1. Bondage Boutique Tie & Tease Bundle

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      1. Bondage Boutique Tie & Tease Bundle

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    1. Product Description

      The perfect kit for BDSM beginners, this bundle contains everything you need for kinky bedroom bondage fun. Including a suede flogger, soft wrist cuffs, bondage rope, ball gag, feather tickler, leather spanking paddle and a faux fur blindfold... Phew!

      Explore each item one at a time to discover which stimuli turn you on, and which ones your partner likes. Once you're happy with responses each toy brings you, try combining a few of your favourites to heighten the sensation.

      For a gentle introduction to sensory deprivation and stimulation, try pairing the blindfold and tickler together first. When your ready move on to something more intense, add a little light spanking spanking, or restraint play for a truly climactic concoction.

      Key Features:

      • A beginner's bondage kit with everything you could want to explore bondage for the first time
      • Faux fur blindfold heightenes response to physical stimuli for increased arousal
      • 10 metre cotton shibari rope is soft and perfect for chafe-free kinbaku play
      • Velcro-fastened neoprene wrist cuffs adjust between 6 - 15.5 inches to provide comfortably snug restraint
      • Studded leather spanking paddle measures 8 inches in length and is perfect for spanking bottoms and thighs
      • Versatile suede flogger whip offers a range of sensations from light strokes to sharp stings for experimental play
      • Soft feather stimulates the senses and awakens nerve endings for enhanced pleasure
      • Buckle-fastened PVC ball gag for the ultimate restraint

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      Bondage Boutique Tie & Tease Bundle 35 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Bondage Boutique Tie & Tease Bundle
      2. Bondage Boutique Tie & Tease Bundle

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    1. Fun, great quality bundle of kink

      Reviewed: 02 December 2014 by CharlaChaos, a Straight Single Female

      I bought this bundle as part of the Black Friday sales, and I'm glad I did.

      As I took the toys out, one by one, I noticed that they're all great quality, made with real leather and nice materials. The 'tickler duster' thing seemed a little flimsy, but it might be deceiving me.

      The blindfold works really well - I couldn't see a thing - and it was comfortable to wear. My favourite item from the entire bundle was the little whip. It feels amazing and I cannot wait to use this again and again. It's made from real, soft leather and is the perfect amount of pain to get you really into the mood.

      The paddle was capable of inflicting a little more pain, but nothing too extreme - again producing the perfect levels of pleasure and pain. The rope was incredibly soft, but feels very strong too.

      My only gripe with this bundle was the ball on the ballgag. It is made of a very hard, cheap feeling plastic, that I didn't enjoy being in my mouth, but I liked the 'air holes' cut into it.

      Now I just need a weekend to fully test this bundle of bondage!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Fab mix of bondage toys, good quality.
      The plastic on the ball gag.
      Bottom line
      Great, the perfect bondage starter pack.
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    1. Tie me up and tease me

      Reviewed: 12 June 2014 by Tattooed Barbie, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I've not really tried bondage before. I've got cuffs, a pussy pump and a couple of nipple toys, but still fairly new to all this excitement.

      I wanted to buy a bundle, not only because it works out cheaper, but gives you a good selection of ideal toys for beginners.

      I have sections of the Good, the Bad and the F*** Me!

      For this bundle, firstly the Bad. The feather tickler is great and does tickle but 2 or 3 of the feathers came out, nothing noticeable though. The ball gag: it's good, but a bit big, hard and occasionally pinches slightly.

      Secondly, the Good. The flogger is small and soft which is perfect for beginners. The spanking paddle is also small and soft, but does do the job. The blindfold is brilliant, soft and you can't see through it. The cuffs are versatile as you can use them for wrists or ankles!

      Which leads me onto my third section, the F*** Me section. The bondage rope is brilliant. Again it's soft but strong, and you can tie it to anything!

