1. Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle Vanilla & Creme de Cacao 150g

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      1. Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle Vanilla & Creme de Cacao 150g

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    1. Product Description

      Indulge your sweet tooth with a delectable top note of vanilla that gives way to the intoxicating aroma of cocoa. Light the candle and apply its luxuriously warm oil to your lover's skin for a sensual and soft massage experience. Rich, creamy and smooth.

      Sleek and seductive, the Flickering Touch Massage Candle from Lelo treads the perfect balance between being easily absorbed and yet slick enough for a long-lasting massage.

      Light the candle, then extinguish the flame and apply the luxuriously warm oil to you or your partner's skin for a sensual and soft massage experience.

      Combining all natural soy wax, shea butter and apricot kernel oil, these luxurious candles melt into a pool of exquisite massage oil that will nourish and moisturise the skin with natural vitamin E, leaving it beautifully soft and sensually scented.

      From the packaging, to the scent, to the sensual touch, Lelo have triumphed again. This massage candle is an affordable luxury, and the ideal way to put a smile on your lover's face.

      The weighty jar itself is made from thick dark glass with minimal writing almost embossed into the glass and no stickers anywhere in sight. The lid is made from solid metal, with a colour perspex handle, relating to the fragrance of the candle.

      Key Features:

      • Soy-based massage candle for warm soothing massages that nourish the skin
      • Delicately scented with vanilla and cocoa for a light but scene-setting aroma
      • Made using natural ingredients for skin-safe, body-nourishing results
      • Melts into a smooth, warm oil that feels amazing
      • Sets to a solid wax once cooled for easy storage that never leaks
      • Flattering candle light warms the room and creates romantic ambiance

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle Vanilla & Creme de Cacao 150g 14 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle Vanilla & Creme de Cacao 150g
      2. Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle Vanilla & Creme de Cacao 150g

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    1. Smells devine

      Reviewed: 31 October 2016 by betsyvg, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I love my LELO candle. It doesn't look out of place in the bedroom and the scent is delicious

      My OH hates fruit and anything fruit flavored, so this was a good scent for him.

      Once the wax has melted it pours on the body to give a wonderfully warm oil that is very sensual and moisturizing.

      I do suggest you allow the candle to burn for at least one hour before using, though, so that you get a good pool of oil and so the top layer of the wax is liquid, otherwise when you pour it you will still have a ring of wax around the outside of the jar, which will make it difficult to light again. Don't waste it!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Beautiful packaging and scent.
      The price maybe? It's worth it though.
      Bottom line
      Beautiful luxurious candle that sets the mood for a sexy massage.
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    1. Great Sensual Gift for yourself or others

      Reviewed: 13 August 2016 by kinkykouple, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      We've brought several of these candles over the years both as treats for ourselves and as gifts for other couples.

      It's stylish and unassuming allowing it to be able to be gifted or shown to the most 'prudish'.

      The smell is incredible and the feeling on your skin is intense. We've tried other brands and found this feels the nicest out of them all.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Modern Stylish looks means it can be left out. Smells and feels divine.
      Cost - but then you get what you pay for and this is good.
      Bottom line
      Excellent top class massage candle great for a treat or a gift.
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    1. Simply adore these candles

      Reviewed: 20 March 2015 by Dunny&Smithy, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I'm a fan of scented candles, and after being very pleased with other Lelo products, I didn't hesitate on buying a new scented candle.

      The scent is aromatic vanilla with a hint of chocolate.

      I have sensitive skin, but already having used other Lelo products I was not worried about using this oil on my skin, once it had been melted by the heat of the candle.

      I found that it absorbed really well without leaving too much of a mess behind.

      The candle arrives in such a slick designer holder that it stays out on the bedside cabinet without raising an eyebrow.

      This is our second Lelo candle that we have bought and I simply adore them!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The scent was aromatic rather than overwhelming.
      More scents please!
      Bottom line
      Would be great to see more of the Lelo candles on the Lovehoney website!
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    1. Very good candle

      Reviewed: 09 March 2015 by markemma92, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      This candle is great for first time hot wax enthusiasts.

      It has a very nice scent to it with it not being too over-powerful.

      When applying it to the skin, I hold it about half a meter from her body and when it hits her skin it is just the right temperature.

      The fact that it is also message oil is great bonus. Can give your partner a nice back message before and after play, with a lovely scent of vanilla. The holder it is in is of very high standard, as you would expect from a Lelo product.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      It is also message oil when burned.
      Bottom line
      Very good product.
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    1. Lelo, why you so good to me

      Reviewed: 01 March 2014 by DavidB1986, a Gay Married Male

      Lelo is a brand synonymous with good quality pleasure. From their high end sex toys to delicious massage oils with gold flakes - they really are the height of luxury!

      Admittedly, this has been floating around my toy box since Christmas 2012, and for that, I am truly sorry. But I have recently seen the light, and made amends for this grievous injustice.

      Upon lighting this massage candle, the room was filled with the calming scent of vanilla and cocoa - it almost smelled like freshly baked cookies - I was lying there in a state of absolute bliss - it was just so comforting and relaxing... which was perfect as this was burning during a slow and sensual massage section. After about 20 minutes, we blew out the candle, and had a nice little puddle of melted wax. Using a spatula from another massage candle we have, my husband slowly dropped a little bit of the warm wax onto my back. It was warm, but not too hot. It rubs into the skin very easily, and doesn't leave you feeling sticky or greasy, and like the Lelo massage oils, a little does indeed go a long way.

      Afterwards, my skin felt smooth and silky, and according to my husband, smelt good enough to eat. Well that's a result, I think!

      The candle is set into a thick black glass jar, with a metal lit and clear handle. It just looks high end and is packaged in a beautiful black box.

      If you are looking for a luxurious gift for someone, you cannot go wrong with this - it certainly will put a smile on their face. Thank you Lelo, you've done it again!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Smells heavenly, luxurious looking, great texture oil, silky smooth skin afterwards!
      Bottom line
      The perfect luxury gift for that special someone.
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