Entertaining Mr Stone by Portia Da Costa

  • A masturbational erotic novel for an arousing reading experience
  • Follows the lustrous tale of Maria Lewis and her boss, Robert Stone
  • Filled with surprises, love, submission and dominance
  • Written by 'Sunday Times' bestselling author Portia Da Costa
  • 313 pages of sensual storytelling

Sunday Times bestselling author Portia Da Costa has done it again! Returning with another thrilling erotic novel to tickle the senses, 'Entertaining Mr Stone' is a tale of a professional relationship which becomes much more intimate...

Moving home for a taste of the quiet life, Maria Lewis gets a surprise in the form of a new boss: Robert Stone. A a sexy, powerful older man, he seduces her into his erotic underworld, but what does Mr Stone have in store for Maria's future...?

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