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      1. TENGA Flip Air Melty
      2. TENGA Flip Air Melty

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    1. Sucky! Sucky!

      Reviewed: 13 September 2011 by Mr.P.York., a Straight Single Male

      Sucky! Sucky!

      The Flip Air Melty features an unobtrusive outer case with only 2 buttons that are easier to operate instead of the original Flip Holes' 6 buttons. It also has a non specific entrace/opening that can be used as either a "mouth" or "vagina" as desired by users.

      The 2 external buttons are designed to alow entry or exclusion of air from the unit to tighten or relax the internal grip as desired and in use the escaping air can produce sucking squelching noises.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Stylish quality looking appearance. Would not look out of place on "The Gadget Show".
      Can be quiet noisy in use.
      Bottom line
      Very good. Mastubator could be used as either "mouth" or "vagina" as desired.
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    1. A New Addition to the Flip Family

      Reviewed: 18 June 2011 by Pixieking, a Gay Single Male

      The TENGA Flip Air Melty White should be the answer to my dreams. The sexy design and materials of a Flip Hole with all the inconvenient parts removed? I’m in there. This should be a winning formula. Well, read on and see if it is.

      The packaging of the Flip Air duo is a simple and stylish plastic box that you could expect either a game accessory or toiletries to come in. It isn’t particularly sturdy, but the toy is self-storing so there is no need to hang onto it. It comes with a small sample of lube and a small instruction book.

      The Air is advertised as being smaller than the original Flips, but it’s a bit of a mind-bender. It looks smaller, it feels smaller, it’s advertised as being smaller, but in its dimensions the two are near identical. With caps on, both are roughly 7 inches in length and roughly nine around (which translates to 6.5 inches insertable and roughly 6 inches max in usable circumference for the Air). You’ll have to trust me that it just feels easier in the hand than the original Flip did. I believe it may be down to the two protruding clips of the Flip Hole being awkward. Being a solid plastic case, you don’t have to worry about how you hold the Air, unlike the original Flip where the external silicone sections can make handling fiddly. The Air also contains less silicone material than the Flip, making it lighter.

      One of the main differences between the Air and Flip is how they open and how their caps work. The TENGA air opens lengthways like a book, making it feel a lot more stable than the Flip Hole, which sometimes felt unsettlingly flimsy. Opening like a book also means that the cap only needs one arm to secure the free seam in place, instead of the awkward two of the original. The arm of the Air has also been designed to fit flush against the body of the toy, leaving no ridges to get in the way of handling. Over all it feels a lot more stable and ergonomic than the Flip Hole.

      The Air’s inner silicone sleeve is unmistakably TENGA. It’s **very** soft, squishy, stretchy and looovely. I have no idea what’s in the material and I haven’t been able to find out, but as there is a faint plastic smell to it I’d assume that it is some sort of blend. While it is a great material and phthalate-free, it is a more fragile material and can get quite sticky. The inner texture of the toy is far less pronounced in the Air than in the Flip, and there is appreciably less material in the Air. From my experience, I found that, while the sensations of the Air were not exactly up to the level of the original Flip, they were still **very**, very good, and the lack of pronouncement doesn’t make as much of a difference as I thought it would. With the Air it seems that the sleeve is very efficient, making lots of sensation out of less material where the Flip Hole is all gung-ho, some areas out-performing others.

      One thing I would change about the Air is to make the entrance more like the Flip Hole. The air is a little mean with material when it comes to the opening. The lips of the Air feel flimsy compared to the thick fleshiness of the Flip, and I found the hole was a little too loose to get the hugging feeling I get from the Flip. I really did miss this in use. I do like a bit of tightness so this may not be a problem for everyone, and if you are marginally larger in girth, the small size of the toy should feel quite tight to you anyway.

      The Air gets its name from the two foam pads that rest under the sleeve sections on either side of the toy. These foam sections are intended to provide customisable tightness. By inserting yourself while holding down one or both of the valve buttons, air is pushed out of the foam and the toy moulds itself to your shape. Letting go of the buttons locks the toy in whichever state you leave it.

