1. 1969 L'audacieuse Cock Ring Sleeve

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      1. 1969 L'audacieuse Cock Ring Sleeve

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    1. Product Description

      Expect delicious sensations when you slip this open-ringed cock sleeve on and let the four interlinked rings squeeze your cock for harder and stronger erections. From French sex connoisseurs 1969, the L'audacieuse is for those bold enough to want more.

      Perfect for those of you looking for increased pleasure and harder, longer-lasting erections, this cock ring sleeve squeezes your cock along the length of the shaft. The multiple love rings apply pressure in all the right places, culminating in heightened sensations from this 4-in-1 wonder sleeve.

      Smooth and made from 100% silicone, this top quality cock ring sleeve is hygienic and easy to clean.


      Sleeve length: 3.5 inches

      Sleeve diameter: 1.5 inches

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      1. 1969 L'audacieuse Cock Ring Sleeve
      2. 1969 L'audacieuse Cock Ring Sleeve


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    1. Snug but fixable

      Reviewed: 13 November 2011 by HC69, a Straight Married Male

      The previous reviewer is bang on. This wonderful device is WAY too tight straight from the box, but I didn't give up on it. To stretch it out, I put it over a thin deodorant can for 12 hours and now it fits perfectly. :)

      Lube is required to get it on in the first place but once on it's going nowhere (well, nowhere it isn't meant to go).

      My wife and I both really enjoy using this toy and I'd recommend it unless you have a wide girth - more than 1.7 inches wide is going to be an issue for tightness. At 1.6 I needed to stretch it out a good bit.

      Looking forward to seeing more from this company :)

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The way it grabs like someone is squeezing.
      Was very tight but I fixed it.
      Bottom line
      Really good quality and great for both of us.
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    1. Nearly right, but just too tight

      Reviewed: 02 February 2011 by Mr Monster

      First, in the interests of fairness, I should say that I don't get on with cock rings. I love the idea of them, but haven't found one yet that fits me properly and lives up to my expectations; they're usually too tight for me, and this was no exception...


      The 1969 l'Audacieuse Cock Ring comes in a baffling yet stylish package, with layer upon layer of card, more card, a plastic sleeve and a foam cut-out insert to keep the ring in place. While I did really like the overall effect, part of me wonders whether a simpler box would be less wasteful of materials. However, I was thoroughly impressed with the product itself: a ladder of four rings (the ring at the base is slightly thicker than the rest) in a subtle, dusky shade of silicone. Perfect! I've not encountered 1969 before, and from the looks of this product anyone interested in stylish, high-quality sex toys should investigate the rest of their range.


      The ring is easy to wear; simply slide it over the erect penis, using a little silicone-friendly lubricant to help it glide into place. Once on, the stack of rings gives a firm pressure that envelops the base of the shaft. As I said, I would have preferred a slightly larger diameter ring set and a longer stack of rings, but I'd imagine many people would find the size just right.

      The product is intended to prolong and enhance erections, as well as providing an interesting texture to stimulate your partner - while we found it novel, the tightness proved too much for me and ended up being more of a hindrance to my performance than a help.


      I loved this product, and really, really wanted it to work. Despite it not quite hitting the spot, it is still by far the best cock ring I've tried, and I will certainly be keeping my eyes open for new 1969 products in the future. For now I'd just advise people to really take note of the dimensions before ordering products like this, as a fraction of an inch more or less can make a huge difference to your enjoyment!

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      The design, colour and material were all superb. Very stylish and sophisticated!
      I'd have preferred something a little bigger.
      Bottom line
      I imagine most people would love to have this in their toybox!
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    1. Tight and a bit pesky to use

      Reviewed: 15 June 2016 by HC69, a Straight Married Male

      I loved the idea of this, but the reality isn't all that great.

      It's a pain to get on, with a lot of messing around, and overall I found it WAY too tight.

      I'm not sure how they could make it work better, but it's one of the things that never gets taken out the box. A real shame!

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      The design is cool.
      Too tight and awkward to fit.
      Bottom line
      Nice try, but a miss!
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