1. SaSi by Je Joue Intelligent Rechargeable Vibrator

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      1. SaSi by Je Joue Intelligent Rechargeable Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      SaSi is a revolutionary rechargeable sex toy that offers a unique combination of movement and vibration beneath a soft silicone skin that creates a caress like oral sex. With almost endless patterns, SaSi lets you have it your way - again and again.

      Featuring a revolutionary undulating massaging head that combines with vibrations to deliver ultimate satisfaction, its smooth massaging ball circles under a soft silicone skin, while vibrating and pulsating to create unique caresses and sheet-clenching stimulation.

      Just like a good lover, SaSi is capable of giving a different experience every time, and will learn and remember the movements you love best. Because SaSi learns what you like while you use it, every time you switch-on, you're guaranteed your favourite turn-on.

      It has 5 patterns of movement with a choice of numerous vibration styles and speeds to go with it.

      It has 2 modes - 'Customise' and 'Favourites'. 'Customise' gives you 20 second samples of each pattern and function (in numerous combinations) and allows you to choose which ones you like best. 'Favourites' remembers which patterns, speeds and functions you like then gives them to you at a touch of a button.

      It has a unique 'Don't Stop' button, so when you find something you absolutely love you can really go to town without worrying about it switching to another one accidentally.

      SaSi comes pre-loaded with what the inventor calls 'Sensual Intelligence', which customises the orgasm experience just for you. It learns what you like and what you don't like - and then remembers for future enjoyment.

      Splashproof, fully rechargeable and beautifully packaged.

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      1. SaSi by Je Joue Intelligent Rechargeable Vibrator
      2. SaSi by Je Joue Intelligent Rechargeable Vibrator

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    1. Patience is a Divine Virtue

      Reviewed: 06 December 2011 by Divine69, a Bisexual Single Female

      I bought my SaSi several months ago so first off apologise for not writing this sooner - however this luxury toy needs to be given time and patience to understand its truly fantastic virtues!

      I ordered this because I'd had my eye on it for quite some time. I had tried the Sqweel but that was noisy and completely useless for me. Yes, the Je Joue SaSi is a very expensive treat but if you love oral I believe this is worth every penny (even better if it's on special offer!).

      I am very fussy about what I like and I do generally go for very strong vibrations, which my clit loves. I also tend to enjoy very long play sessions and my Je Joue SaSi allows me to play as long as I like.

      The packaging is something special indeed - a smart black wooden (could be very thick cardboard but feels wood to me) box ensures the divine SaSi arrives safe and sound. It's cushioned too and the SaSi sits in her very own cradle, which is a brilliant touch and is very useful for sitting her in when she's on charge.

      I bought the purple one. I would have gone for the red one had Lovehoney stocked it but I'm very happy with this one. The silicone underside is of a lighter shade than the hard plastic top, which is pleasing on the eye.

      I did have problems when I went to put my SaSi on charge for the first time - I found the rubber 'flap' very hard to lift to connect the charging lead. I even rang LH Customer Service as I was worried I would break it! I needn't have been so worried, I managed to get the flap up eventually! Once fully charged (not very long, I can't remember now but not as long as other luxury toys take) I was ready to try my new baby out.

      At first I used only the preset patterns, which I found okay but not ooh la la! Which is what I had expected. So initially I wasn't overly happy - almost getting to the stage where I thought I should return the toy. However I decided that I should keep on and try all the possibilities with this toy - and I am oh so glad I did! (Which is why it's taken me till now to write my review.)

      After a month or so of ownership of the SaSi I decided to try out the custom mode. I had to read the instruction manual several times to understand what I should be doing but once I was actually using the SaSi it all made sense and is, in fact, fairly easy to remember. Besides, once I told her what I liked she remembered for me - truly wonderful design! I wish more toys were like this. Very clever and supremely lush!

      The best position I find that works for me with the SaSi is sitting up with my knees up and my thighs gripping SaSi in place on my clit. I feel the ball doing its thing directly where I need it to be - just divine, long gradual multiple orgasms, which is a lovely change from the usual high-buzzing of, most, of my other toys.

      I do use a bit of lube (water-based). I find this best as it feels more like the real deal. A good quality thin lube is the bees knees - my lube of choice is the ID Pleasure Enhanced Sensation Lube, delivering exactly what is required!

      Usually I use my SaSi on her own, devouring the gorgeous sensations my clit is receiving. In the position I sit it makes it a tad awkward for anything else to be played with too, although I do occasionally use my Rends R1 Predator Wand (inserted vaginally) too. My favourite, though is just my SaSi doing her thing till my heart's content - and the sheets are soaking!

      There is a vibration mode (keep pressing the 'up' button) too, but I don't really feel the need to use this function - the ball-bearing function is enough for me! Having said that the vibrations are very powerful - almost taking the pleasure away from the ball-bearing movements. The vibrating patterns are lush though (to turn vibration patterns on hold 'up' button for a couple of seconds) and really do compliment the oral sensations rather nicely!

      I totally love how long my SaSi lasts on 1 charge - this speaks volumes on the quality of the toy. There are lights, flashing red, warning when she is running low and needing a charge. The green light signifies when she is fully charged.

      There is also a locking facility with the SaSi, which I found out only recently - this wonderful toy is full of surprises! I've noticed how locking her really helps to conserve her energy and reduces the need to charge so often (when unlocked I was charging her more often).

