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      1. Lelo Intima Silk Blindfold

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      Lelo Intima Silk Blindfold 8 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Lelo Intima Silk Blindfold
      2. Lelo Intima Silk Blindfold

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    1. Knock out

      Reviewed: 13 February 2014 by IrishRose, a Straight Single Female

      This blindfold is of amazing quality and extremely luxurious. Lelo are a high quality manufacture, so I knew I would be getting my money's worth.

      Lelo’s Intima silk blindfold comes in three shades, I got mine in the seductive red.

      The blindfold comes in Lelo’s award winning packaging that is excellent as a storage box to keep the blindfold clean and safe, prolonging its life.

      The blindfold offers sensuous play. Blocking the sight allows the bodies other senses to become more heightened such as the sense of touch.

      The blindfold itself is pure silk, one side having a floral pattern embossed, stretchy so it can adjust to different sizes and it has long ribbons down the side.

      The blindfold blocks out light well. If the blindfold is loose, just use the ribbons to tie the blindfold on tighter. But I did notice that if you had a bigger sized head it might be too snug so maybe by turning it backwards you could use it by tying the ribbons.

      The long ribbons can also be used to restrain the hands close to the head or tied into a pretty bow.

      I loved the idea of how sexy this blindfold is, the quality of the silk and the design of this blindfold added a bit of kink to the bedroom. I didn't think a blindfold could make anyone look even more ravishing but seeing him blindfolded giving me his trust wow.

      I had looked at many different blindfolds but I decided to pay the extra and get one I know is going to last for years of play to come.

      A blindfold is a must for every bedroom and I would highly recommend Lelo’s Intima Silk Blindfold. Trust me the quality of this one is beyond all expectations.

      I loved this pure silk blindfold so much I'm going to get the handcuffs and ties to match.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The quality and the pattern.
      Might be small for some.
      Bottom line
      An amazing experience.
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    1. Luxurious quality blindfold

      Reviewed: 15 May 2011 by dan559, a Straight Married Male

      Wonderful design. Elasticated blindfold with added ties to adjust accordingly, and give an extra extravagant look, with no gaps around cheeks like cheaper products.

      The quality of stitching, feel, design are well worth paying for, as is the luxurious and classy packing.

      If you have bought and been disappointed with other cheaper products for look, feel and use, then pay the extra money and get a blindfold that will last and last and last. I am sure your partner will appreciate the effort.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Quality, feel, design, packing all worth the price.
      Bottom line
      Quality well worth paying for.
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    1. The blindfold beautiful

      Reviewed: 05 September 2010 by Lady Ness, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      The blindfold is a great way to heighten your sexual experience. During use you become sensitive to touch and sound, but also your imagination. While the wearer will have expectations of what their lover's next move will be, the unblindfolded person gets to use their imagination as freely and spontaneously as they can when teasing you towards climax.

      The item arrived quickly and in a discreet parcel. After opening the parcel I found a box with an image of the blindfold and the brand name ‘LELO’ printed on it. The back of this box had a small item description as well as washing instructions. Unlike some products that describe themselves as silk and end up being a poly blend to ‘feel’ like the real thing, this item is 100% pure silk therefore it is stated as a dry clean only product. If anything does get onto the blindfold during use I suggest a very lightly damped cloth to gently wipe away any mess.

      Upon opening this box you find a very sturdy, stylish, storage box. A little black box with ‘LELO’ embossed into the lid. With this kind of box you will not have to worry about hiding it from prying eyes as it resembles a jewellery gift box (but much stronger). Finally after lifting up the little black box’s lid you find the blindfold itself wrapped nicely in what appears to be handmade paper. The blindfold is neatly folded and upon unravelling it there are no visible creases.

      The one I received is black in colour. The outside of the blindfold is plain black silk with a small label with ‘LELO’ printed on it stitched into the back. The inside of the blindfold is patterned silk, which reminds me of the elegant flow of a drawing done by a calligraphy pen.

      At the back is a very thick piece of elastic with very good tension. Due to the thickness of the elastic it does not get tangled in my hair unlike some blindfolds that have a very thin string elasticised back. To add even more elegance and support to the product there are two very long pieces of ribbon. Once the ribbon has been tied you can feel it trailing down the back of your neck softly. The bow/ knot once tied also feels comfortable when you are resting your head on a surface.

      Due to the front of the blindfold being double layered silk with a small amount of padding it means that you get no light seeping through the fabric itself. In the centre there is a curve for your nose only letting through a glimmer of light at times. This gap between your skin and the fabric does not ruin the experience of the blindfold as you still do not have a clear range of sight.

      During use this blindfold made me feel very elegant and every move my lover made felt even more luxurious than usual. It was almost as if every move was made more romantic and provocative just by wearing something of such great beauty.

      Overall this is a beautiful blindfold that is not intimidating to wear. It is very functional and gorgeous at the same time and will make anyone who wears it feel a little special.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The comfortable softness of the silk, and the flattering elegance.
      Bottom line
      Bondage has never been so beautiful.
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    1. Luxurious blindfold

      Reviewed: 16 June 2015 by Laveila, a Straight Single Female

      I have this Lelo blindfold not in the black, but in rather vibrant red, together with matching colour cuffs. The blindfold arrived in the luxury box, which you can expect from the Lelo brand, wrapped in paper to protect it.

      The blindfold is completely made of satin. The outer is smooth, while the inside is decorated. I am not sure why since you are not able to see it with the blindfold over your eyes. The satin is smooth to the touch and looks and feels luxurious.

