1. Jason the Male Vibrating Blow-Up Doll

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      1. Jason the Male Vibrating Blow-Up Doll

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    1. Product Description

      Standing at 5'10" feet, Jason is one burly stud. With defined muscles and a hairy chest he's a seriously good-looking chap, not that you'll notice once you get hold of his detachable 8 inch vibrating cock.

      Jason is made from seamed PVC with a 3D-formed head with gorgeous blonde, curly hair and sensual blue eyes. His body is formed in a muscular physique, perfect for tight and protective cuddles.

      Boasting bulging pecs embellished with chest hair (painted on), his waist is also toned and firm. His mons pubis features neatly-trimmed pubic hair (also painted on) with a 1 inch O-ring slot into which his detachable penis nestles. You can team Jason with any flared-base dildo with a diameter of up to 2 inches.

      Jason's realistic height and muscular physique make him feel incredibly lifelike. An adventurous lover, both his 5 inch deep mouth and 7 inch deep anus are open for pleasure. Slick his holes with a sexual lubricant before experimenting or insert a suitably-sized male masturbator into his ass for an ultra-realistic penetration.

      The real magic is in Jason's detachable penis. A delicious 8 inches in length, his realistic cock is made to look and feel like the real thing. With a smooth, sloping head, detailed foreskin folds and bulging veins running his full length for a sensation-filled penetration. The deeper he penetrates you, the fuller you'll feel, as his girth increases to a studly 5.75 inches.

      Just when you think his realistic penis couldn't get any better, you can flip a switch on the wired remote to activate multi-speed vibrations to further increase your sexual pleasure. The wired control makes it easy to vary vibrations during play without fiddly buttons, simply scroll the wheel to increase or decrease the intensity. The control requires 2 x AA batteries which are not included.

      Jason does not come with a pump but he can be inflated by a good set of lungs.

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      Jason the Male Vibrating Blow-Up Doll 2 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Jason the Male Vibrating Blow-Up Doll
      2. Jason the Male Vibrating Blow-Up Doll

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    1. Worth £99? Yes, just about

      Reviewed: 24 January 2013 by dodudes, a Gay Single Male

      I bought Jason because I wanted a doll which for my budget (below £200) would provide a reasonably realistic human form.

      Some people just want the pleasure of sensation i.e. what feels nice around your cock, but for me the thrill of masturbation is part sensation (it has to physically feel pleasant) and part realism (with a bit of imagination I think I'm f****** a hot dude).

      For me, Jason helps to realise this combination. (Within my budget of course, because very realistic dolls cost a lot of money.) The 'real' head, as opposed to just painted face, is very nice. Jason's hair is curly and I really love running my fingers through it. I even washed his hair after our hot sex earlier today (this is where the fantasy element comes in again!).

      The other reviewer commented that Jason's mouth hole is too small and he has hard lips. For me the size is fine, which obviously means that the other reviewer has a bigger cock than me (lucky fella!). He also said that the anal hole was painful to penetrate. Again, it wasn't a problem for me and I find that with lots of lube the sensation it is very pleasurable.

      Jason's cock is nice, it's just a shame that it isn't more flexible (I had to sit in one fairly fixed position!). One other thing to be wary of is getting the detachable cock into the 'pocket' (the bit that holds the cock in place on the body) as it's a bit of a struggle (goes in eventually... heard that one before?).

      I was able to dress up Jason, which is a big turn-on for me! I easily put underwear, socks and jeans on him. I also put him in a tight t-shirt but this must be done before inflating as it won't go on afterwards due to the position of his arms.

      I was able to inflate Jason easily myself with just air from my lungs... I am around 30 and so it wasn't a problem for me.

      Overall I would recommend Jason to those who like to indulge in a little harmless fantasy with hot dudes! I only wish that he could change position i.e. bend legs, sit down.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Jason's ass and head (especially his hair!).
      Not flexible.
      Bottom line
      With a little imagination and dressing up, Jason's a catch worth riding till dawn!
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    1. Not exactly how described

      Reviewed: 12 October 2012 by mister_sparky, a Gay Single Male

      I'd read many reviews of this item on the internet and was looking forward to using it. However, I was very disappointed.

      The mouth hole is very narrow and the lips are very hard plastic, even with lube it is very difficult to enter. Also, the anus hole has got a sharp edge round it so was quite painful to penetrate!

      The detachable penis is very good though!

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Bigger than most on the market, makes it more realistic. Very good detachable penis.
      Mouth hole too small, anus hole has sharp edges - painful!
      Bottom line
      Not worth the money.
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