      The 'no storage' bag isn't really an issue for me. It would have been nice but I use a nice soft one that came with the Doc Johnson Squirty dildo I ordered at the same time and it does the job fine and dandy of keeping the dust off!

      I am so in love with my SaSi. I have no regrets whatsoever in having spent the most I ever have on one toy. She is, purely and simply, perfect for me in every way. My SaSi is above and beyond my expectations!

      If you enjoy long, fabulous sessions and are looking for something different to enjoy - and love oral! - and like the idea of being able to tell this baby exactly what you want then I doubt you'll be disappointed. Also, if you have the need for a truly silent toy then I don't think this can be beaten.

      The JeJoue SaSi will not be for everyone's taste but if you fancy some of what I'm having with mine then I think this is for you!

      My final word has to be patience. Give this luxury toy the time she deserves and you will understand my title of this review - Patience is a Divine Virtue. Enjoy!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Lasts forever on one charge, texture, customisation, truly silent, locking function.
      No storage bag. That's it though - nothing else!
      Bottom line
      Just perfect for me :-)
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    1. Absolutely licking tremendous!

      Reviewed: 08 June 2009 by kats-eyes

      My gorgeous man got me this for Christmas and at first I thought, oh god, just another vibrator... Anyway, it sat in its box till he went back home (we have a long distance relationship) and one night he asked me if I'd tried it yet, which I hadn't.

      So while we were on the phone, I got busy with it. I have to say, I found it a slow burn, but once I got the hang of it, OH. MY. GOD. It was like he was back in the room with me! I was practically screaming the house down.

      Both he and I are so impressed! Most vibrators are much of a muchness, (I have to admit I find the rabbits too powerful for me) but this is so gentle and teasing - save your pennies up and buy one! Now!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Totally simulates the most fantastic oral sex you ever had!
      Takes a while to get used to the controls
      Bottom line
      Licks better than most men do...!
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    1. Wow. Great for when he isnt home.

      Reviewed: 02 May 2009 by crazychick

      My husband bought this for me one evening when we were looking for something a little different.

      Got the SaSi and was impressed with the way it was packaged and its whole presentation. Put it on charge and waited. While waiting I read the instructions.

      Once it was charged, I closed the door and decided to see if it was worth the money.

      It is very easy to use. The only thing I would say is that positioning it for ultimate stimulation can take a bit of working out but once you do its fantastic.

      It is quiet and really does hit the right buttons.

      I soon found that I had 5 favourites that worked for me. I still now like to sometimes flick through the rest and see if there was something I missed.

      I found orgasm with this was slower but, in the end, more intense. Pretty much the same as I find between oral and penetrative sex. The Sasi is good for running all over the body though including nipples.

      I would recommend this but only if you can orgasm from clit stimulation alone, as its not for internal use.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      I liked how it felt and the ease of use.
      The charger is a little awkward at first.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic product.
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    1. The best Christmas present ever!

      Reviewed: 12 January 2009 by muffin25

      My boyfriend bought me a SaSi for Christmas and it is the best Christmas present I have ever had!!

      There was no time to try it out before going to his families for Christmas Day and all I could think about throughout the day was getting back home and using my SaSi. Now every time I use my SaSi by myself I think of the first time my boyfriend and I used it.

      There are so many great things about the SaSi I don’t know where to start!! I have the pink one and it is a gorgeous colour. The silocone cover has a really soft, silky feeling, especially when we applied some lube. It is a really classy looking toy and is the perfect shape for my hand (and my boyfriends!). I love the beautiful box it comes in and the black carry pouch. It looks (and is) a really luxury product.

      We began using it on the low vibration and built it up slowly until I was really aroused. The pulsing vibration is definitely my favourite. Then we began using the massaging nub. Wow!! It really feels like the real thing. I love all the different movements the nub makes, with different combinations every time and the more I have got to know how to use it the better it is. I love having the option to just use the vibration mode or combine it with the massaging nub, or just use the nub, depending on my mood. No other toys give that option. I have saved some amazing moves in the Favourites mode, so when I’m by myself I have just as much fun! It has given me some fantastic orgasms and I love that I can build up the pleasure slowly resulting in really long, lovely orgasms.

      It is really worth learning how to use all the functions properly even though it took a bit of time it was fun learning together with my boyfriend. And it was not as difficult to learn as I thought it would be so don’t be put off by it.

      It really is the most amazing toy I have ever used!! I advise everyone to buy one!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The different combinations and customisations. It really feels like the real thing!
      Having to wait on Christmas Day to use it!
      Bottom line
      The most amazing toy ever!
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    1. SaSi: the quintessentially female machine

      Reviewed: 14 March 2009 by carolm

      I purchased a SaSi on Tuesday (great delivery Lovehoney!). This is a quintessentially female machine. Not a phallic toy – totally and absolutely female. As with all new technology, you need to practice for a while with it. With the SaSi, practice is extraordinarily good fun. The SaSi is packaged beautifully, a joy to unwrap. The instructions are clear and concise, (thank you Lovehoney for the tip on charging.) The SaSi really does remember what you like. I have purchased many toys over the years and wished for just such a toy as the SaSi. Gentlemen, if you are thinking of buying your lady a toy, this is the one to get. Ladies, if you want a toy this one is, in my opinion, worth the money. Again thank you Lovehoney. I’m going to practice some more.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      I like the whole concept of the SaSi. It really does remember.
      The only drawback is the charge cord is white. It should be black.
      Bottom line
      A totally female toy - not phallic. Just fun
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