      This system is interesting and does have a profound effect, but it has problems. Firstly, I find that the tightening is really only prevalent in the top half of the toy and doesn’t affect the entrance to the toy that much, though this may be down to the lack of material more than the foam. You really have to play with the levels of suction to find one that works or you. I find that when both foam pads are full of air, it’s really difficult to insert yourself, and the manual says that this can be damaging for the toy. When both are empty, there isn’t enough going on. When I insert and let in the air, it’s better, but it still isn’t quite right. What I do is, insert myself, release both valves to let it hug me, remove myself from the toy, press one button to let one side inflate, reinsert, then play with the button till I reach a nice level.

      This might sound a hassle but it really isn’t in principle, and you can get a lot of variation of feeling from just those two buttons. There certainly isn’t as much personal imput as you get from the Flip, but there is a level of variation.

      Another consideration for me was thinking of it more in terms of receiving oral. There is less depth involved than you could get from a Fleshlight or similar, but the sensations are very, very amazing. While there is enough going on for the quick and dirty, I think I am going to really enjoy it in the times I want a long, slow session.

      Noise-wise, the Air is quite adaptable, and it really depends on how you use it. If you go reasonably slowly with a lesser suction, then the toy is very, very quiet for a masturbator. There is a slight squishy noise and a light sighing. If you use a higher suction or go faster it of course gets louder. If you choose to hold down the air valve buttons while trusting then the whooshing sound of the air from the foam pockets is added. Really, this toy can go from very loud to very quiet depending on what you do with it. At its tamest, I find it produces less noise than the Flip.

      After use, I found that the design of the toy makes the time before cleaning really easy, which is something I don’t really think about when choosing a toy. You can remove yourself from the toy, slip on the lid so there is no worry about spillage, set the toy down, and then you have all the time you need to relax, clean yourself up a bit and make your way to a bathroom without worrying about leakage. There is no mad rush to withdraw and run to a sink before anything spills like in other toys; very handy.

      Cleaning and drying the Air is a lot, lot, lot easier than the Flip Hole. The textures of the Air are much less manic than the Flip and that means fewer places for lube and such to hide while cleaning, and fewer places to trap water for drying. Since I live in a shared house, quick cleaning and drying is important to me, and I sometimes had to go at the Flip with a soft cloth and a hair dryer and it would still take me a while to dry. The Air is a lot quicker. Because it lacks external silicone like the Flip has, the Air also attracts less grime and dust and doesn’t have to have special storage considerations. The only thing to remember is to avoid pressing down the air buttons while cleaning or while water is left on the toy. If water gets into the foam it will not come out and it can grow mould. I blow out any water trapped in the little gaps around the buttons before I use them. It’s just easier all round.

      Positives the Air has over the Flip:

      * Lighter and easier to hold

      * Easier to clean and dry

      * Cheaper

      * No external silicone

      * Hands-free customisation

      Positives the Flip has over the Air:

      * More variation in pressure over a larger area

      * Easy to alter manual control

      * More give for larger folks

      * More pronounced texturing

      * Thicker lips around the entrance

      One thing to consider before you take the plunge for either is that some larger gents have had trouble with the Flip being too tight - and the Flip has a lot more give than the Air.

      In the end, which do I like more, the Air or the Flip? Really, I like them both for different reasons, but I can see myself using the Air more simply because it’s less fussy and easier to clean. I find that, however much I love a toy, if it takes forever to clean then I use it less often. If I want to push the boat out then the sensations the Flip can produce are amazing and are totally unique.

      Overall, the Air is a fantastic toy, and I am so, so happy to have it. It has its problems, but so does everything, and it really is a cracking bit of kit. The sensations you can get from it are simply astounding.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Easy to use and very easy to clean. Great sensations.
      The lips could be fleshier. May be too tight for larger folks.
      Bottom line
      A worthy addition to the TENGA family and a truly cracking masturbator.
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    1. Lightweight Flip Hole

      Reviewed: 06 December 2011 by Insepctor Gadget, a Bisexual Married Male

      I purchased this after my superb Flip Hole gave up the ghost this week. It is much lighter and more covert than the Flip Hole and in general more practical. The insert is very nicely made but there is simply too much suction and not enough give. This has two effects:

      1) The noise (slurping) is not exactly discreet

      2) It can detract from the enjoyment as it is too tight

      By comparison the Fleshlight is slightly wider inside so with the cap closed and full suction there is still enough room to move, but without the buttons pushed the Melty can be hard work.

