1. We-Vibe II Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

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      1. We-Vibe II Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      The 2010 Sex Toy of the Year for Couples has been improved with 9 powerful vibrating functions! We-Vibe II is a unique clitoral and G-spot vibrator that can be used alone or worn while you make love to deliver thrilling sensations to you both.

      Only Lovehoney is authorised to sell the We-Vibe II in the UK. All our We-Vibes come with UK plugs and are designed for UK power outlets. Beware of grey imports with European or US plugs!

      We-Vibe II's unique design means women can use it internally while also having penetrative sex with their partner, delivering maximum satisfaction to you both.

      The two vibrating motors combine to produce a unique throbbing action that syncs with your body - unique and utterly orgasmic.

      Voted Sex Toy of the Year by viewers of the prestigious Talk Sex With Sue Johanson show in Canada, the We-Vibe is now even better, boasting 9 vibrating speeds and functions,

      It's small, perfectly formed and deliciously powerful.

      Sex Expert Julie Peasgood tested the We-Vibe for Lovehoney. She says: "Yes - the We-Vibe really does fit in with a penis! It's far more comfortable than you'd expect and reassuringly quiet, especially on the lower speed. It's also an excellent device for strengthening your kegel muscles and its clever shape makes it possible to go out with it in place - a pleasantly illicit experience."

      The We-Vibe's unique innovative design allows for both external and internal stimulation for women engaging in both solo play and sex with a partner.

      The We-Vibe is hands free, strap free and wireless. Created from medical grade silicone, the We-Vibe is soft and conforms to the female shape, making it comfortable and easy to use.

      With two powerful motors and an incredible 9 speeds and patterns, the We-Vibe can deliver 2 hours of orgasmic stimulation on a single charge.

      Discreet in size, the We-Vibe is approximately 3.25 inches long and 1 inch wide, weighing only 60 grams (2 ounces) making it ideal for travel and it's splashproof!

      It is also rechargeable and boasts powerful dual motors and offers dual vibe stimulation in all the right places for both the man and the woman!

      It comes complete with UK Power Adaptor and carry case.

      Suitable for use with all water-based lube. We-Vibes are compatible with Pjur Original Bodyglide Silicone-Based Lubricant, but do not use with any other silicone based lubes.

      How to use your We-Vibe

      The We-Vibe replaces an entire selection of adult toys because it is extremely versatile. It has the power of a large vibe but is small enough to fit into a woman's contours and deliver stimulation directly to the clitoris and G-spot. The We-Vibe has no wires or straps to get in the way or ruin the mood. Leave your We-Vibe plugged in and charging so it will always be ready when you are.

      The We-Vibe fits women anatomically and is so slender and conforming that a penis or dildo can easily fit into the vagina along with the We-Vibe.

      To Use:

      + Wash your We-Vibe with soap and water before and after use. Only use water based lube.

      + Adjust the power setting to low or high speed and prepare to enjoy the thrilling sensations!

      + Insert the tapered, slender end into the vagina about 3 inches (8 cm) up to the bend. The flexible 'C' shaped We-Vibe will easily open to an 'L' shape when worn. The larger 'Clitoral Pad' will nestle in between the labia and against the clitoris.

      The G-Spot stimulator has a tapered 'tear drop' shape that naturally hugs your G-Spot while you make love. The internal G-Spot vibrator motor provides the ideal stimulation directly to the G-Spot and the pleasure ribs gently massage the G-Spot when a penis or dildo moves inside the vagina.

      The We-Vibe's anatomical shape fits women's internal contours and it naturally and comfortable nestles in and massages the G-Spot. The flexible We-Vibe conforms inside you to accommodate the shape of the vagina while making love in different positions.

      Once the smaller G-Spot stimulator has been inserted inside the vagina, the larger Clitoral Stimulator pad flexes back to gently hug the clitoris and the labia conforms over and around the We-Vibe. The Clitoral Stimulator spreads the labia, exposes the clitoris and nestles in directly against the clitoris.

      The powerful throbbing from the internal vibrator motor directly stimulates the clitoris with the ideal climactic vibrations. The clitoral pad pleasure waves provides added physical stimulation to the clitoris when the clitoral pad rubs against you while making love.

      The We-Vibe can be worn while making love or while walking around the house as it will always try to stay nestled into the woman's erogenous zone. It can be easily removed at any time.

