1. MsEllie's review of Amorous Large 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg

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      1. Amorous Large 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg

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      1. Amorous Large 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg
      2. MsEllie's review of Amorous Large 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg

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    1. Amorous Remote Control Love Egg - Don't do it

      Reviewed: 13 November 2010 by MsEllie, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      With anticipation I opened the brown box. I ordered it yesterday, with Lovehoney sending it by Royal Mail first class post, and it arrived the before lunchtime the next day. I'd been waiting eagerly all morning for its arrival. I'd read so many good things about it. The thought the fun of having my husband with the remote would be quite the thrill.

      I opened the packaging to reveal an attractive pink egg of reasonable size - on insertion it was a good size and provided a nice full feeling. This is the end of the good points.

      It is supposed to be a discreet toy. The only discreet thing is that it is not actually visible once worn.

      When activated the humming noise varies from that of a large 1980's refrigerator, through a volume akin to a washing machine on spin cycle. On its highest setting up the volume rose unbearably to levels only comparable to a swarm of angry bee's in a cave.

      The vibrations themselves range from a pleasant-ish buzzing, to the same vibration with twice the volume, on to various patterns of this same shake with 3-times the noise.

      The main selling point of this toy is "The Remote Control"...

      The range is, frankly, useless unless the egg itself has slipped to the point of almost falling out. Results from the controller were intermittent within 1m of the toy and beyond that flat out didn't work.

      In order to get even a sketchy response the remote had to be pointed directly at me. Not quite the 'across the room' teasing we had anticipated. My husband imagined that having to run across the room and point the remote up my skirt rather destroyed the mystique of this product.

      So in short, it doesn't work. If you do manage to switch it on it has the subtlety of a big neon sign above your head with "I'M WEARING A VIBRATING EGG". The vibrations are at best 'meh' and easily ignored.

      The best things about this product are the colour, and the feeling of it being inserted which, frankly, I can get from Ben Wa balls at half the price.

      Will be being returned shortly.

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      The colour.
      Pretty much everything - the useless remote being the worst offender.
      Bottom line
      Just don't do it. Go get something else with you cash.
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