1. Lusty Loops Rabbit Vibrator 7.5 Inch

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      1. Lusty Loops Rabbit Vibrator 7.5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      What's that ringing noise you can hear? Why, it's the sound of this 2-speed Rabbit hitting pleasure points you never knew existed. Gyrating, reversible pearls deliver orgasmic thrust and the clit-stimulating Rabbit tantalises every sweet spot.

      Easy-to-use push-button controls make it a sex toy you'll get to grips with instantly.

      Skin-safe, phthalate-free material.

      Supplied with a free pink satin carry bag so you can keep him tucked up safe and sound when he's not in use.

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      Lusty Loops Rabbit Vibrator 7.5 Inch 19 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Lusty Loops Rabbit Vibrator 7.5 Inch
      2. Lusty Loops Rabbit Vibrator 7.5 Inch

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    1. Lusty loop the loops

      Reviewed: 30 March 2011 by ghostgirl, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I already own a rabbit (from another site purchased before I found LH) I don't really like it and feel it doesn't work for me. I got this one as a subscribers free gift with an order, I wouldn't have purchased it separately.

      It arrived quickly as is normal with Lh, the packaging was a simple plastic case with the free pink satin bag in the base. I'll come back to that later.

      It takes 4 x AAs so could get to be expensive if used frequently, they sit in the base of the rabbit. I had some difficulty getting the battery case to close but that's just me.

      The rabbit isn't a pretty toy, the clear plastic and black are not at all girly which suits me as I prefer to think of my toys as male. It is however quite large which could be intimidating, I tried all the controls first to get the hang of which button did what. The top rotates and you can choose which direction and the rabbit ears have a separate 2 speed control.

      Once switched on the first thing you notice is the noise, the rotation is very noisy so wouldn't suit anyone who houseshares or has to hide their toy use from nosey family members.

      In use I hated the rotation, and since the first try never use it, I find it uncomfortable and it really didn't do anything for me. The ears however are amazing, just the right amount of pressure and speed to ensure a happy girl.

      The toy is easy to clean and store back in its original box which I am glad I kept. I did try using the pretty pink bag but having to peel threads of my toy before use is a bit of a passion killer especially if it isn't a solo session.

      The bag ended up where it belongs, filed under R but the rabbit now lives at the top of my toybox and quickly became a favourite. So I am now a rabbit fan.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The vibrations from the rabbit ears.
      The rotation and the noise.
      Bottom line
      Not for the faint hearted but a good rabbit.
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    1. Awesome

      Reviewed: 26 May 2010 by Vampyrewillow, a Straight Single Female

      I got this in a Crazy Random Grab Bag, and was very pleased when I opened the box to see this!

      I had been toying with the idea of getting a rabbit for a while. It wasn't so much that it interested me, but that I felt like I should have one!

      So I was willing to give it a try as soon as I saw it.

      My boyfriend was out, so I waited until he got home.

      Oh my God! It is amazing.

      You can have it rotate either way and you can have the ears off, low or high.

      It is very visually appealing as well.

      The colours are nice and the shape and feel of the vibrator are perfect.

      It does have the funny smell that some vibrators have when it's first opened, but that goes away quite quickly.

      The pink bag that comes with it is gorgeous as well and I usually keep my vibrators in the boxes they came in, so they are separated. It was nice to have something to keep it in; it's alot nicer than rummaging inside plastic packaging.

      Overall, I'm highly satisfied and would definitely recommend this!

      Also, I feel like I should say I thought my boyfriend was going to be a bit intimidated by it, because even though he is actually bigger than the vibrator, it looks huge due to the buttons and the ears etc. It looks like it could be bigger, but he wasn't bothered by the size at all. So although it's a fab product for singles, it will also do well for couples!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The design is gorgeous. Works very well.
      The initial smell, but it goes away.
      Bottom line
      A must-have!
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    1. Wow!

      Reviewed: 28 January 2010 by miss-s88

      I was slightly worried about the size of this when I first saw it. Being a newbie to the world of toys, it scared me! My opinion soon changed, though!

      Although a bit bigger than expected this rabbit is Brilliant! The shaft part goes in two directions and the rabbit vibrates at two speeds, which are pretty powerful! I am now looking forward to investing in more!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything once I'd gotten over the size.
      Nothing yet :)
      Bottom line
      Well worth it!
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    1. Oh yes yes yes

      Reviewed: 08 April 2011 by luciouslips

      This rabbit comes with a free pink satin bag, it's a lovely black, clear and silver colour and matches my food mixer perfectly.

      It uses 4 AA batteries and has controls that rotate the tip in different directions and 2 speed controls for the rabbit section of the toy.

      In use it is quite noisy but the rotating action hits the spot for me. The rabbit has a good position and long ears and again it hits the spot for me every time as other reviewers have said.

      The rotating feature is a "YES" moment for me and love the feeling of the pearls also.

      Size-wise it is not a stretch for me to use and is very comfortable in use.

      There are three rings around the base of the tip that need extra attention when cleaning but otherwise it's a breeze to clean.

      It's now my favourite toy when combined with O Gel and a quiet evening to myself.


    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Rotating beads and long ears.
      It's a little noisy.
      Bottom line
      Worth a try good value.
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    1. Too good

      Reviewed: 01 April 2011 by wishihadsharesinduracell

      I've got a ridiculously high sex-drive and I've never had a man who can keep up... but this toy is fantastic!

      This toy's only negative factor is it's very loud. Especially if you live with 7 other girls like I do... but I used it anyway! I also had to stop myself from screaming several times, which is rare for me!

      This is my third rabbit because I wore one out and I don't particularly like the ears on the second toy but - THIS RABBIT'S BEST!

      I tend to use my fingers as well as just the toy but the rotating beads on this are brilliant. Much better than on the Jessica Rabbit Slimline I owned before. The girth is also impressive - it's a big toy... but it's all part of the fun. If you are quite petite then you're going to need a lot of lube - so be prepared with this and batteries - the only other thing is make sure to put a towel down as things got quite messy for me!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The girth! The rotating beads work great.
      Noise... between me and the rotation it was very noisy.
      Bottom line
      So much easier, regular and satisfying than sex with a man!
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