1. Haven of Obedience

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      1. Haven of Obedience

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      Natalie Bowen is a successful young businesswoman, envied by many, but her personal life is a disaster. Men can't cope with her domineering attitude, and Natalie doesn't know how to change...

      Luckily for her there is The Haven, a weekend retreat that specialises in teaching sexual submission and obedience. Here Natalie must struggle to accept a new kind of discipline; a discipline that threatens to enslave her in a world of dark, ecstatic pleasures.

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      1. Haven of Obedience
      2. Haven of Obedience

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    1. A rather poor read

      Reviewed: 23 May 2007 by mcbirdie

      Basically, if an author of Harlequin Teen novels was commissioned to write a book that had scenes of submissive sex play, this is the book you would get.

      There are two major problems with this book - first, that the manner in which the Domination/submissive elements are illustrated is inept; and second, that the romantic storyline that was shoe-horned in was painfully condescending.

      This book is NOT for anyone who already has a grounding in the tenets of Dom/sub play. The way it is shown in this book is not true to life and will set your teeth on edge. There is no discussion of trust or safe words, or any of the basic rules that any responsible player puts into place.

      This book is strictly for people who find the idea a bit hot, but know they wouldn't want anything too heavy. Also, it is for people who need an element of romance to feel OK about kinkier sex - not that this book covers particularly kinky play.

      Personally, I felt that having the instructor and student fall in love (is... that a spoiler?) was insulting. It was like saying that women can't enjoy the idea of a good fuck without making sure there was "love" there. Even if that "love" was between two people who hadn't spoken except to get into various sexual positions.

      It is also painfully traditional in its gender roles: while both men and women go to this resort to learn to be submissive, the male guests also take a dominant role when paired with the female guests. The female guests, of course, never act dominant. In fact, instructors and others go out of their way to mention how unattractive they find "these kinds of desires in women". Including the 'romantic' lead.

      In short, I thought this book was pants. It was quite simply not a hot enough book to make you forget the embarrassingly unbelievable love story or the inconsistently handled Dom/sub play. Not worth the price.

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      It was an easy read. The writing is clear and it isn't overly long.
      The love story is just...awful. The sex is not particularly hot and the submissive aspect is poorly done. It had an undertone of woman-hate that was uncomfortable.
      Bottom line
      It is just not a very good book. Not hot enough for those really turned on by Dom/sub play, but not romantic enough for those who want romance.
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