The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot by Violet Blue

  • Informative guide to achieving incredible G-spot orgasms
  • Advice includes helpful websites, blogs and more
  • Includes erotic stories to get you started
  • Foreword by Jessie Bering, author of The Belief Instinct
  • 142 pages

Violet Blue writes about the G-spot orgasm in a simple and informative style, explaining how to introduce internal G-spot play to your sexual repertoire - with everything from sex toys to female ejaculation included.

The sexy book gives details on how your partner can help you achieve G-spot orgasm, offering a clear and detailed guide to the female anatomy to help you enjoy advanced sex positions together. Also included in the sex guide are a range of trust-building techniques that will help to amplify your pleasure, and make reaching orgasms easier and far more pleasurable.

A wealth of sexual advice features throughout, including sex toy information, fantasies and a complete guide to helpful websites, blogs and more. Hot erotic stories from best-selling author Alison Tyler are also included, helping to arouse your senses and prepare your play.

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