      So grab this bundle tie your OH up tease them and f*** them! Also, as it's bondage boutique you get the loyalty stickers. Although I feel they should give more than 2 in this pack.

      Overall, great bundle for beginners.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great selection.
      Mouth gag not so great.
      Bottom line
      Great buy.
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    1. BDSM starter kit

      Reviewed: 22 December 2013 by mr and mrs, a Straight Married Male

      The wife hinted at trying some BDSM so we bought this comprehensive starter kit from Lovehoney and found it great.

      Well, what a great buy. We loved teasing and tying each other up. The rope allowed us to make our own bed restraints on our four post bed, which made things fun as well as trying some of the other uses for the rope as it is soft on the skin.

      The ball gag was good, did the job but wasn't our cup of tea. It was enough to make you feel gagged but not gasping for air.

      The colour from the flogger came off, leaving black bits all over the bed the first few times we used it, but no longer does this now that it's well bedded in. ;)

      The paddle is firm and fun experience, both well made and good for a first time user.

      Wrist restraints were again strong and very well made and really comfortable to wear. We actually bought a second pair to use on our legs as they were so good.

      We didn't like the feather tickler. It kept moulting.

      All in all, a great package for beginners with a good selection.

      Thanks Lovehoney.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The handcuffs.
      Feather tickler.
      Bottom line
      Great starter kit.
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    1. Deliciously delectable bundle

      Reviewed: 06 March 2012 by MandiVonSweiss, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      My partner decided to whip (excuse the pun) this up for me as a Christmas gift just last December and I was delighted upon opening the box. Lovehoney's "gift wrapping" service is just brilliant for anyone wishing to surprise a partner, and we keep all of the gear in the deep purple wipe-clean gift box now!

      This has found more and more use recently and I'm certainly not complaining!

      The black studded leather spanking paddle is one of my personal favourites. it delivers a deeply satisfying spank at any given amount of force and feels phenomenal.

      The purple and white tickler has been used consistently with my maid costume to get myself into character and is great for winding down after a massage.

      The Velcro handcuffs are deliciously sturdy and great to keep your loved one exactly where you want them - and the clasps are great for mixing and matching with other bondage gear or attaching a spreader bar!

      The black cotton shibari rope hasn't been used yet as we're still having too much fun with the Velcro handcuffs!

      The plastic ball gag is great for my partner as he has a wide jaw, however with my clicking and grinding jaw problems it doesn't sit well with me at all.

      The blindfold is soft, great quality and great to use both in session and while asleep.

      The whip is another one of my favourites as it feels almost like being hit with a whip that has velvet and rubber in one. It hurts in a sexy way rather than a turn-off way.

      Overall, absolutely great value for money. All of the separate items together come up to about £65 - £69 if you were to purchase each of them here!

      Don't forget about the Bondage Boutique loyalty stickers as well!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The beautiful mix of black and purples and range of equipment.
      Found the ball gag was too big for me to cope with.
      Bottom line
      Absolutely wonderful set! Highly recommended!
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    1. Great bumper pack of kinkiness

      Reviewed: 09 February 2012 by nicandsi, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I bought this as a surprise for my girlfriend's birthday. We had hinted at trying some BDSM so thought what the hell!

      Well, what a great buy. We loved teasing and tying each other up. The Shibari Rope allowed us to make our own under bed restraints seeing as we don't have a head board. But to use it for its proper use is great - it's soft but strong

      The ball gag was great, didn't pinch like some other reviews say. It was enough to make you feel gagged but not gasping for air.

      The flogger and paddle are both a fun experience, both well made and not too intimidating for a first time user.

      Wrist restraints were again strong and well made but also really comfortable to wear.

      We personally didn't like the feather tickler. It kept moulting as well.

      All in all, a great buy packed with fun and excitement. Thanks Lovehoney.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The ball gag and paddle are great fun.
      Feather tickler could be better.
      Bottom line
      Great starter kit which allows you to try all areas of BDSM.
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