      At the back of the satin blindfold, there is a piece of elastic, together with a ribbon to fasten it at the back of the head, which makes it easier to tighten round the head. However, if you have bigger head, I guess you may find it a tight fit anyway.

      I personally found the blindfold a good fit for me, and I regularly use it even during self play during the day, to block the light from me and to be able to better focus on the masturbation.

      The light is blocked from me, but I do have smaller nose. I do think that people with bigger nose may actually find that this blindfold may let bit of light in. But not enough for them to properly see, just a bit to see small amount of light. The question is whether it would not defeat the purpose of blindfold?


      I do like this luxurious blindfold. However, I do suspect that there may be some which can do the job cheaper and more efficiently, especially if your nose is bit larger.

      This blindfold does feel very luxurious and it does the job well for me, therefore I am giving it higher rating than some other people may do.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Luxurious feel, satin, good for playing alone.
      Some people may find that it does bit let light in, depending on nose.
      Bottom line
      Luxurious blindfold, but some cheaper ones may also do the job.
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    1. Luxury silk blindfold

      Reviewed: 02 May 2014 by Spoonerism, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      Like with all Lelo products, I was blown away by the quality of this blindfold.

      I was given it as a gift. Presented in Lelo's trademark black cardboard box with the blindfold wrapped in a lovely delicate tissue paper. Full marks for presentation!

      My blindfold is black to match the rest of my bondage collection. The 100% silk is lovely to stroke and trail against the skin. The area that covers the eyes is lightly padded to help provide a complete blackout and the elasticated back and long ties ensure a comfortable fit.

      In use, I found that this blindfold serves its purpose pretty well. Despite the elasticated back I found it to be quite a tight fit and I really don't have the biggest of heads!

      It does block out light well for me, but my partner (who has a larger nose) found that it did let a tiny bit of light in. This isn't that much of a problem as he still couldn't see what I was doing, but just had to keep his eyes closed for comfort. It would be perfect if it had a wire nose bridge like some of the cheaper blindfolds on Lovehoney.

      However, the overall quality and materials is what you're really paying for here. It is 100% silk, not a blend, and the stitching and build quality is excellent. We've used it a good number of times and it's not showing any signs of wear.

      This is purely a luxury product. There are cheaper ones out there that do a better job.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Gorgeous presentation and quality.
      Very expensive for what it is.
      Bottom line
      Luxurious enough, but could be improved to do its job better.
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    1. Beautiful but not quite blindfolded

      Reviewed: 19 August 2013 by NEGuy, a Straight Married Male

      I bought this in red for some tied up, blindfolded pleasure exploration with my girlfriend.

      First, the good things:

      It came, as all Lelo items are, beautifully packaged in a very neat black box, lined with tissue paper, and folded up neatly inside. It does fit back in as well, although you have to be tidy about it otherwise the lid doesn't quite close.

      The blindfold itself is wonderfully soft, high quality silk with a delicate pattern to it. The posterior portion of the blindfold moves into an elasticated piece, with the silk in a concertina to allow it to stretch and fit to your head. On top of this there are two longer arms which you can tie to secure the blindfold in place, which is lovely.

      Unfortunately the blindfold failed to offer a full blackout for either her or me. It remained possible to squint down under the bottom flap as it wasn't quite long enough. While it could be argued that it should have simply been tied tighter, in our eyes, the blindfold should simply offer a blackout, and not require a tight uncomfortable fitting around the head. Furthermore, tying a tight knot in a ribbon of silk could be difficult to unpick.

      In summary:

      It's beautiful, but doesn't black things out properly.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      The looks.
      The effectiveness.
      Bottom line
      Good but not effective.
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    1. Had to return as too small

      Reviewed: 07 November 2012 by blush

      Shame, this just wasn't the right size for me - a bit tight despite the elasticated band and the eye patches were not big enough to blindfold me.

      I suppose you could close your eyes when wearing it but then what's the point of having a blindfold.

      Will try another blindfold, lots available and less expensive, or just use a silk scarf.

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      Nice packaging. Good quality.
      Bit tight and could see when looking down.
      Bottom line
      Lovely packaging and good quality but not right for me.
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    1. Horrendously disappointing

      Reviewed: 24 August 2015 by BE123

      Still contemplating sending this back as I could never ever see myself using it.

      This isn't a cheap item by far, yet it feels like one. The silk is not the luxurious softness I expected, and is instead a cheap, chemically-dyed smelling fabric that is very thin, not comfortable and doesn't sit flat across the eyeline. Not that it would help - because it doesn't even cover the eyes at all!

      It's like a terrible fitting pair of glasses, where you can see giant gaps out of the bottom. The general shape of the nasal bridge area and the overall narrowness of the width (combined with the thin material) means you might as well just use a tea towel, because it doesn't work. And it is SO small and therefore tight across your head you end up with this taught mess pushing on your eye sockets poking your eyes, lifting up at the bottom showing daylight and wanting to slide right off because the rear elastic is so bloody strong.

      This is sized for kids, I have no doubts at all. I know this because I am tiny myself. And it's too small.

      You or your partner has a pony tail or even slightly thick/bobby hair-do? Forget it. No chance at all of even fitting this thing without it cutting into your eyes. And even just placing it against your eyes without wearing it, one can clearly see it is just the wrong shape to cover the area adequately.

      So disappointed.

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      The print.
      Too tight. Too narrow. Wrong shape. Cheap fabric. Doesn't cover eyes.
      Bottom line
      Utter disappointment for the price.
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