Body Temperature and Rising by K D Grace

Marie Warren's life changes forever when she has an erotic encounter that ends in sex with a charming ghost on the Lakeland Fells, unleashing an inner power to summon demons and ghosts...

In this erotic story, Marie is lead to a coven of witches who practice rare sex magic. Seduced by their supernatural abilities, she embarks on a journey that bridges the gap between this world and the next, offering those who have passed on the opportunity to enjoy physical pleasure again.

One fateful experience leads to a grudge-filled demon named Deacon being granted access to the physical realm. A power struggle between good and evil ensues as Deacon tries to destroy everything dear to the High Priestess, including Marie and her young landlord, farmer Tim Meriwether.

Only the powers unleashed by Marie and Tim's unbridled lust and passion can stop Deacon's bloody rampage before the coven is torn apart and innocent people die. But is lust enough?

"... explicit, well-crafted writing. Her best work to date." Violet Blue

"This is powerful, sexy writing from the extremely competent K D Grace. The story contains a compelling narrative. And all of it is set in the most beautiful scenery in the natural world. You really will love this book." Erotic Readers and Writers Association

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