Because You Are Mine by Beth Kery

  • Racy erotic novel for an arousing reading experience
  • Written by bestselling author Beth Kery
  • Fast-moving plot focuses on love, lust, submission and control
  • A great choice for those who enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey
  • 409 pages of sensual storytelling

Calling all Fifty Shades fans: fresh from New York Times best-selling author Beth Kery, Because You Are Mine simmers over with control, submission and red-hot fantasies brought to life.

Graduate student Francesca first sets eyes on enigmatic billionaire Ian Noble at a glamorous cocktail party, and the connection is as instant as it is intense. He can't resist her innocence, and she can't help but to succumb to his control.

Delve into their wickedly debaucherous world and watch the twists and turns of this believable erotic tale unfold...

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