1. Xcite Books - Kinky Girls: 20 Erotic Stories

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      1. Xcite Books - Kinky Girls: 20 Erotic Stories

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    1. Product Description

      Twenty brand new stories about wild and adventurous women. Kinky girls come in many shapes and sizes, but all share some deliciously naughty qualities. For these wild women, variety is the spice of life and sexperimentation is the key to satisfaction.

      These women live for pleasure - both to give and receive it - and they're definitely not afraid to push the sexual boundaries to realise their goals. Whether it's bondage, role play, toys or al fresco loving, nothing comes between a girl and her kink - unless she wants it to, of course.


      A Member of Profession - Angel Propps

      Arjun's Wedding - Carmel Lockyer

      The Clearing - Chris Ross

      Libertines - Cyanne

      One Night Only - Alex Severn

      Confessions - K D Grace

      Doctor's Orders - Brandon Burnham

      The Strap-On - Maggie Morton

      Retail Seduction - Tabitha Rayne

      Have Your Cake and Eat It - Jeremy Smith

      Spankilicious - Alcamia Payne

      Just Watch Me - Justine Elyot

      Jillaroo for a Week - Eva Hore

      Illuminations - Ruth Marie de la Flambeau

      All About the Sex - Penelope Friday

      You're My Toy - Sommer Marsden

      The Devil's Harlot - Morgan Honeyman

      Hugs, Kisses, Dominatrices - Tara S Nichols

      A Bonding Experience - Teresa Noelle Roberts

      Like Ribbons - L A Fields

      218 pages. Paperback. Sexually Explicit.

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      1. Xcite Books - Kinky Girls: 20 Erotic Stories
      2. Xcite Books - Kinky Girls: 20 Erotic Stories

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    1. Deliciously dark and dirty

      Reviewed: 23 September 2011 by creativewriter1985

      With names such as Carmel Lockyer, K D Grace, Justine Elyot and Sommer Marsden nestling between its covers, Kinky Girls promises much. And it certainly does not disappoint.

      The theme is evident from the title - the stories in this book are seriously kinky. From spur of the moment prostitution to getting down and dirty with a priest, this book has it all.

      As with most anthologies, some stories are better than others. There were a couple I disliked, but the others were so sparklingly brilliant that it more than made up for it. A few were so stand out that I'll still remember them many books and months down the line.

      If you enjoy deliciously dark and dirty tales, then you should definitely get your hands on a copy of Kinky Girls. You won't regret it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      It didn't hold back - lots of kink!
      There were a couple of stories I didn't like.
      Bottom line
      A book that really lives up to its title!
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    1. Perfect bedroom read - bit of kink, something for everyone

      Reviewed: 06 September 2012 by sub-kitten, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I received this book as a gift from a friend having not read a huge amount of erotica and being very curious about what was out there. This book is a brilliant way to get into erotic literature. The stories are engaging from the very outset, and the fact that they are short stories makes it even easier to get into. One story is the perfect length to read before bed to get you in the mood. I like the idea of reading a partner certain stories I've enjoyed and as such, sharing the fantasy.

      The running theme through this book is, as the title states, 'kinky girls' who embrace their sexuality. The stories themselves differ greatly and touch on a whole host of different fantasies which makes this book very accessible as there's bound to be something in there to tickle everyone's fancy. The stories are kinky but feature nothing too extreme so are unlikely to shock or upset anyone. If you're new to erotic lit or just starting to dabble in the world of 'kink' then this book could be the perfect choice. It could really help you with ideas too.

      This book is very well put together. Like all anthologies some stories are better than others but they read very well as a whole. There were a couple of stories that didn't quite do it for me but the ones that did really made up for it. In fact certain of them have stuck with me so much that I may even go back and read them again!

      In short - this book lives up to its name and features a delicious smorgasbord of sexual fantasies, all the perfect length to pick up and read whenever the mood takes you. Well worth a read.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The wide variety of stories and fantasies. All nice and concise.
      Some of the scenarios weren't to my particular taste but nothing terrible.
      Bottom line
      A great read. Lives up to its title and offers something for everyone.
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    1. Kinky Girls

      Reviewed: 10 August 2012 by Calie, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I've never really been into erotic fiction, I often get bored in the middle so I thought short stories would be better for me.

      There is a nice variety of stories (including one of my fantasties) in this book. They are a good length, as I've said I wasn't looking for full length stories but I need to be able to get into a bit of a story, not just senseless sex, regardless of how hot that sex is.

      Some stories weren't quite to my taste, but they are all well enough written to be enjoyable anyway. For me, it was about the right amount of kink. These stories are not vanilla but they aren't particularly extreme. Great if you want to start explore your kinky side.

      This is a great book to be able to dip in and out of so if you don't have time to sit and read a longer book this could definitely be for you.

      5 stars for the sex tips as I picked up a couple of ideas!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      A great variety of stories.
      Bottom line
      A great book.
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    1. A Kinky introduction into the world of Erotic Kinkery!

      Reviewed: 12 September 2011 by Despina Rose, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Alice sent me this for winning a competition on the forums. At the time I didn't have much free time to read and so after taking several weeks to read the first few chapters the book got buried. After having a tidy out of my books last week I found this and decided to start reading it again from the beginning. This time with more free time I managed to read the whole book in about a week around other things as well.

