1. Angel's Star Dust Long Eared Rabbit Vibrator

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      1. Angel's Star Dust Long Eared Rabbit Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Super Rabbit guaranteed to stimulate the parts other Rabbits cannot reach. Dozens of gyrating pearls twinned with the extra-long probing ears deliver orgasmic sensations. 2-speed massage controller puts you in charge.

      Incredible pleasure, lots of power and an exciting rotating head. Treat yourself - you deserve it.

      If you've never bought a vibrator this is a great sex toy for your collection.

      A phthalates-free sex toy.

      Supplied with a pink satin carry bag so you can keep him tucked up safe and sound.

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      Angel's Star Dust Long Eared Rabbit Vibrator 7 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Angel's Star Dust Long Eared Rabbit Vibrator
      2. Angel's Star Dust Long Eared Rabbit Vibrator

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    1. OMG

      Reviewed: 04 August 2011 by xCherryxKissesx, a Straight Engaged Female

      This was my first rabbit. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about and as it was on sale I decided to give it a go. The fact that it was a very pretty shade of pink helped sway me.

      I can honestly say this is the most amazing thing I have ever bought! Literally took me seconds to cum - fastest orgasm ever!

      My only advice would be to buy it! Well worth the money.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      A little loud but worth putting up with.
      Bottom line
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    1. My First Rabbit Experience.

      Reviewed: 05 December 2007 by scarlet-kitty

      I wondered what all the fuss was about Rabbits so thought I would give one a go and I am very glad that I did. Wow what an orgasm!

      Skin safe shaft is a good length and slightly textured. Pretty pearls rotate inside- but it's the ears that seem to do all the work. The long ears reached my clit perfectly for mind blowing stimulation.

      Takes four AA batteries. All the controls are on the front of the base- very straight forward and easy to use. Comes with a nice bag to store it in.

      The speed seemed too strong on high and a little bit noisy. I keep mine on low now- which is more then you'll need.

      This was my first Rabbit so I don't know how it compares to others. I am going to get myself a waterproof one next and give it a whirl in the bath.

      What are the pearls meant to do? I didn't seem to gain any sensations from them...

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Gives a gorgeous orgasm and it's skin safe.
      A bit noisy on high and not waterproof.
      Bottom line
      Gave me my second best 'toy orgasm!'
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    1. Reluctant to use a rabbit? Try this!

      Reviewed: 03 June 2009 by hidzb, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I ordered the "Kinky Mouse" vibrator and this happened to come as a freebie, and boy was I delighted when I opened the package! At first it appeared rather bulky and the material had quite an unpleasant odour (although that seems to have disappeared with a few washes) but it was more impressive than the toy it came free with.

      The pearls made it look a lot more delicate and feminine (especially as I received the grey version) and a lot more appealing. The batteries were a struggle to get in - although not because of anything other than my inability to cope with technology! It's important to read the instructions as they alternate how they go in and it can be rather frustrating to get it started when you just want to use it.

      The shaft of the vibe looked a bit thinner than expected, however the definition on the head certainly made up for it and when inserted it was definitely filling enough. The definition around the head made each thrust all the more intense - and well worth the workout. The shaft is probably a good girth for anal play too (as long as lube is used)!

      I found the buttons particularly frustrating as they are very sensitive and just a brush of the hand will set off the vibrations or rotations, however once the vibrations are set off they're pretty intense, even on the low setting!

      My main irk with this toy would be that there are only two vibration settings - high and low. Other toys I have previously bought have had numerous settings which are enjoyable to vary between to induce that toe-curling orgasm, however with this one I found myself turning it off when I came close, then back on again to build myself up. This technique worked very well with this vibe, however it's still nice to have variation.

      The rotation, at first, was an annoyance. I couldn't position it correctly, and just found it noisy. In fact, the noise was quite off-putting. However once positioned correctly the rotations were very pleasant - especially when placed so the entrance of your orifice of choice grips the pearls in the middle. I found this to stimulate me perfectly. When pushed too far in, they do nothing, so it's important to play around with each setting and take your time with this toy.

      Last of all, the rabbit ears. These rabbit ears were amazing. I have very little frame of reference, having tried this vibe and the "Kinky Mouse" both in the same sitting, and both being my first rabbits, however the ears on this were the perfect length to reach my clit. Although the vibrations were very intense (even on the low setting) when turned off and thrusting, they still had a brilliant effect.

      The rabbit is rather large as it contains a bullet vibe within but this just ensures that the rabbit is buzzing away contently - and sturdily. The length of the rabbit ears are also perfect for anal stimulation too and the rabbit itself is flexible due to the material.

      Overall, with some playing around and testing all the buttons (which may at first appear confusing), this rabbit is highly recommended for a first time user. The bulkiness may put you off, but once you're able to position yourself and the vibe correctly then hopefully, like myself, you'll have brilliant orgasms. Personally, even though this came free with a £25 toy, I would gladly pay that amount of money for this toy alone.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The rabbit ears, the girth, the length and the rotations.
      The vibration settings and the bulkiness and the initial smell.
      Bottom line
      Incredibly enjoyable, a top notch toy.
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    1. Love At First Use

      Reviewed: 15 April 2011 by Suga_coated_cherry, a Straight Single Female

      This toy is a breath of fresh air for me. I grabbed it at £16.99. I thought why not??

      I've never experienced an orgasm or female ejaculation for that matter. 8 years of being sexually active and nothing. I thought I'd be doomed to a life of boring sex where the males have all the fun and gratification - until now!

      This is my second vibrator. My first a very basic vibrating dildo with no ears and a round dial at the base to intensify the vibrations. It was okay but never really did anything for me. I've always known that I love penetration, however clitoral stimulation seems to be what made my legs tremor!

      This combo of length rotation and long ears had me grabbing and the head board, no lie, in under 30 seconds.

      This did its job! Well worth the money!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The length the girth the rotation the BUNNY EARS!
      The loud noise.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant combo of ears and beads. I hope it never dies on me!
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    1. Heaven must be missing an Angel

      Reviewed: 06 July 2011 by Lookin - Yummy, a Bisexual Single Female

      This lovely toy arrived in simple, yet effective packaging. I was pleased to discover a free pink satin bag (which matched the colour of toy I had chosen) to keep it in included. It was very easy to remove from the packaging and easy to insert the 4xAA batteries it needed. I was pleasantly surprised to see it had pictures of a sun, stars, moon and planet around the base of the shaft. I hadn't been ale to see these on the pictures, but they do look very nice.

      This toy has a large base, making it easy to stand up and easy to keep hold of in a variety of positions. The chunky buttons make it easy to control. One thing I noticed before I began to enjoy myself was the flexibility of the arm which held the quite long "Rabbit Ears". I was sure this would be an added bonus.

      To be honest, this is one of the most comfortable toys I have used. It is all incredibly soft and has enough "give" in it to slide in with ease, adjusting to the contours of your body. As well as the obvious balls within it, there are slightly twisted ridges near the top, and these feel very nice indeed. The shaft has 1 speed setting and can be rotated left or right at the touch of a button.

      The ears, as I have mentioned, are long and soft. They have 2 speed settings and this alone was enough to make me happy.

      Combining the two just led me into pure bliss.

      I would recommend this product to anyone. It would be a great first toy, as it is not too big, or would make a nice addition to a collection.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      The softness and flexibility.
      Bottom line
      Very good.
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