      Mains rechargeable with UK plug.

      Voltage: 100 - 240V

      Frequency: 50 - 60hz

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      We-Vibe II Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator 179 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. We-Vibe II Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator
      2. We-Vibe II Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. One of our favourites

      Reviewed: 15 September 2019 by Rob2230, a Straight Married Male

      This is a great toy for couples. It has two vibrating pads - one to stimulate the clitoris and the other for the G-spot. The OH says it is comfortable to wear and provides satisfying vibrations.

      We use this toy during intercourse and share the vibrations, leading to a satisfying climax.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      A great toy for couples.
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    1. Amazing

      Reviewed: 16 December 2014 by Icsa, a Straight Going Steady Female

      There is nothing more than can be said about this product, other than amazing.

      It works best for personal use, but can be used during sex (though it can be a little tricky).

      It has a great variety of settings and it relatively easy to turn on and off.

      It hits just the right spots.

      I am excited to get an upgrade as well, but for a start this was brilliant.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Size, variety, use.
      Bottom line
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    1. Oh my, what a buzz

      Reviewed: 13 September 2014 by wendy bird, a Straight Married Female

      We bought this in the 3 for £75 offer.

      I was looking at the newer models, but this being available in the offer was too good to miss.

      My Lovehoney package came within 2 days, and I couldn't wait to see our purchases. They were safely packaged in a brown discreet box.

      The colour and feel of this little device are lovely. I had the red one, and had a little try of all the settings when first opening the box. It's not too loud just a gentle hum. I was very pleased and looking forward to using it. I charged it for the 24 hours. A good diagram in the instructions shows you where to plug the charger into, so make sure you take a look.

      To be honest I was not utterly convinced this little device would stay in place.

      After a little bit of foreplay the OH lubed up the vibe and inserted it. We had already chosen the setting we liked beforehand. It might be a bit awkward to set while inserted. We will have to try that at a later date.

      It just felt lovely. The vibes are just right, not overpowering. I could feel them on both my clit and G-spot. It stayed in place while I moved around to pleasure my OH, and I really enjoyed the feelings it gave.

      Then my OH entered me. We could both feel the gentle vibrations the vibe was making. He said the vibe was vibrating against him and it felt so good. It stayed in throughout our session until he removed it.

      It was easy to clean, being waterproof. We dried it and plugged it back in to make sure it was charged and ready for next use, because we will be wanting to use it again soon and often.

      So lucky to get this while on offer.

      Thank you so much, Lovehoney, for giving us offers like this.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Colour, texture, easy to use, stayed put.
      Bottom line
      A lovely small device, does what it says, wonderful orgasms.
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    1. We-Vibe We OMG

      Reviewed: 11 September 2014 by Audrianna87, a Straight Married Female

      Managed to grab this we beast in the 3 for £75 deal and I am chuffed I did. I have gave this toy a pure test over 2 months so can be fair on reviewing it.

      First off, once again speedy delivery from the great Lovehoney. Secondly, the package the We-Vibe is in is really stylish, sleek and perfect size for storage. Unlike a lot of toys in super huge packages.

      The toy looks extremely small (do not think that this is a bad thing oh no no you will see ), It has a awesome little white silk storage bag to keep it in if you don't like to keep the packaging for toys, which I think is a great touch.

      In the box is a charger, the little We-Vibe, a little white silk storage bag and some instructions.

      The instructions recommend you charge it properly (24 hours). I recommend you do as at first we charged it for 1 hour because we were so excited to try it. We took it off charge started to use it and it died ha-ha. So do charge fully to avoid disappointment half way through.

      The charger plugs into the front. There is a little dimple near the power button where you just push the charger into the dimple and you're done. Sit back, relax have a nap and try not to get too excited while waiting like we did.

      The We-Vibe is so smooth and beautifully made. I was impressed with the material and the build quality.

      So 24 hours later fully charged and ready to go we put this we beast to the test. We lubed it up and myself up slid the vibe inside. We opted to turn it on before my hubby entered me found this easier.

      Oh yes! This we vibe has to be the best toy we have ever (and I mean ever ) purchased! The vibrations on this toy were strong and powerful and it certainly packs a wallop.

      There are 9 speeds and patterns to choose from, which I think is a great variety.

