365 Ways to Turn Him and Her On

Forget the Kama Sutra; this sex tips and positions book is the one you need! Half of the book is dedicated to tips for her and the other half is all about him. Learn how to satisfy in every single way...

Including advice on positions, bondage, lingerie, role-play and everything in between, this book is a great way to introduce new ideas into your relationship.

Simple text and gorgeous photography makes this book ideal for keeping at your bedside.

Tips include:

For Him
Straddle him, and pin his wrists to the bed.
Perfect for: When he's in the mood to be taken.
Irresistible when: You tease him until he's ready to blow.

For Her
Slowly unroll her stocking while gazing into her eyes.
Perfect for: Conveying your naughty intentions.
Irresistible when: You plant feather-light kisses along the inside of her leg.

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