1. TENGA Flip Air Solid

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      1. TENGA Flip Air Solid

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    1. Product Description

      The latest evolution in the TENGA series of Flip male masturbators, the TENGA Flip Air Black takes extreme satisfaction to the next level. Indulge in a hard sensation with stimulating textures and a unique AirValve system for a super-tight fit.

      The Japanese team behind TENGA have outdone themselves yet again with the launch of the Flip Air Solid Black, a lightweight toy that offers the larger man a more intense and harder texture for stronger sensations.

      The TENGA Flip Air is a bigger version of the TENGA Flip Air Lite, with a lightweight body and a unique AirValve for controlling the suction levels to suit the level of intensity you need to orgasm.

      At the push of a button the air-release switch creates a tighter fit and vacuum effect, creating a sensation that has yet been achieved by other male sex toys in the pleasure stakes.

      Designed to accommodate the bigger man, the Flip Air Solid Black offers a possible shaft insertion of 6.5 inches and is tailored to men with a larger girth.

      The interior is comprised of a specially-designed silicone sleeve detailed with a complex myriad of raised textures, patterns and bumps, each culminating in intense stimulation along your shaft.

      Its deceptively sleek, black exterior means that the Flip Air is barely recognisable as a sex toy and can be discreetly stored away when not in use.

      Includes a small bottle of sex lube for extra slippery pleasure.

      To clean, simply rinse with warm water and leave to dry for use time and time again.

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      1. TENGA Flip Air Solid
      2. TENGA Flip Air Solid

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    1. It's growing on me

      Reviewed: 03 July 2011 by sharry

      When my wife first told me this toy was on its way, I was quite excited. We had read so many reviews of previous TENGAs that I was keen to have a go myself and see how it compared to the other toys in our collection. I have had mixed results from these kind of toys in the past and so far I have found the best ones to be the cheaper ones. I have tried seven different ones already, ranging in price from £15 to £80. I'd like to find a more luxury model that lives up to the hype.

      Delivery was surprisingly speedy, as we have come to expect as the norm from Lovehoney. I wonder if they have some weird supply deal with Lucifer?

      The packaging is classily understated, with a clear plastic box supporting a solid-looking, geometrically textured black cylinder. Oddly, I find the design very reminiscent of an iconic Duracell torch design from the 80s! Nothing gives away what the cylinder really is unless you know the TENGA brand name, and even that is very subtly displayed.

      I was quite surprised at the weight, expecting it to feel a little lighter considering its called Air! However, I think that refers to its use of air pressure and suction whilst using the toy.

      It feels solid in the hand mainly because the casing is solid plastic! Sliding the end cap off reveals the entrance, and also allows the case to be opened up for easy lube application and for clean up duties afterwards.

      A full-length hinge down one side of the toy adds to the luxury feel as this is more discreet and more stable than using several smaller hinges. With the unit opened up, the myriad of textures can be seen and touched. Made using a clear compound, the variety of different textures that has been squeezed into one toy is quite impressive. Also, each side has a different set of textures to further vary the sensations. The material used feels very soft to the touch.

      The TENGA comes supplied with a clear unmarked tube of lube, and you need to apply a liberal amount to the inner surfaces prior to play. Ensure you lube the entrance well otherwise you may have trouble getting in!

      Once it's lubed up, you then close the two halves and slide the end cap into place on the opposite end of the toy from its closed position. The end cap has a slide that fits into grooves on the opposite side to the hinge and when in position firmly holds the cylinder together.

      On each outer shell of the TENGA is a rubberised button. The idea being that you depress these to allow air to move within the toy whilst you slide in, then release them to create a suction effect whilst you are on your outward stroke. I did find the buttons to be a little ambiguous when in use with them being difficult to tell if they were actually being pushed in or not. I also felt they needed too much pressure to be effective, and therefore distracting from the real task in hand, so to speak!

      Time to use the toy!

      My initial reaction was one of disappointment. I found it more difficult to actually push into the TENGA than I expected, and once inside it actually took quite some effort to enter fully. Continued stroking will certainly build up your forearms! This was coupled with the fact that I could hardly feel any of the texture! I tried with suction, without suction, fast, slow, and also tried rotating the TENGA to see how the different textures felt. This helped slightly, as I found certain textures could be felt more on certain parts of the penis than others.

