1. Crave Incoqnito Luxury Leather Handcuff Bracelet

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      1. Crave Incoqnito Luxury Leather Handcuff Bracelet

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    1. Product Description

      Made from genuine leather, these beautiful wrist cuffs are elegant and slender. Wear both on one wrist as a bracelet or place a cuff on each wrist to use them as a strong pair of wrist cuffs which connect via a slim, metal chain.

      Incoqnito is jewellery with a risqué twist. Each item in the range is designed to double as a sex toy.

      Each cuff is adjustable from 6 inches to 7.5 inches for the best-possible fit. The cuffs measure 0.65 inches in width and appear very delicate but are in fact incredibly strong. They join together with a length of chain measuring 2.5 inches in length.

      Presented in a beautiful gift box.

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      Crave Incoqnito Luxury Leather Handcuff Bracelet 4 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Crave Incoqnito Luxury Leather Handcuff Bracelet
      2. Crave Incoqnito Luxury Leather Handcuff Bracelet

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    1. Quality, discreet, naughty

      Reviewed: 24 December 2013 by iTango, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Lovely presentation of this quality item, with a box fit for any bedroom table.

      The leather is top class, with the chain sufficiently stylish in itself that you'd miss its potential as a bondage toy at first glance - it just looks like a 2-piece bracelet!

      Brown leather may not match everything - black is more universal, but then again it is even more discreet.

      Size adjustment is a bit of work, as per the video, but you only do this once anyway.

      Even more perfect as an Easter surprise, as a creme egg fits perfectly in the box as well. :D

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      Classy, with a hint of naughty later...
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    1. Clap 'Em In... Leather?

      Reviewed: 06 September 2011 by cheer_up, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I've been eyeing these cuffs lustily ever since they appeared on the site, but never had the funds for them. So when I won some freebies from the lovely LH, I knew exactly where some of the funds were going!


      We all know and love the traditional LH brown box, but normally that box contains some hilariously garish packaging for the products we've ordered. Not the case here. Incoqnito's handcuff bracelet comes in a plain black card cuboid, with just a tasteful metallic insignia on one side (silver lettering with a copper Q) and a sticker introducing your new "stylish cuff bracelets crafted from fine leather double as handcuffs for a dose of risqué fun". Which I couldn't help but read in Kenneth Williams' voice. Ooh, matron.

      There's a strap of elastic holding the lid onto the base; the base is slighter larger than the rest of the box, forming a lip for you to use to pull the lid off. Well, I suppose that's the theory of it. If you're me, you get a box completely surrounded by lid, with the handy larger base hanging off and only held on by a strip of paper. It's simple to glue it back on, but I'll admit I was slightly disappointed that such a lovely presentation box was damaged.

      When I finally managed to prise the box from the very protective lid, I discovered a small flap of thin card, printed with a photograph of a lady's forearms, with her wearing the cuffs, and the words from the lid sticker. There it was again. The phrase "risqué fun". Hello, Mental Kenneth. Anyway, on the back of the flap, it advised you in several different languages to put one cuff on each wrist and get a partner to adjust for size and fasten. Psh, it's a bracelet and I'm a woman. I don't need no man to fasten it for me.

      - THE BRACELET -

      You just know that you are holding something beautiful. And beautiful it is. When I tipped this bracelet out into my grubby mitts, it took my breath away. For something I've wanted for ages, it's actually better than I was expecting. How often does that happen? The cuffs are matte black leather with a beige/tan inside. Being a disgusting carnivore, I had to sniff them. That gorgeous leather smell is very much present and correct, and I have inspected the stitching meticulously and it's flawless.

      There are three adjustment holes for sizing, and they each have a small slit so hopefully, touch wood, having the rivet go in and out for taking the cuffs on and off won't damage or tear the surrounding leather too badly. Measurements round the inside of the cuffs are as follows:

      Tightest setting: 16cm (just over 6 inches)

      Middle setting: 18cm (7 inches)

      Loosest setting: just under 20cm (8 inches)

      I wear the cuffs on the middle setting, so that they're loose enough to slide up and down comfortably and can pull them off over my hand if I need to take them off quickly, but they don't fall off my hand otherwise (just to give you an idea, my wrists measure 14.5cm around).

      The rivet is silver, as are the bits you tuck the strap ends into to stop them flapping about. These are attached to the chain (also silver). What fascinates me is that the chain is incredibly delicate but you can tell it's really strong.

      - OVERALL -

      If this bracelet were edible, it'd be in M&S. THAT is how lovely and gorgeous it is. I love that it looks like a really classy, modern piece of jewellery, but it isn't too flimsy for its ulterior purpose. This bracelet is a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed. Which is, according to Usher and Ludacris, exactly what you want.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Beautifully presented; beautifully made; beautiful smell; they look gorgeous.
      My box was broken :(
      Bottom line
      Heavenly jewellery with a daring twist.
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    1. Innocent enough but lacking that 'wow' factor

      Reviewed: 11 July 2014 by FoosBoo88, a Straight Married Female

      I treated myself to these cuffs as something I could wear day-by-day, which was there for my husband to use if he fancied a bit of out 'n' about bondage without it being too obvious. I was pleased with how strong these cuffs seem but overall they don't really take my breath away for the price.

      The packaging was innocent enough with a simple white box. Inside, the cuffs are tucked together with no leaflets or added faff. I was very keen on these bracelets, so I was eager to try them on.

      As such, these bracelets don't really 'buckle' but are held by a spoke on each bracelet and an end which then tucks into a slider. The chain is slim with rectangular, sturdy links, about 5 in all, no more!

      It is quite difficult to put this bracelet on alone but with some practice it's possible Each bracelet has 3 holes which you just push the spoke into, according to what's comfortable for you. I wear them one above the other with the middle setting on the highest bracelet and the smallest setting on the lower one. It's comfortable to wear for long periods of time but doesn't really look lie a fashion accessory, rather something you chose to wear for the sake of it.

      If you want something a bit risqué and daring, then this is great. But I'd say the price is quite high for how it looks.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Risqué without being too bold.
      Quite plain looking, doesn't look very feminine but looks too thin to be masculine.
      Bottom line
      Daring and stylish but expensive for the design.
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    1. Luxury?

      Reviewed: 14 February 2014 by McSpankerson

      These looked very nice on the Lovehoney website, so got a set.

      Man, I was so disappointed when they turned up. They were cheap and badly made.

      This is a £10-15 product. The £45 charge is a joke and like me, you will probably be left feeling angry.

      Thank goodness for Lovehoney’s return policy!

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      I loved the photo on the website - they looked like a good quality product!
      On delivery, they looked and felt so cheap! A rip-off!
      Bottom line
      Don’t bother - at this price, you will only be left feeling angry!
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