      The vibrations are amazing and I could feel every bit of it on my clitoris and inside me. My other half said he enjoyed the feeling of the vibrations on his penis as well, which is a win win for both of us.

      We have not tried this in the shower as with all our waterproof toys I am always scared to try them in water. Maybe some day though.

      We gave the We-Vibe a try in lots of different positions and found that doggy-style and me on top were the most pleasurable for us.

      This toy is amazing for couples as you are both involved in the pleasure and no one is left out. Plus it is hands-free. Which leaves your hands free for other uses.

      Another bonus is that it is a rechargeable toy which means (wooohooo) no more faffing around with batteries.

      As I said earlier this is by far the best toy we have ever purchased and the fact it is a toy for couples makes it that much better. Top marks for the We-Vibe II. 10/10.

      Thank you, who ever invented this.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Small, powerful, quality, re-chargeable, smooth, couples play.
      First charge time lol we were too excited.
      Bottom line
      10/10 a absolute brilliant toy (we nicknamed it the we-beast).
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    1. The joy toy

      Reviewed: 28 August 2014 by sexytime87

      Both me and my partner were really interested in getting one of these We-Vibes to have a go and see how it would be for us. While looking through Lovehoney's deals I saw this in the 3 for £75 deal and knew that I had to buy one.

      When our box of goodies came, the first thing that we noticed was the box for the We-Vibe is so stylish and sleek plus great for storage. I couldn't stop looking at the vibe through the little window you have on the box. We both thought it was going to be bigger than what it was, but don't be put off by the size, as men say it's not how big it is it's how you use it.

      When looking in the box we saw that it was very nicely packaged up with the charger, We-Vibe and a white silky storage bag. I couldn't wait to take all of the bits out of the box and feel the We-Vibe. To my surprise the vibe was so smooth and beautifully made both of us were so impressed with the material and the build quality. The nodules on the We-Vibe were a great addition for added stimulation.

      The bag that came with the toy is perfect for storing the We-Vibe safely and keeping it away from dust. The bag itself is very durable and it has an extra silky inside. This masks any colour from being seen outside of the bag and keeps your toy well hidden from any prying eyes. This storage bag is easy to clean all you need to do is wipe it down with a damp-wet cloth and leave to dry.

      The toy was instantly put on charge and left for 24 hours (like it says to do on the packet to get the most out of the vibrations.) To put this beauty on charge you need to find the little bit of material that sinks in slightly. It is just under the button to turn on the vibrations. Push the charger plug into the dent and it is as simple as that.

      The next day we could not wait to try this toy as we liked the fact that it isn't just for one sex. Using a little water-based lube we applied some on the toy and onto me and then simply slid the vibe inside. We had a little play with the positioning to make it comfortable for both of us and then put on the vibrations. Wow! This little toy does really pack a punch. The Vibrations on this toy were strong and powerful. You have got 9 speeds and patterns to choose from to find the best ones for you and your partner. The vibrations for me were amazing I could feel them really well on my clitoris and pulsating inside me. My other half rather enjoyed feeling the vibrations on the shaft of his penis and having the feeling of me around him too.

      We even had some fun in the shower with this toy to get the full experience of this pleasurable product. As the charger point on the toy is covered by the material it is completely safe to use in the shower. Oh my how amazing did this feel with the strong vibrations of the vibe we could still feel all of the sensations as the water was hammering on us.

      We found that we had to play around a little with our positions to get the best feeling out of the toy. We found that being in the "doggie" position was the most comfortable and most pleasurable for him and me. Every one is different so don't be shy playing with different positions for you and your partner.

      One of the good points for this toy is that you don't have to go out and continually buy batteries. As this is re-chargeable it is so much more user-friendly. The charge in the vibe should last you around 2 hours - so you have got lost of play time for one charge.

      We are so pleased with the We-Vibe and it has become one of our go-to toys. Honestly, with the vibe you will not be disappointed. You can use this where ever you please and you don't have to worry about any damage. This toy is amazing for couples as you can both feel the vibrations, and even better it is hands-free. This toy is for any couple wanting a little more than a slight vibration from a cock ring. As this toy is shaped for woman very well and is inside for men to feel exactly what she is feeling.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Absolutely everything.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant for every couple out there!
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