts...

      The bondage rope was both lengthy and sturdy, yet soft on my skin. The ball gag was a real nice fit, I have to admit being a little nervy in trying this, simply because I like my pearly whites lol. But I had no worries with the great materials used.

      Now the flogger whip was my favorite bit of kit... simply because It was the best of both worlds, soft enough for enjoyment, yet sturdy enough to lash a little pain with out reducing me to tears lol.

      The tickler and blindfold were just that. And finally the cuffs were sturdy yet looked so feminine.

      All round this was the perfect kit to indulge in a little of everything. Highly reccomended. My only minor (very minor) con was that I left a teeth mark scratch in the plastic of the ball gag first time round. But to be honest I expect this with any gag. Plus it's in my mouth so can't be seen lol.

      Great products and I assure you great fun, all for a great price too!!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Variety, quality, price. need I say more!
      No complaints.
      Bottom line
      This is a great adition for anyone who likes choice and value
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    1. Not just for Christmas

      Reviewed: 30 August 2013 by Hanhan99, a Straight Single Female

      As someone who 'bottoms' I thought it would be good to get some of my own kit.

      18 months later I still have the rope, eyemask and cuffs... The flogger sadly ended up in the bin as it was poorly made. I would even go as far as to say that in the wrong hands it could be dangerous (but then that applies to many things!).

      The material is lovely and soft, very comfortable to wear.

      The rope is also very good too as it's easy just to weave it, put it in a pillow case, and give it a wash. Though I wouldn't use it for serious rope work (it compresses in the knots) or suspension - for that you'd want jute or hemp.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Colour, softness.
      Flogger quality.
      Bottom line
      Good for beginners.
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