1. Rocks Off 7 Function Cheeky Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager

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      1. Rocks Off 7 Function Cheeky Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager

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    1. Product Description

      Blending the joys of an anal vibe, prostate massager and set of anal beads, the Cheeky Boy provides orgasmic hands-free arousal, inside and out. Allow its deeply ridged, bulbous form and 7 modes of powerful vibration bring you to an explosive climax.

      Slip the Cheeky Boy inside and you'll instantly be on the path to a sensationally fulfilling climax. This flexible-yet-firm waterproof massager has a section that curls neatly inside of you and a sloped, ridged section that sits on the outside allowing you to operate the 1-touch button with ease.

      The bulbs of the internal stimulator caress every part of your passage, sending shivers along the P-spot and deeply filing you with 4 spheres that act just like large anal beads.

      The external section nestles neatly against your perineum, directing the vibrations from the 7-function RO-80 bullet via 3 ridges which delight you outside to heighten your experience.

      Always slather generously with water-based anal lube to enhance your fun.

      Key Features:

      • Bulbous 7-function vibrating prostate massager for sensational anal pleasure
      • Curved, beaded silicone shaft stimulates P-spot with ease
      • External stimulator blends sensation for heightened arousal
      • Perfect for hands-free use during masturbation, foreplay and sex
      • 100% waterproof for aquatic play

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Rocks Off 7 Function Cheeky Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager 8 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Rocks Off 7 Function Cheeky Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager
      2. Rocks Off 7 Function Cheeky Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager

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    1. Great choice

      Reviewed: 15 April 2013 by Sweet-Loz, a Bisexual Married Female

      My OH and I spent several days looking at prostate massagers and finally settled on this one, mainly because it vibrates and didn't look too daunting but wasn't small either as we didn't want to have to move on quickly.

      When we first tried this we found after putting lots of lube on it slid in very easily and wasn't hard for my partner to accommodate. His reaction made it clear how much he enjoyed the Cheeky Boy and he was immediately moaning. We found it worked best with me gently playing with it rather than him doing it himself. We didn't make it past foreplay as we were both having such a good time playing with it. It turned me on a lot to play with it and find out what felt good - especially as I could see how good it felt for him being stimulated by the Cheeky Boy and me playing with his cock.

      Another thing to point out is how powerful the bullet is. It is very strong when used solo, however is just the right amount of vibrations whilst inserted.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The beaded shape felt great and the vibrations were very stimulating!
      Bottom line
      Anyone wanting to try out a prostate massager don't hesitate and choose this one!
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    1. Nice toy, wrong size

      Reviewed: 06 April 2014 by toys-for-straight-men

      I originally purchased this toy due to its unique, balled shaft and vibrating function.

      This was the first prostate massager I had ever purchased, but I was sad to find out that using it was uncomfortable.

      At first I thought it was something I would get used to, but the fact is this toy is too long for me (the distance from my sphincter to prostate is 2.25 inches, while the Cheeky Boy is for someone that has a 3-inch distance).

      My advice for men out there looking for the correct prostate massager? Measure the distance from your sphincter to your prostate (just use your finger), and find a toy that fits your size.

      Otherwise, buying a prostate massager that's the wrong size is either uncomfortable or plain boring.

      That said, this is a very nice toy with a great feel. The balled shaft gives a pleasant foreplay to insertion, and the toy stays in place without problem. It is very easy to clean, and it is obvious that Rocks-Off put a lot of effort into designing this toy.

      I have experimented with a variety of prostate massagers. Although the Cheeky Boy is too long to reach my prostate, it is the same for me with many other prostate massaging toys. I guess I'm just small down there in comparison with other men.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      The bead-shaped shaft is particularly nice for insertion and removal.
      It was too long for my prostate.
      Bottom line
      It's a nicely designed toy, but it extends beyond my prostate.
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    1. Not enough massaging of my prostate

      Reviewed: 11 September 2013 by Boys Toys Matt, a Straight Single Male

      I've been curious about this kind of toys and this one stood out from the crowd because of its vibrating features and look/design.

      It was easy enough to slide in, although, took a couple of attempts to fully relax.

      Once in, it felt good, but never quite hit the prostate and the vibrations could be felt, but they never felt strong enough to really make a difference.

      Generally, this toy might be great if it fits your body, but for, it just wasn't a good match.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Its design and ease of use.
      Didn't quite hit the right spot.
      Bottom line
      This is an average toy for me, but may work better for others.
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    1. Vibrating Prostate Massager - Almost

      Reviewed: 31 December 2010 by SteSilver

      This was my first anal toy and I was quite excited about using it but ultimately it didn't quite live up to my expectations.

      Like the other reviewer I found it difficult to get it all the way in, and while it's nice to have the first 3 beads in (or to move them in and out) it would be better if I could get it all of the way in to a) massage the prostate fully and b) stay in without needing to be held in place.

      It is still very satisfying to use the vibrate function though and it does still feel nice when it's in, it's just it doesn't quite do enough overall.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      The vibrate function.
      It doesn't all fit in easily.
      Bottom line
      An 'almost' decent toy .
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    1. 5 out of 10

      Reviewed: 23 November 2011 by bigmog30, a Straight Married Female

      Glad I got this cheeky boy in the 4 for £40 offer.

      Great looking product, good feel to it. Once unpacked from the beautiful packaging I was looking forward to using it.

      Once lubed up it was fairly easy to push to the prostate and I didn't have the trouble of it falling out as other reviewers have. But same as other reviewers, I didn't get the prostate massage and orgasm I was expecting - a big letdown to be honest.

      That said does give a nice if not powerful vibration to the anus and between your bum and balls (forget the official term).

      Have used a handful of times to see any difference and sadly none but is still a good vibrator.

      Think next time I will go for a more expensive one!

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Great looking product, material is nice to touch, nice vibrations!
      Didn't get as much pleasure as was advertised/expected.
      Bottom line
      Glad I didn't pay the full £39.99 for it.
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