      To work for me I found the best compromise was to remove the sliding part of the case and use it with hand pressure holding it together. In this mode it was very good, but at this price TENGA should have considered the average girth of their western customers.

      Overall I would have the Flip Hole over the Melty every time for home use, but the Melty is much lighter/covert for travel and still does a very good job.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Light, nicely made, easy to clean.
      Too much suction.
      Bottom line
      Okay but a bit pricey compared to the Flip Hole.
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    1. Best TENGA Flip yet?

      Reviewed: 16 October 2011 by Average Joe, a Straight Single Male

      Compared to the original (white) TENGA Flip this toy seems to be made of a softer material which results in a more subtle but nevertheless satisfying experience. I would say that this is closer to the real thing than the all-out gung-ho textures of the Flip and, for me at least - as an uncircumcised guy - results in a longer experience.

      The two buttons, one on each side, control valves which allow air in and out of the inner material to let it expand and contract. The instructions say that you must hold the buttons down as you insert yourself, allowing the two sides of the sleeve to expand to accommodate you. Once in, you can either release the buttons, causing the material to stay where it is as you withdraw: leading to a gentler sensation. Or you can keep the buttons depressed which allows the material to hug you as you move in and out, for greater sensation. Other ways to vary the way it feels are to change the depth of thrusting (thrusting all the way to the end provides the most intense feeling) and rotating the sleeve so that the different textures of the top and bottom surfaces touch different parts of you.

      Cleaning and drying are easier and quicker than the Flip and, for storage, the casing is one of the most subtle toys that I've seen. Whilst I wouldn't go as far as leaving it on show, its use is not obvious if accidentally discovered (it looks more like a piece of technology than a sex toy).

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      This is made from a softer material than the original Flip.
      Bottom line
      A great toy.
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    1. Very nicely made, but better thrills to be had elsewhere

      Reviewed: 14 October 2012 by Insepctor Gadget, a Bisexual Married Male

      This is probably the lightest weight masturbator I have used as it has a quite thin internal sleeve and it tends to be the sleeve which adds to the weight.

      It has a relatively low level of intensity in the sleeve but very high suction and small cavity compared to the Flip Hole or other units. With the Utensil Race and Flip Hole easily to hand, I rarely bother with it now. When noise isn't an issue it does make a very good sucking toy.

      If you are not circumcised and are below average girth this would probably work quite well for you.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Appearance, build quality, ease of cleaning.
      Too tight, too much suction, too noisy.
      Bottom line
      Probably a good choice if you are smaller than average and not circumcised.
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    1. I do not recommend this product

      Reviewed: 16 October 2011 by Rule34, a Gay Single Male

      It doesn't synergize with itself. In order to use the product with minimal "farting" you have to release the air from the sides (using the button on the front)... But when you let out the air, you're left with two flat surfaces that provide no sensation.

      The only time this product feels pleasurable (compared to just using a pillow) is when you leave the sides fully inflated, but then it sounds like you're pounding two whoopee cushions.

      While this is more attractive, easier to clean, and the silicone itself feels softer, the TENGA Black is a far superior product in terms of quietness and actual pleasure/sensation.

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      Compared to TENGA Black: easier to clean, no external silicone, nicer silicone.
      Noise. Oh god the noise. It's like two whoopee cushions tied together.
      Bottom line
      I would not recommend it over even the original Fleshlight brand.
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    1. Flawed Design

      Reviewed: 07 December 2011 by Mr.P.York., a Straight Single Male

      The main fault with this TENGA design is the continuous loud noise entering and escaping from the air valve system which sounds like a bicycle pump or fart with every stroke you make.

      The inner material this is made from is an extremely soft material that lacks sensation. I personally did not find it stimulating enough.

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      Unobtrusive appearance.
      Extremely noisy. Lack of any firm sensation.
      Bottom line
      Maybe suitable if your penis is highly sensitive. Returned mine.
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