1. Bedroom Rockstar Lover's Game

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      1. Bedroom Rockstar Lover's Game

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    1. Product Description

      This sexy two player board game will have you rocking and rolling all night. Play your lover like they have six strings and prod, poke, fondle, stroke, lick and massage your way to the to reach the end of the board.

      How to play

      This board based game will have things hotter than Hell in no time. You and your partner both have a plectrum as your playing piece and start at the bottom of the frets on a dual neck guitar. You take it in turns to spin the dial and move forward the number of frets you spin.

      The frets are divided into four categories - vocals, finger play, performance and rockstar. After you have moved your plectrum you will need to take a challenge card for the corresponding category and complete the challenge written on it. As you move up the neck of the guitar, the challenges in each category become more explicit.

      The winner is the first player to reach the headstock of the guitar, although coming in second is hardly a chore.

      Examples of challenges


      French kiss your lover.

      Model lingerie or perform a strip tease.

      Tell your lover an erotic fantasy - be as explicit and descriptive as possible.

      Have a naked pillow fight.

      Finger Play

      Tease and pleasure your lover with an object or toy.

      Slow dance naked.

      Explore your lover's body with your hands.

      Kneel in front of one another and masturbate each other - but not to orgasm.


      Pour something edible over your lover's body and lick it off.

      Tie your lover's hands behind their back and perform oral sex on them.

      While using a vibrator or toy, perform oral sex on your lover.

      Have your lover sit in a chair and perform oral sex on them.


      Make love in the "naughty" position - anal sex.

      Have her use a vibrator while you make love to her.

      Watch a scene from an erotic movie and act it out with your lover.

      Share an erotic fantasy with your lover and act it out.

      The box contains

      1 game board with built in spinner, two plectrum playing pieces and four decks of challenge cards.

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      Bedroom Rockstar Lover's Game 6 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Bedroom Rockstar Lover's Game
      2. Bedroom Rockstar Lover's Game

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    1. Love it

      Reviewed: 23 May 2012 by CrimsonVixen, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Let me just start off by saying that this product is brilliant! I bought this on a whim after reading the reviews for my OH's birthday present as something to make foreplay a little bit more interesting, and I am so glad I did!

      The package arrived really quickly and it game itself is presented in a lovely deep purple box that is subtle enough but in no way lacking aesthetic appeal! The only downside is that the box is a bit small and we had a good laugh trying to shake and pry the board out of the box.

      However the game board itself is beautiful, well set out and easy to understand. Although there are no instructions with the game it's relatively simple and easy to understand so instructions aren't exactly needed :)

      The cards are nice and thick with a glossy shine that make them lovely to play with and the colours make it easy to determine which level you are on. The only downside with them is that the two purples are a little too close in colour and can easily be mistaken in a dark room!

      You play with two small pics, one pink and one blue and as you spin the counter on the board you move that many frets up the guitar neck starting at vocals all the way up through finger play, performance (oral), and at last the winner gets to choose a red card and the finale begins ;)

      Me and my OH had such fun with this game and by the end we were dying to get a red card!

      The instructions on the cards are simple, do not require tools for the majority and certainly build up the excitement!

      Overall I am so glad I brought this game, and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a bit more fun in the bedroom! Well done Lovehoney!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      There is nothing I dislike about this game at all! Amazing buy!
      Box a little bit too small?
      Bottom line
      Definitely something to invest in for more fun in the bedroom :P
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    1. Great game building to many sexy climaxes

      Reviewed: 26 July 2012 by Lola&Jon

      We started looking at various games available and were mostly put off by the 'instructions' on the cards - 'nibble your lover's ear' seems a little tame! On the other hand, some games seemed to require various props that could 'easily be found around the home' and/or have fairly complicated instruction booklets - bit too much hassle!

      We settled on this one as it seemed to have a happy medium, not too tame for a long-term couple, but still teasing and tempting enough to be fun. The game sets a nice tone, starting out gently and moving on to a fairly raunchy climax.

      We went through the cards before we started and discarded any that weren't for us - a wise move as it ensured that every throw of the dice resulted in something we would both very much enjoy. Saying that, we didn't discard many from the deck as there wasn't many we didn't like the sound of popping up.

      The game itself was easy to understand and play and lasted what we would consider the right amount of time, it wasn't over too soon, but didn't drag on into tedium.

      Another idea for the cards - use them separately from the board game. We each took one with us one morning as we left for work, not knowing what the other person had until we were back home was very sexy.

      Examples of cards (something some product descriptions lack!):

      'Make love using no less than three positions'

      'Use your mouth and tongue to stimulate and pleasure your lover'

      'Stimulate yourself while your lover watches'

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Straightforward, not too tame.
      Nothing we can think of!
      Bottom line
      Good for couples wanting something a little different.
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    1. A little fun on the frets

      Reviewed: 30 April 2012 by Dresdon93, a Straight Going Steady Male

      This is the first game my OH and I have tried. We were pleased with the presentation, the board and cards are robust enough to last, and will survive an accidental encounter with massage oil.