      I did find that it took so much effort to enter the toy that I started to feel quite bruised. Much as I'd like to think I'm well endowed, I think I'm pretty averagely sized, so I would not get this toy if you are a big guy - you'll probably hurt yourself!

      The other thing that I found really annoying was the noise. This is definitely not a quiet product. I know some reviews for other TENGAs say it reminds them of a noisy blowjob… well this toy sounded more like Eeyore being roggered by Tigger.

      By now I had become quite disillusioned with the product so I put it away as it could tell I was not going to orgasm.

      I then started wondering if the problem was with me. I know I'm not very sensitive down there, but I know I'm not numb! So a few hours later decided to experiment and see if I could improve the results!

      First thing I did was to use a different lube. The unnamed lube supplied with the TENGA was not really right for me. It was quite thick and seemed to go very sticky after a short while. Even wetting it didn't seem to help, so I reached for the trusty stalwart "Pjur Man Waterglide" lube. I applied more to the TENGA than I normally would, as I knew that more effort would be needed to gain entry.

      Almost immediately I could tell there was an improvement in the sensations I was feeling. But at the same time I was still not getting the benefit of all that texture. I realised that the reason I was not enjoying the TENGA was because the solid outer casing was preventing me from adjusting the pressure I was feeling. It detaches your hand from the having any real input in the proceedings. Something I also found with the Fleshlights.

      The air pressure effect really did nothing for me as it merely increased the effort needed to use the toy, and also increased the noise!

      Out of curiosity, I slipped the end cap off so I could open the TENGA and have a look inside to see what was happening. And that's when I suddenly found I actually was going to like this toy!

      With the outer casing unlocked, I was able to vary the intensity of the pressure simply by changing my grip. The textures were all making themselves known, and I was feeling some very pleasant sensations. Rotating the toy, these sensations changed because of the variety of texture, and it was easy to find the position that suited me best. As well as finally getting the feelings the textures had hinted at, it was also very quiet. The toy was no longer air tight, so no more farts, belches and squeals to distract me. The orgasm I had was great. The textures seemed to hit just the right spot. And even though I was using the toy in a non-standard configuration, it was still fairly well closed, so when I did cum, it remained within the unit until I cleaned it out.

      Cleaning is really easy - just open the toy up and blast it with the showerhead for a while.

      Looking back, I think the problems I had were because the toy has been over designed. The textures are great, but when the unit is closed they fit so tightly to the penis but are made of such soft material that you don't actually feel them. When you remove the pressure you are free to vary the grip and get the sensations you want.

      Out of the three expensive "luxury" masturbators I have tried this is really the only one to give me a very pleasurable orgasm. If you buy one, be prepared to experiment to find what configuration works best for you. I am glad I gave this a second go. I don't think it will be the last!

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Classy discreet design. Good range of internal textures.
      Too tight and farts like a donkey on heat.
      Bottom line
      Worth experimenting to get the best out of it.
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    1. Big and noisy, but not in a fun way

      Reviewed: 07 July 2011 by Essex Boy, a Straight Engaged Male

      I was really excited at the prospect of getting my hands on the Flip Air Solid. It promised a unique experience, and from the description of the pressurised pads it seemed a great faux-blowie would ensue.

      When it turned up I was impressed. The packaging was minimalist and contemporary, and the toy itself looked like it could easily pass as a portable speaker or some other tech-gadget, so wouldn't look horrendous if I forgot to put it away! Then I picked it up, and the problems started. It's really big and heavy. I'm sure this is great in terms of build quality and longevity, but for enjoyment purposes I just found it too much on the weighty side - it's hard to forget that you're using a toy.

      On opening it up, it looks either very scary or very appealing, depending on your point of view. To me it looked great, with LOTS of different textures, nodules, bumps, waves and a lovely soft, squishy feel.

