1. Ballbra Original

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      1. Ballbra Original

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    1. Product Description

      The ultimate sex underwear! Enjoy the next generation of sensation and comfort. The Ballbra is brand new high tech underwear designed to be worn while having sex!

      Comfortable and soft to the touch, the Ballbra enhances erections by leaving the penis free while harnessing the balls securely for explosive orgasms. Ballbra also gives you tremendous lift and support when worn under clothes, giving extra profile and incredible comfort. Wearing a Ballbra is a truly unique and erotic experience.

      Made from a blend of cotton and elastane, Ballbras are soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear.

      The Ballbra Original features the unique Ballbra ball harnessing sling system to the front, but a more conventional brief covering the rear. Perfect for everyday wear.


      Small 30 - 32 inches

      Medium 33 - 35 inches

      Large 36 - 38 inches

      XL 39 - 42 inches

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      1. Ballbra Original
      2. Ballbra Original

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    1. Real Men DO Wear Bras!

      Reviewed: 02 November 2007 by BBG

      The Ball Bra is a new experience for me, and to be honest it probably wouldn't have caught my eye unless I'd been given one as a gift by a kind friend. As surprises go I'm happy to report it was a good one!

      First impressions are positive, and the package is small and neat without all that cliche sex toy type decoration. You know - crass pictures of naked perma tan bodies covered in baby oil and lots of sexsational text. These things look like your average underwear. The exciting part is in the wearing! One thing I did notice in passing is that they're made in Croatia! I don't know much about the place, but I do know this is my very first Croation sex toy! Whatever the case, they seem to be made well and look like a professional product. The pair I was given are the original style in black and are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastain for a nice stretchy, ball hugging effect.

      Stepping into my Ballbra for the first time was quite exciting. These things certainly do hug your balls in quite an erotic way, and I spent a good few minutes posing in front of the mirror and adjusting things. I admired the shapely bulge and tried them under a pair of jeans. Terrific! The advertising is spot on when it says they give you good uplift and an impressive "profile" The only downside for me personally was that the cup of the Ballbra was a little small so after a while I found myself half in, half out of the Ballbra. If this is a standard C cup maybe I need a DD or something... Anyway, it gave me an insight into the hassles women have with bras that are too tight! Although sexy for a couple of hours for me it became a tad uncomfortable for longer periods. An ache set in. At least I can now boast about having big cochones as they say in Spain and Gordon Ramsey's kitchen.

      I got most fun out of these during sex. The "censored" sticker that's plastered over the picture (spoil sports!) hides the fact that your cock sticks out the top. So although your balls are being hugged, you're uncovered and ready for action. I suppose that's a pretty neat feature if you're out and about and looking for a quickie. Very useful in the office photocopier room too! I tried mine in the bedroom however, and found the ball hugging attention a pleasurable extra that definitely enhanced orgasm.

      Incidentally, I also tried wearing them with my Tantus Sling Ring on and it felt REALLY good, with an even more enhanced bulge too.

      So in summary I'd have to say I'm pretty impressed by these things. For me personally I got more pleasure from using them for shorter periods, but I can see the definite advantages of all day use for those of a smaller disposition. Perhaps I just have freaky huge balls, who knows. Anyway, for all day use I'd recommend these originals. If I was buying them for bedroom use only I'd personally choose the sexy G-string version.

      Buy a pair in time for the office Christmas party!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Nicely made, quality feel. Sex easier in the office :-) Feels good.
      Tight in the ball department for me.
      Bottom line
      Good fun, pleasurable, Ideal if you want to be "ready for action"
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