      The game requires each player to move their token down the shaft of the guitar passing through the four game zones. The flow of foreplay will start with kisses and naughty whispers, leading on to wandering hands, and then a talented tongue. The final section then provides a suggested position or scenario for you both to act out.

      Each player will get roughly 2-3 cards from each section, and it doesn't really matter who draws the cards in terms of one person getting all the fun as the cards state who gives and who receives.

      Very few of the cards have a time limit on the activity, so you can take as short or long a time as you like, or even use an egg timer. Some of the cards do require extras (cream, lube, massage oil, fun foods, ice) so its worth having a flick through the deck to check you've got all the bits and pieces you need.

      All in all great fun.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Good value, simple to play, lots of variety.
      Bottom line
      Excellent game for couples looking to keep things varied in the bedroom.
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    1. Things are hotting up in here

      Reviewed: 30 December 2010 by Fr33b1rd, a Straight Engaged Female

      An easy to follow game that prompts you to explore your partner, gradually building the tension until one player is announced the winner. Really designed for heterosexual couples, the cards can be quite prescriptive (he should do this to her) so would be quite difficult for gay couples to play without first reading all the cards and editing out the unsuitable ones.

      The cards are graded from simple touches and kisses through to full oral sex and as yet we have not found any to be overly kinky or too full on for us to try but as with all things this is merely a matter of perspective and sexual tastes.

      We found that one round usually lasts around 1hr 30 but I'm sure you could lengthen or shorten this by setting time limits on each card.

      Very few props are needed so far all we needed rather than each other is some massage oil. We've played this several times since we got it as a house warming present and as yet there has been enough variety to keep us coming back for more.

      All in all a cheap board game that provides several nights entertainment and lots of fun with your partner. A huge thumbs-up from both of us.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Easy to play and lots of variety.
      Could be a little kinkier.
      Bottom line
      Good clean fun for you and your partner.
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    1. Rock 'n' Rolling Fun!

      Reviewed: 29 November 2010 by toxycat

      I was quite intrigued and interested to review a sex game as it's not something I'd normally buy really so was quite excited when I got the package.


      The game comes in a super glossy box. Bedroom rockstar on the front and just a flash of flesh on the back - the only real hint that this is an 'adult' game. At first glance however this doesn't scream 'sex game' and it certainly isn't tacky looking so full marks on aesthetics.

      Game play:

      On opening the box you're greeted with a game board, 4 packs of cards and two guitar picks... but no instructions. You expect them to be in the box, we puzzled for a bit, and it took us 5 minutes before we realised they were written on the side of the box... doh!

      Anyway, the board is a picture of a guitar with a male and female side. The basic aim of the game is to spin the number wheel and with your guitar pick make your way up the arm of the guitar. The guitar arm is split into 4 sections and this is where the cards come in. You have:

      30 vocal cards

      30 finger play cards

      30 performance cards

      30 rock star cards

      When you land on a square in a certain zone you pick a card and you then have to perform that action on your partner. The zones go up a notch with regards to kinkiness each time:

      Vocal zone: the tamest zone includes actions such as simple nibbling and kissing etc.

      Finger play: in this zone you get to explore more e.g. blindfold your partner and pleasure your lover with your hands.

      Performance zone: things start to get really steamy e.g. masturbate while you perform oral sex on your partner.

      Rockstar zone: the end zone, your goal of the evening! Whoever reaches this first picks a card and this is full blown 'get down and dirty' type stuff e.g. your partner has to become your sex slave for the evening!

      This game is incredibly simple yet effective. Me and my partner spent a good hour playing this... I started off giggling and ended up hot and steamy, sat on top of my other half giving him what his Rockstar card demanded... me as the Rockstar prize!

      This game I would say needs a bit of planning before you play it. A few of the cards require props such as blindfolds, lube, vibrators etc so we found ourselves running up and downstairs to find our required tools. The best way to overcome this is to plan the evening before you play it. Just the two of you, lots to drink, candles, massage oils, a selection of toys and restraints and of course damn hot underwear as you both will end up stripping off there's no question of that.

      All in all this is a really good game, lots of fun and ends up with things getting incredibly erotic... that's if you let it.

      My other half was that impressed he's already planned another evening. He absolutely loved it... probably due to the fact he won!

      So if you're racking your brain for an alternative and saucy night in with your other half - buy this. You will not be disappointed!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Simple to play, fun and oh so naughty!
      Think it should advise that props may be needed for game play.
      Bottom line
      An alternative twist to a saucy night in for 2!
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