      So, following the instructions, I lubed it up with the small supplied sample, took note of how to use the pressure buttons and slipped in. I say slipped in, I mean shoved myself in. It's surprising just how hard it is to get inside the Flip Air, and I am by no means a big boy, if you catch my drift. Harder still than the girth, was the length, but for a different reason. I felt that the better sensations improved the further in I pushed, when I could feel 'something' against the head of my cock. For the rest of me, there wasn't much to feel, and therein lies the problem - it actually felt uncomfortable the more I pushed in, so it's a bit of a Catch 22 scenario.

      The first time I used it I gave up after a while. Not because of how it felt or didn't feel, but because of this product's biggest downfall - the noise. Oh, the noise! If like me you have a family, forget it. No matter how slow or gentle you go, it makes a slurping, farting racket like no toy I've ever heard before, and absolutely destroys any sense of reality you may have tried to conjure up in your mind. I can only imagine the psychological damage you'd inflict on your kids if they heard this coming from your bedroom (and trust me, it's so loud that unless your bedroom is built like a panic room with foot-thick steel walls they'll hear this one at the end of the garden, let alone the room next door). You'd have to make sure you were well and truly on your own when you use this, or tell your partner what you're going to do so that she doesn't file for divorce after hearing noises when she arrives home from a night out.

      I thought this could easily have hampered my enjoyment of the Flip Air, so next time I knew I was on my own I had another go. I experimented with the air pressure, I pushed a little, a lot, slow, fast, twisted, turned and generally tried to achieve something mind-blowing from the toy. It just didn't happen. The noise was awful, and despite all of the textures and nodules etc inside I just couldn't feel much. I've had a much better result from cheaper, softer, more basic toys. The air pressure promises so much, but ultimately it just feels like a gimmick. It also has a distinct lack of tactile feedback when the buttons are pressed, so to know whether or not it's doing what you think it should be doing is hard to gauge - I applaud TENGA for trying to come up with something new, but this just fails for me, which is a real shame as it could have been so much better.

      In the end, orgasming was a relief more than a pleasure, and not something I was going to rush to try again, unfortunately.

      Cleaning is easy, running water over it and gently wiping with your hands is enough to get it nice and clean, but drying it is a case of leaving it open to drip dry, as any towel fluff etc. will stick to the jelly insides like nobody's business. That could also prove tricky with family members (especially younger ones) straying into off-limits parts of the house!

      Overall, there just wasn't enough to persuade me to make this a regular toy. Maybe it'll come out again when I'm on my own and feeling like a change, but I won't hold my breath.

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      It looks the part, and to the untrained eye doesn't scream 'sex toy'.
      It's just way, way too noisy, and it's unwieldy too.
      Bottom line
      Mostly style over substance, and too noisy for a family man!
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    1. Satisfied the ego more than the libido

      Reviewed: 03 September 2011 by rasptree, a Straight Going Steady Male

      First to explain what I wanted from this product. I already own a black TENGA Flip Hole, which I find creates a great sensation but just isn't tight enough! I don't think this is because I am a particularly small chap in terms of girth - I am 6", which is MY.SIZE Condoms' biggest size. When I push into the Flip Hole it is initially wonderfully tight, then the silicone explodes out in all directions and the tightness is lost.

      I have tried a couple of Fleshlight products, which are a bit tighter, but the texture inside is vastly inferior to TENGA products. So when I saw the Flip Air I thought my prayers had been answered. The added bonus was the clever suction design, which I figured would make it like the TENGA Deepthroat Cup, which is amazing but only for a single use.

      Unfortunately, in practice it didn't work out. I push inside and the Flip Air just pings apart at the hinge. This of course destroys any suction! The only way I can get any use out of it is to firmly tape around the entire thing with insulation tape. This makes cleaning pretty impractical, and even then the suction still doesn't really work. I have tried using it in all the various configurations with the buttons but I still don't fit. Given that the Flip Air is advertised as being suitable for men of large girth I suppose this should be flattering for my ego - but it is not much good for satisfying my libido!

      I would say that a girth of 5.5" might just about get away with it, but anything bigger and you won't fit!

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      The concept.
      Too small!
      Bottom line
      Probably no good for anyone with girth smaller than 5.5 inches.
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