      I enjoyed reading the book and found it to be a good general introduction into the world of erotic kinky books. There are so many different writers and themes in this book there really is something for everyone. Each new story is titled and has the writer underneath, I found this very helpful as you could look up authors of stories you enjoyed.

      There are twenty stories included in this book, all with varying themes, some more obscure and kinky than others. These these stories and themes are as follows:

      A member of the Profession by Angel Props - BDSM and girl on girl.

      Arjun's Wedding by Carmel Lockyer - BDSM, Asian and older women.

      The Clearing by Chris Ross - Voyeurism, fisting, masturbation and older men.

      Libertines by Cyanne - France, art, historic, model, group masturbation.

      One Night Only by Alex Severen - BDSM, two women and chastity.

      Confessions by K D Grace - Vicar, sins, spanking, anal.

      Doctors Orders by Brandon Burnham - Masturbation, anal, sex, hand jobs.

      The Strap On by Maggie Morton - Strap on and sex.

      Retail Seduction by Tabitha Rayne - BDSM, masturbation.

      Have Your Cake and Eat It by Jeremy Smith - Food, foreplay, sex.

      Spankilicous by Alcamia Payne - BDSM, hair.

      Just Watch Me by Justine Elyot - Voyeurism, threesome, anal, cam.

      Jillaroo for a Week by Eva Hore - Australia, BDSM, voyeurism, girl on girl.

      Illuminations by Ruth Marie de la Flambeau - BDSM, group, sight deprivation.

      All About the Sex by Penelope Friday - BDSM.

      You're My Toy by Sommer Marsden - Public, toys, strap-on.

      Hugs, Kisses and Dominatrices by Tara S Nichols - Sex, masturbation, toys, foreplay, domination.

      A Bonding Experience by Teresa Nolelle Roberts - Voyeurism, bondage, girl on girl.

      Like Ribbons by L A Fields - Prostitution, gay.

      As you can see there is a real mixture of themes and stories, some are decidedly more kinky than others and some are more tame. Although I didn't enjoy reading every story I did enjoy reading the book as a whole.

      Recommended as a general introduction into the world of erotic kinks.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Short stories, themes, kinky, different writers.
      Not all of the stories were to my taste.
      Bottom line
      Kinky stories that almost everyone could enjoy.
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    1. Something for everyone!

      Reviewed: 01 February 2011 by ronnie-baby, a Straight Engaged Female

      I feel that the book is very well written and is in the form of short stories, enough to get you going and hooked but not too much that you get bored half way through a story or the book. The use of words are also used very well to add to the kinky/turn-on effect!

      Overall the book has very good story lines with the main theme being in each short story about kinky women and how they embrace their fantasies and sexualities. Although throughout the book a lot of the themes and story lines were quite strong, but my personal opinion is that some of the stories were a bit weak, only because they didn't appeal much to me sexually (although they weren't a turn-off), or involve my ultimate fantasy.

      As mentioned before, some aspects of the book were more interesting, much more appealing and more of a turn-on than other parts of it. I would say it's neither boring nor extremely exciting to me, sometimes a bit tame in places, although a few of the stories I found myself reading over more than once. I would've loved it to feature more stories though, even though there are quite a lot but I'm just fussy!

      There are far too many kinky scenes to describe them but, I particularly like the opening story. Without saying too much about it, it features a young woman who has just split from her fiance just before her wedding day and is left in debt trying to find all the money to pay for it still. She is seduced by another woman who leads a very extravagant lifestyle and is very well to do, with the help from her much older husband. She is obviously just with him for the lifestyle and seeks sexual gratification elsewhere, and in this case it's in the form of the young woman who doesn't lead such a luxury life, whom is persuaded by money offered to her from the rich woman in return for sex. This particular story features obviously girl on girl sex with strap on's involved and some anal, with the use of BDSM. I feel that this appeals more to me and therefore is in my opinion the most kinkiest scene in the book.

      I would say that I would rate this at about an 8 on the kink scale for me, very very good, but in places can be a bit tame and not in enough detail and some of the stories weren't really 'my thing'!

      There weren't any turn-offs in the book and definitely nothing too extreme, just for me personally didn't feature my personal ultimate fantasy, of which I am still seeking to find in the many fantasy books available out there. I would say that there is some 'anal' themed scenes in the book, which is still quite taboo for some women and so this may not appeal to some.

      I feel the main theme to the book is about kinky women and how they embrace their fantasies and sexualities. The stories have been well selected as there are lots of different scenarios in the book and different sex styles, and if I read correctly some of the stories were about kinky women that men have written about and contributed to the book, so you get an insight from both sexes.

      I enjoyed I would say about 70% of the book, overall it is a very good read and there is something in it that would appeal to everyone.

      To round this up I would thoroughly recommend this book, it is very good and lives up to its name 'kinky'. It's well worth the read to spice up any dull day or special evening with a partner or haing a little 'me time' by yourself!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The different scenarios, and they were short stories.
      Some of the stories/fantasies in the book didn't appeal to me.
      Bottom line
      A good and varied read with something for everyone.
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